Valet Parking at Disney Springs – Everything You Need to Know

Valet Parking at Disney Springs is one of the several parking options available at this popular destination.

This option at Disney Springs is becoming a more popular alternative for visitors to the shopping and entertainment complex.

With a reputation for providing great guest experiences, Disney has incorporated valet parking services to improve consumer convenience and efficiency.

While valet parking is not a new concept, it does have several advantages that make it an appealing alternative for guests who want to save time while still receiving VIP service at Disney Springs.

In this post, we’ll look at valet parking at Disney Springs and discuss the benefits of this service over other parking options in the vicinity.

Let’s dive straight into it.

What is Valet Parking?

Valet Parking at Disney Springs

Valet parking is a service provided by many hotels and fine dining establishments.

When a visitor comes, they hand over their car keys to a staff member who welcomes them, takes their keys, and parks their vehicle.

When the guest is ready to go later, a staff member retrieves their car and drives them away.

Although some valet services are free, the majority demand clients to pay a nominal fee in advance. The cost is ultimately determined by management’s preferences.

Why is it Referred to as Valet Parking?

A valet is a staff member who drives, parks, and retrieves visitors’ cars.

Their presence contributes to the creation of a friendly environment at your hotel or restaurant, as well as a helpful and pleasant ambiance.

Most valets must have a valid driver’s license, a clean driving record, and the ability to deliver excellent customer service.

Certain establishments might require their valets to be knowledgeable about the business and the surrounding region in case a guest has inquiries.

Furthermore, several hotels may need their valets to have prior hospitality industry expertise.

Valet Parking at Disney Springs

The trip to Disney Springs, the massive shopping and dining complex, is essential for every Disney World holiday.

You do not require a park ticket to visit Disney Springs, and once inside, you may dine at dozens of superb restaurants, shop at Disney and non-Disney businesses alike, and enjoy live music and entertainment.

However, I must warn you that parking at the Springs might be difficult at times, particularly if it is popular, especially in the evenings and on weekends.

You may avoid the headache by using valet parking, but there are a few things you should know about this service before deciding to use it.

Most surface lots and parking garages do not offer valet parking. These places are virtually entirely self-parking, which is free.

To find valet parking, head to the Cirque du Soleil port-cochère (you can take advantage of the valet service even though you are not attending a Cirque du Soleil performance).

Cirque du Soleil’s valet parking hours are as follows: Monday to Friday: 4:30 p.m. to 12:00 a.m. (or until the last visitor departs)

Saturday and Sunday: 12 p.m. to 12 a.m. (or until the last guest goes)

Valet parking is also available at the Orange Garage entrance occasionally.

Valet parking is provided from 10 a.m. to 2 a.m. daily, according to Disney’s website, however this schedule is subject to change.

To be safe, I recommend choosing Cirque du Soleil’s valet parking, which is more routinely available.

How Much Does Valet Parking Cost at Disney Springs?

Valet parking at Disney Springs costs a flat rate of $20 per day. Payment will be collected at the time of pick-up, and gratuity is not included in the cost

Benefits of Valet Parking at Disney Springs

Customer experience is crucial for any organization, particularly those in the hotel and entertainment industry.

You understand the importance of client experience as the owner of a hotel or mixed-use site.

A happy consumer means repeat sales and word-of-mouth promotion for your business as a whole. Here are a number of benefits valet parking offers:


Disney Springs visitors will appreciate the convenience of valet parking.

Visitors no longer have to look for a parking space in a crowded parking lot or go a long distance looking for their cars among so many parked vehicles.

Finding a good parking spot in Disney Springs might be difficult.

A lack of parking space may even deter some visitors from visiting a specific attraction. Valets can solve these parking problems.


We’ve all witnessed theft, damage, or mistreatment of vehicles from parking places.

However, if you settle on valet parking service, you won’t have to worry about vehicle security.

Many valet service providers take appropriate precautions to ensure the safety of parked vehicles.

Control of Traffic Flow

Consider a top tourist destination with no valet parking – unmanageable traffic that bothers visitors. You can avoid this chaos by utilizing valet parking service.

As a result, even during peak traffic hours, you can catch a show, shop at your favorite store or carry on with other activities smoothly.

Tips for Using Valet Parking at Disney Springs

Be Prepared to Pay: Valet parking at Disney Springs is free. It costs a flat fee of $20 plus tax.

However, if you want to save time and avoid the inconvenience of parking yourself, the extra money is well worth it.

Tip Your Valet: While tipping is not required, it is customary to tip your valet driver when they bring your car back to you.

A standard tip is usually around $5-10, although you can tip more if you feel that your driver went above and beyond.

Avoid Peak Times: It’s recommended to avoid peak periods at Disney Springs if you want to save time and avoid crowds. Peak times are usually in the evenings and on weekends, so try to visit during off-peak hours if possible.

Leave Valuable Items at Home: While the valet drivers at Disney Springs are trustworthy, it’s always a good to leave any valuable items at home or in your hotel room.

If you must bring valuables, make sure to secure them in your vehicle before passing the keys over to your valet driver.

Plan Ahead: Before you arrive at Disney Springs, make sure to have your parking ticket and payment method ready.

This will help to expedite the drop-off process and make your valet experience as pleasant as possible.

Final Thoughts on Valet Parking at Disney Springs

Valet parking at Disney Springs is a convenient and efficient strategy for navigating the resort’s premises.

While it is more expensive than other parking alternatives, the advantages of saving time, avoiding crowds, and receiving VIP service make it a worthwhile investment for visitors.

Remember to follow my advice, such as knowing where to go in order to have the greatest possible valet experience.

If you’re going to Disney Springs, think about using valet parking to improve your experience.

Book a trip today and reap the benefits of this convenient parking option!

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