What to Bring to Disneyland – 16 Must Bring Essentials on Your Disneyland Trip!

What to bring to Disneyland and Disney World is one of the most frequent inquiries asked by visitors interested in experiencing the Disney magic.

Disneyland packing list will assist you in deciding what you should bring for your Disney vacation, including the necessities for Disneyland and what to dress there.

Some of the most important things include tickets, battery pack, water bottle, sunscreen, camera, cash or credit card, travel documents, pennies, hand sanitizer, lip balm and first aid kit among others.

In this post, I’ll expound further on the things to bring to Disneyland.

What to Bring to Disneyland – Things to Bring to Disneyland During Your Visit

Here is a list of the most important things to bring to Disneyland during your visit.


Purchase your tickets online right away. To save time and stress, purchase in advance at Disneyland, from another trustworthy vendor, online, or at your hotel (if they offer such services).

That ticket queue is not where you want to be waiting.

There is no guarantee you will be able to purchase tickets before they go on sale, even if you arrive early enough to attempt.

Get ready. Purchase them in advance.

Battery Pack

In addition to taking photos, using the Disneyland app for mobile ordering or to check ride times, and storing your park tickets, you will use your phone a lot while visiting Disneyland.

It’s crucial to include a phone device battery pack on your list of things to bring to Disneyland because all this phone use can rapidly deplete your phone’s battery.

At Disneyland, you’ll be shocked by how frequently you’ll need your phone, and you don’t want to be without service when you need to reserve a Maxpass!

Water Bottle

Every member of your party needs to bring their own water bottle into the parks each day they are there.

You want to make sure that everyone in your group remains hydrated throughout the day because the California sun can become extremely hot in the afternoons.

Insulated water bottles that keep your water cold and don’t sweat in your backpack are preferred by some visitors.


One of the most crucial things on your Disney packing list is sunscreen!

In case you forget to bring sunscreen, your hotel’s convenience store is always stocked with it, but you should anticipate paying a premium price for one.

Bring enough sunscreen for your complete group and be prepared.


You’re going to need snacks to enjoy while standing in line or while you’re strolling to an attraction, no matter your budget or even if you have an unlimited one.

Even for food, lines can form and be long.

Don’t depend solely on the park to provide food for you and your group all day.

Bring one ziploc container with granola bars, fruit, energy bars, and/or fruit snacks if nothing else.

When hunger strikes while you’re on a mission, you’ll be happy you did.

Blanket or Sheet

Bring a sheet or blanket to designate your territory if you plan to watch any parade or show (Disneyland parade, holiday parades, fireworks).

I always keep my Matador Blanket in the park and strongly recommend it.

It can seat four people and folds up to fit in your pocket.

You’re merely attempting to reserve a spot for your group to watch the performances with a blanket or sheet.

During these occasions, people frequently forget their etiquette.

Here are a few examples from my own life:


Nowadays, the majority of people have excellent cameras on their cell phones, so if you have a cell phone, you may not always need to carry your own camera to the parks.

But if you want to bring a high-end camera, practice using it before you go to the parks so you know how to use it both inside and outside.

Also bear in mind that flash photography is not permitted inside attractions or during nighttime spectaculars, regardless of the camera you use.

Cash or Credit Card

There are numerous ATMs at Disneyland and your hotel, but you frequently pay transaction or credit card fees.

If you want to transport cash on your trip, take care of that at your bank before you depart.

Although the majority of locations at the Disneyland Resort accept debit and credit cards, having currency on hand can be useful.

The balloon stands are the primary exception because they only accept cash.

You might also want to think about writing your name and email address inside your wallet so that someone can give it to you if it is misplaced.

Sunscreen, Sanitizer and Wipes

For summer and spring, this goes without saying, but protection is also required for visits in the autumn and winter.

However, even on cloudy days, strong rays will penetrate.

Make sure everyone uses sunscreen, and I actually advise doing this (along with a few other things) before even getting to the park.

Sanitizer is useful for obvious reasons, but particularly for young children who snack throughout the day and may not always wash their hands after using the restroom.

It is recommended to frequently use hand disinfectant when within the park.

Baby wipes can actually help you stay cool on hot days and prevent your little ones from getting too messy.

For either of those two purposes, plan on carrying them.

Travel Documents

Make sure you have all of your identification, including your driver’s license and state identity, with you so you can access them quickly while traveling.

Along with your health insurance cards, confirmations for your hotel stay and tickets to Disneyland, tickets to your flight, and other important documents.

I also advise packing your proof of auto insurance (if you intend to rent a vehicle).

Majority of these documents can now be viewed on your smartphone through insurance company apps, so you can make sure you have digital access to them as well.

First Aid Kit

Although it’s not essential to bring a first aid kit when visiting the parks because Disney has its own safety station you can use, it’s a good idea to have one with you whenever you travel.

Think about including a thermometer in this as well!


If you go to the bank to get cash, you might also want to buy some brand-new pennies and quarters for the penny machines for the trip to Disneyland.

You can start your collection by purchasing penny collector albums at Disneyland.

Pressing a penny requires 50 centers per machine.

This is frequently one of the Disney packing list things that gets the least attention.

Lip Balm

If you don’t consume enough water, your lips can become chapped, which is usually a sign that you need to start filling up those water bottles!

Bring sunscreen-infused lip balm with you to help prevent your lips from chapping and sunburn.

Pain Reliever

This is something else you might want to keep in your backpack in case you get a headache or aches from all the walking.

You will pay a higher price in your hotel gift shop for items as simple as Ibuprofen tabs.

Therefore, prepare early and include this item on your packing list.

Comfortable Bag

It’s critical to have a comfortable backpack for the parks, so this is always at the top of my Disney packing list.

I suggest testing out your bag someplace before your visit (such as a zoo or a festival) to make sure it will be comfy to wear for several hours.

Some guests also favor fanny packs to avoid carrying extra weight while walking around Disneyland.

For purses, I suggest finding one that allows you to switch between a crossbody and a shoulder strap–this helps to alternate the pressure on your back while walking.

And, when it comes to backpacks, I never recommend overloading your backpack with all of your Disney packing list necessities.

You won’t be comfortable if you’re weighed down by a massive backpack.

You should also consider writing your name and email address on the inside of your bag so that if it gets misplaced, someone can return it to you.

Autograph Book

Plan on purchasing an autograph book for your children (or yourself!) in order to obtain autographs from Walt Disney characters.

The kids will want an autograph as soon as they see the characters.

You can also get a cheap Disney themed small notebook at the Dollar Store before your journey or buy one at Disney.

I suggest using a clickable Sharpie so that the characters can sign more easily and your autographs look nicer.

You might also want to include your name and contact address on the inside of your book so that if it gets lost, someone can return it to you.

Final Thoughts on What to Bring to Disneyland

What to bring to Disneyland will depend ultimately on you but there are essentials that should not miss on your list.

Items such as your tickets, a battery pack, camera, sunscreen, water bottle, travel documents, cash, first aid kit and an autograph book should feature on your must-carry list.

Ensure you have these items before embarking on your trip!


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