Free Disneyland Parking – All You Need to Know!

Free Disneyland parking often provides a valuable parking option especially if you’re not interested in spending a penny on parking.

As a visitor, parking is often one of the most ignored topics when planning a trip to Disneyland.

Disneyland in Anaheim, California is a very famous tourist destination, making getting cheap parking quite difficult.

Parking isn’t one of the major prices that vacationers consider in California, which is already known for being costly.

With the cost of Disneyland parking rising all the time, discovering free parking at Disneyland (or nearby) can be a huge money saver.


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In this article, I will explain the free Disneyland parking options for you so that you don’t have to struggle looking around for a place to park.

Let’s get started.

Free Disneyland Parking

One of the things that visitors have to deal with is the cost of visiting theme parks.

Theme Park costs can quickly pile up, from pricey food to souvenir stores on every corner.

The last thing you want to do is pay exorbitant parking fees.

That’s why I have studied and tested a variety of free parking choices near Disneyland so you don’t have to.

I often understand the stress that comes with finding economical parking options as a visitor who frequents the parks.

Visitors travel from different places in the world to see the legendary original amusement park.

It’s a popular resort for couples, families with young children, and teenagers. The beauty of Disneyland is that there is something for everyone!

Because of the popularity of this site, parking might fill up rapidly, leaving only pricey options.

Therefore, securing a free parking spot within or near Disneyland will be a big plus for you.

How to Secure Free Disneyland Parking

The most basic way of obtaining free parking at Disneyland is to purchase an Inspire Magic Key.

The Inspire Magic Key is the most expensive Magic Key and the only one that offers free parking.

The Believe and Enchant Keys (the other two Magic Key varieties) just provide a parking discount, but they may be more valuable depending on how frequently and when you plan to visit Disneyland.

There are currently no multi-day tickets, special “parking passes,” or promotions that provide free parking when purchased.

Another option for free parking at Disneyland is to join Club 33 or make a reservation to access the club.

To become a member of Club 33, you must join a lengthy waiting list and spend upwards of $10,000 each year in order to preserve your membership.

If you plan on visiting Disneyland more than once a year and want to spare yourself from paying parking fees, consider purchasing at least one Inspire Magic Key for your team!

Even if only one person in a vehicle has the Inspire Magic Key, everyone in the vehicle will be able to take advantage of the free parking incentives.

The Disneyland Cast Members Free Parking Privileges

Making friends with a Cast Member is one of the simplest ways to acquire free parking at Disneyland since they get free parking at the resort!

When a Disneyland Cast Member produces their employee identification card at any of the Disneyland parking lots, they are entitled to free parking.

This only applies to the car in which the Cast Member is riding and does not apply to any other vehicles in the Cast Member’s party.

As long as everyone is in the same car, there is no limit to how many individuals a Cast Member can bring into Disneyland’s parking structures for free.

Free Parking for Guests Staying At Disneyland Resort Hotels

You can park for free in one of the on-site parking lots if you stay at one of the three Disneyland Resort Hotels (Disneyland Hotel, Disney’s Grand Californian Hotel & Spa, or Disney’s Paradise Pier Hotel).

Remember that this is only available to booked hotel guests and is dependent on availability of parking spaces.

Free Parking Near Disneyland

The Anaheim GardenWalk is the closest free parking lot to Disneyland, offering up to 4 hours of free parking with validation and flat pricing starting at $10 for all-day parking.

While it is not entirely free, it is a less expensive choice than most on-site or off-site paid parking lots.

A few hotels within walking distance of Disneyland also provide free parking if you make an advance booking at their establishment.

This is in contrast to the Disneyland hotels, which charge an extra fee for parking on top of the reservation fees.

Free parking is also provided on some of the streets surrounding the Disneyland Resort.

Closer to the Simba Parking Lot and Downtown Disney, you’ll have a better chance of locating these streets that don’t have metered parking or resident-only regulations.

Check posted signs for parking laws and restrictions in these neighborhoods – the requirements might vary drastically from one street to the next!

Is Handicap Parking Free?

NO, handicap parking is not free at any Disneyland location, and the rates are the same as for regular parking.

This is true for all parking lots at the Disneyland Resort.

Handicap parking is located in more accessible areas of the parking garage, closer to elevators, entrances, and exits, but you must still pay the regular parking cost to utilize these places.

To use handicap parking, a government-issued handicap parking permit or placard must be displayed.

Safety of Free Parking Lots Near Disneyland

It’s worth noting that, while there are some free parking alternatives near Disneyland, they aren’t necessarily the safest option.

Some outside parking lots may not be well-lit or have safety precautions in place.

So, if you opt for parking outside of the resort, do your due diligence and choose a trustworthy option.

How Do I Secure a Free Parking Spot Near Disneyland?

The easiest way of securing a free parking spot near Disneyland is by arriving early.

These lots fill up rapidly during peak season and holidays, so plan ahead of time and allow plenty of time to find alternative parking if necessary.

Remember that obtaining free parking near Disneyland can be difficult, so plan ahead and plan to arrive early.

Are there Restrictions for Free Parking Lots Near Disneyland?

YES, there are definitely some restrictions for free parking lots near Disneyland.

Most free parking areas near Disneyland have restrictions and time limits, so check the signs carefully before leaving your vehicle.

Some frequent constraints are as follows:

  1. Maximum limitations on time (often 4-6 hours)
  2. There is no overnight parking.
  3. There is no parking for RVs or large vehicles.
  4. There is no commercial vehicle parking.

Free vs Paid Parking Lots – How to Distinguish Between the Two

Based on their position and signage, it’s usually easy to tell the difference between paid and free parking lots near Disneyland.

Paid parking lots are usually located closer to the park’s entrance, are well-lit, and have visible pricing information posted at the entry.

Free parking lots are typically located further away from the resort, are less well-lit, and frequently require validation or have a time limit limitation.


Securing a free Disneyland parking can often prove to be challenging due to how popular this destination is.

However, there are ways that one can secure free parking within Disneyland or near it.

Visitors to Disneyland can save money on parking fees by taking advantage of adjacent free parking options, such as hotels, retail complexes, and public transportation.

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