Disneyland Hotel Parking – Your Ultimate Guide

Disneyland Hotel parking options are very important if you’re planning a trip to the “Happiest Place on Earth”.

Every day, thousands of people visit the Disneyland Hotel, making parking a crucial part of their experience.

Understanding the various parking alternatives can assist guests in having a stress-free vacation.

I’ll walk you through all you need to know about Disneyland Hotel parking in this post.

I’ll look at the many parking options, as well as their pricing and locations.

I will also share practical tips and methods to help you make the most of your parking experience, freeing you up to enjoy the wonder of Disneyland.

This post will also help you discover the best parking options for an unforgettable day at Disneyland Hotel, whether you’re a seasoned visitor or exploring the park for the first time.

Let’s get started.

What Disneyland Hotel Parking Options are Available?

If you’re looking forward to a memorable Disneyland Hotel trip and wondering about parking options that are available, then worry not.

There are two main parking options at Disneyland Hotel and they include valet parking and self-parking.

Let’s look at each of these options in detail.

Valet Parking

Valet parking is a convenient and popular parking option for guests visiting Disneyland Hotel.

Professional valet attendants park guests’ vehicles at the hotel’s front entrance, making it easy to drop off and pick up cars.

Guests at the Disneyland Hotel must pay $50 per night, per vehicle, for valet parking.

The majority of huge vehicles are not permitted in valet parking.

However, if Disneyland Hotel staff deems your vehicle to be permitted, the cost is $50 per night, per vehicle.

Those who dine at Goofy‘s Kitchen but are not staying at the Disneyland Hotel are entitled to 3 hours of free valet or self-parking.

Do not forget to validate your parking ticket!

It will cost $50 per vehicle for the first hour plus $10 for each consecutive hour of valet parking if you are not a registered guest of the Disneyland Hotel and will not be dining at Goofy’s Kitchen, with a daily limit of $120.

Located at the front entrance of Disneyland Hotel, valet parking offers easy access to the hotel’s facilities.

During peak season, however, valet parking may fill up quickly, so it’s essential to check availability before arrival.

Valet parking provides a convenient solution for guests looking for fast and easy access to the hotel.


Self-parking is another parking option provided by Disneyland Hotel for guests visiting the resort.

This option allows guests to park their vehicles themselves in designated parking lots.

This parking option is less expensive than valet parking and requires a bit more effort from the guests.

Self-parking at the Disneyland Hotel costs $35 per vehicle, per night for booked hotel visitors.

Parking for oversized vehicles is $40 per car, per night.

Take note that even if your group is sharing a room at the Disneyland Hotel, each vehicle will cost an additional $35 per night, or $40 if the vehicle is excessive.

Guests who do not stay at the Disneyland Hotel but dine at Goofy’s Kitchen are entitled to three hours of free self or valet parking.

If you don’t get your parking ticket validated at the hotel before departing, you’ll have to pay some hefty parking fines.

For unregistered hotel guests, the charges are different and they are as follows:

The first hour of self-parking is $35, and each consecutive hour is $10.

No matter how long you park at the Disneyland Hotel for the day, the daily maximum is $75.

Parking for oversized vehicles is $40 for the first hour and an additional $10 for each hour after that.

No matter how long you leave your vehicle parked at the Disneyland Hotel for the day, the maximum daily cost is $80.

Onsite self-parking spaces are limited, and during peak season, spaces fill up quickly.

Guests can check for parking availability and prices before arrival on the Disneyland Resort website.

The location of self-parking lots is relatively close to the hotel, and guests can reach it via a short walk.

During the day, it’s easy to navigate, but it could be challenging for guests to locate their vehicles at night, as the parking lot may be quite large.

Overall, self-parking is a budget-friendly option for guests visiting Disneyland Hotel.

Guests should plan accordingly to check for parking availability before arrival, as parking spaces at Disneyland Hotel fill up fast during peak season. With the convenience of self-parking, guests can focus on what they came for – an unforgettable experience at Disneyland.

Disneyland Hotel Parking Validation Options

Disneyland Hotel offers several validation options that can help make parking more affordable and convenient.

These validation options can save guests money on their parking fees, while also providing a discount on certain hotel amenities.

One of the most popular parking validation options at Disneyland Hotel is online discounted rates.

According to the Disneyland Resort website, you can enjoy an additional 3 hours of same-day parking with a $20-minimum purchase and validation from any Downtown Disney location or up to 5 additional hours of same-day parking with validation from any Downtown Disney table-service restaurant

Guests can pre-purchase discounted parking packages on the Disneyland Resort website, therefore saving them money.

It’s essential to note that discounted rates are for a limited time, so guests should ensure to check for availability when booking.

Another option for validation is to dine or shop at Disneyland Hotel’s stores or restaurants. Guests can qualify for validation by spending a minimum amount or dining at a Disney-owned restaurant.

Validation for dining or shopping may be valid for up to four hours, depending on the location.

Disneyland Hotel guests can also get validation as a part of their hotel stay package.

It is essential to note that validation options vary depending on specific events, promotions, and seasons.

Guests are advised to check if validation options apply to their chosen dates.

Overall, validation options are beneficial for guests who want to save money on their parking fees.

Disneyland Hotel makes it easy for guests to stay within budget while still enjoying all that the hotel has to offer.

Parking Tips and Tricks 

Parking at Disneyland Hotel can be quite challenging, especially during peak season.

With a little planning and preparation, however, guests can make their parking experience much more manageable.

Here are some of the best tips for you.

Arrive Early

To guarantee a spot, visitors should make an effort to get to the parking lot early.

During the busiest times of the year, parking lots tend to fill up quickly.

This makes it harder to find a spot and get to the park on time.

Consider Parking at Downtown Disney

Parking at the Disneyland Hotel is extremely pricey if you are not a registered visitor when compared to the costs at the Disneyland garages for park and Downtown Disney customers.

If you’re only coming to Disneyland or Downtown Disney for a few hours, it’s preferable to park elsewhere.

The Disneyland Hotel is also not much closer to the Disneyland and California Adventure entrances than the garages, so you won’t save much walking time.

Be Sure to Have Mementos or Photos

It’s helpful to note the parking lot row, level, and anchor while parking, making it easier to locate the car later on.

Having the mementos or taking a quick photo in the parking lot will avoid confusion

It will also save time locating the vehicle after a long and fantastic day at Disneyland.

Use Public Transportation

Public transportation options are available for tourists such as buses, shuttles, trains, and taxis.

It is more budget-friendly and visitors could experience the whole city in a different way.

By following these tips, visitors can ensure an enjoyable parking experience at Disneyland Hotel.

Whether it’s arriving early or using public transportation, a little planning and preparation can prevent parking challenges from putting a damper on your visit to Disneyland.

Final Thoughts 

Parking at the Disneyland Hotel might be difficult, especially for first-time guests.

However, by reviewing all the available parking options, validation, and considering the tips provided, guests can make parking during their stay smoother and enjoyable.

The choices at Disneyland Hotel provide guests with flexibility and ease during peak season periods, providing a hassle-free experience.

I hope this guide has provided you with useful information about the parking options at Disneyland Hotel.

Before planning your next magical experience, ensure to plan ahead and do your research about the parking option that’s best for you.

With a little preparation, guests can enjoy the attractions and all the joy that Disneyland has to offer.

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