15 Things To Do in Pilot Mountain NC

Things to do in Pilot Mountain NC are many that you’ll be spoilt for choice.

There are tons of fun activities for you regardless of whether you are planning a weekend getaway or just a day excursion!

But first, I discovered some fascinating Pilot Mountain facts that I wanted to share with you.

The unusual quartzite monadnock known as Pilot Mountain, which rises 2,421 feet above sea level, can be seen for kilometers around.

Pilot Mountain was once used by indigenous people to navigate their way around that area of North Carolina.

The landmark was similarly useful to early settlers.

Today, Pilot Mountain allows visitors to appreciate the beauty of nature while also getting some exercise on the mountain’s slopes and valleys.

Pilot Mountain State Park is a popular destination for many outdoor lovers.

It is also a component of the American Viticultural Area, which contains over 50 vineyards.

There you have it! Pilot Mountain already has many activities to do!

In this article, I will give you a detailed analysis of things to do in Pilot Mountain NC.

Things To Do in Pilot Mountain NC

There are numerous things to do in Pilot Mountain NC.

This park is a great place for hiking, rock climbing, and enjoying stunning views of the surrounding mountains.

Visitors can explore the many miles of hiking trails or take a scenic drive to the top of the mountain for breathtaking panoramic views.

Here is a complete guide to things to do in Pilot Mountain NC.

Enjoy Breathtaking Views from the Top of Pilot Mountain

Things to Do in Pilot Mountain NC

The 1,400-foot mountain was named Jomeoke by Native Americans, which means “Great Guide.”

This is due to the fact that the Big Pinnacle can be seen for kilometers in all directions.

The quartzite monadnock was subsequently used by early European settlers as a navigational tool.

There are many hiking trails up the mountain’s slopes, so pick one that suits your degree of fitness.

There is no means to reach the peak’s summit, but there is a path that circles it.

The towns of Pilot Mountain and Mount Airy can be seen in the valley below from this elevated position.

Keep an eye out for red-tailed hawks and black vultures roaming the skies.

Indeed, enjoying the breathtaking views from the top of Pilot Mountain is among the best things to do in Pilot Mountain NC.

Go Ziplining at Carolina Ziplines

Things to Do in Pilot Mountain NC

In an afternoon spent ziplining, you can get a bird’s eye perspective of the forested hillsides from above.

Carolina Ziplines Canopy Tours offers eleven zip lines ranging in height and duration.

Ziplining is among the best things to do in Pilot Mountain NC.

They’re all set to transport you on a thrilling ride through the treetops.

The journey lasts one and a half to two hours.

Bring the entire family. The trip is suitable for children over the age of three.

All safety equipment is supplied, including harnesses, gloves, and helmets.

Carolina Ziplines offers both customized excursions and standard courses.

A Twilight Tour is also available.

So, if you want to glide through the night heavens with a glowstick, this one is a must do.

Physical Address: 1085 Nickell Farm Road Westfield, NC 27053

Go on Wine Tasting Trip at Jolo Winery and Vineyards

Things to Do in Pilot Mountain NC

The Jolo Winery and Vineyards has been named one of the best seven vineyards outside of California by highly ranked travel sites such as TripAdvisor.

This boutique winery offers a number of the best wines in the nation.

If you’re looking for Pilot Mountain NC restaurants, schedule a reservation at End Posts.

From Thursday to Sunday, the on-site restaurant offers tapas lunch. It’s exquisite.

The winery has breathtaking views of the nearby mountain ranges.

It has an outdoor patio where you can sip your favored wine while admiring the view.

Play a game of Bocce Ball. It’s one of the most common lawn games in the world.

The vineyard’s walking trails are also very famous.

Indeed, a wine tasting trip won’t disappoint you as it is among the best things to do in Pilot Mountain NC.

Physical Address: 219 JOLO Winery Lane Pilot Mountain, NC 27041

Hike at the Yadkin Valley Surry Sonker Trail

Things to Do in Pilot Mountain NC

Nothing highlights a region’s heritage like its food, and if you have a sweet tooth, you’ll enjoy the Surry Sonker Trail.

It leads you on a delectable trail where you can sample the region’s heritage foods.

Sonker is a type of pie or cobbler with a deep bowl.

It is a recipe from the 1800s that combines prepared fruit and sweetened dough.

Sonker recipes have been handed down from generation to generation, and no two sonkers are said to be precisely the same.

There are bakeries, wineries, a pub, a brewery, and a confectioner on the path.

Visiting this area is definitely among the best things to do in Pilot Mountain NC.

Physical Address: 257 Standard St., Elkin, NC 28621

Opening Hours: Mon-Fri: 9am-5pm; Sat: 10am-2pm (Open Saturdays May-Oct.)

Visit the Pilot State Park with Your Family

Things to Do in Pilot Mountain NC

Pilot Mountain State Park has everything you need for a weekend of nature immersion, and if you’re searching for Pilot Mountain waterfalls, you’ll find them here.

Hiking paths wind around the mountain’s base, along the Yadkin River, and up to the pinnacle.

Enjoy breathtaking vistas of the Blue Mountains.

If you prefer more strenuous exercise, consider rock climbing or rappelling up the cliffs.

Paddling up the river gives you plenty of time alone with wildlife.

You could also go swimming on Pilot Mountain.

In the forest, there is a camping area. So, why not spend the night?

The Park has a modest parking lot, but it fills up fast.

If this occurs, you can leave your vehicle at the visitors’ center and take a shuttle.

The trip costs around $5. Children under the age of ten travel for free.

Enjoying activities in Pilot Mountain State Park is among the best things to do in Pilot Mountain NC.

Visiting this park is indeed among the best things to do in Pilot Mountain NC.

Physical Address: 1721 Pilot Knob Park Road Pinnacle, NC 27043

Go Camping at Jessup’s Mill

Things to Do in Pilot Mountain NC

Jessup’s Mill is situated on the Dan River, about 20 minutes from Pilot Mountain.

It provides some peaceful daytime experiences. Several trails wind through the forest.

They are suitable for strolling or running. Tubing up the Upper Dan River for 30 minutes provides a wild experience and it is very popular.

The park’s waterways are teeming with trout, smallmouth bass, and catfish.

Visitors are permitted to reach the river from their private lands, but fishing is exclusively catch and release.

The historic grist mill on the river’s banks stages a range of events, including workshops and music concerts.

There is camping available on the lawn behind the mill.

Campers in the woodland are accommodated on above-ground platforms.

Camping at Jessup’s Mill is among the best things to do in Pilot Mountain NC.

Physical Address: 1565 Collinstown Rd, Westfield, NC 27053

Golf at the Pilot Knob Park Country Club

Things to Do in Pilot Mountain NC

The Pilot Knob Country Club, designed by course planner Gene Hamm, is located just minutes from Pilot National State Park.

Visitors are allowed, but you must call ahead to reserve a tee time.

A driving range, chipping range, and putting green are available to help you improve your golf abilities.

Stop by the renovated clubhouse. It has a completely stocked Pro Shop as well as a 19th hole grill.

Swim in the pool or simply unwind on one of the outdoor decks with a long cool drink.

Teeing at this golf course is among the best things to do in Pilot Mountain NC.

Physical Address: 450 Club House Drive Pilot Mountain, NC 27041

Take a Trip to Mount Airy

Things to Do in Pilot Mountain NC
Image courtesy of Wikipedia

Mount Airy is only 14 miles from Pilot Mountain and is well worth the trip if you’re in the neighborhood.

The town goes back to the 1700s and is best known as the fictional town of Mayberry from Andy Griffith’s Show, which aired in the 1960s.

If you’re a devotee of Andy Griffith, you’ll be blown away by the museum, which houses the world’s largest collection of memorabilia.

Mount Airy is also known as Granite City because it is home to the world’s largest open cast granite mine.

A squad car tour is one of the best ways to see it and many other sites in Mount Airy.

With sirens blasting, you’ll depart from Wally’s Service Station.

Everything you need to know about the community will be provided by your local guide.

A carload will set you back $40.

The walk lasts about 30 minutes, so you’ll have plenty of time to do some shopping as well.

Family Fun at Mayberry Shazzam

Visit the Mayberry Shazzam Family Entertainment Center for a day of family fun.

The center offers a range of go-karts for both children and adults.

Two-seater go-karts guarantee that even the youngest children don’t miss out on the fun because they can share with their parents.

A completely equipped kiddie park, games arcade, and volleyball field are also available.

Bring a picnic and appreciate the facilities offered, or purchase fun meals like corndogs and pizza from the concessions.

The admission is free, but the attractions are not.

Having fun at this destination is among the best things to do in Pilot Mountain NC.

Physical Address: 296 Veterans Drive, Pilot Mountain, NC 27041

Things to Do in Pilot Mountain NC – Pilot Mountain Day Trips

While I’ve suggested some Pilot Mountain Day trips, there’s nothing preventing you from incorporating these adventures with one another to make a weekend out of it.

Explore Farm Life at Horne Creek Farm

Things to Do in Pilot Mountain NC


Stop by Horne Creek Farm to relive agricultural life from more than a century ago.

The old family house from 1900, as well as the tobacco curing barn and a corn crib, are still standing.

Because this is a functioning farm, there is plenty of livestock and poultry.

You’ll discover a heritage apple orchard with apple varieties that have been out of production for a long time.

The farm hosts regular events, and if you’re fortunate, you might get to cut grass with a scythe or participate in a corn shucking competition.

The property is open from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. Tuesday through Saturday.

The event is free to attend.

Visiting the farm is among the best things to do in Pilot Mountain NC.

Physical Address: 308 Horne Creek Farm Road Pinnacle, N.C. 27043

Explore the Surry County Wine Trail

Things to Do in Pilot Mountain NC

Spend some time traveling the Surry County Wine Trail.

The Yadkin Valley Trail Map shows paths to over twenty wineries, a distillery, and four breweries.

Explore the picturesque countryside and sample the finest of what the valley has to offer.

If you’re looking for Pilot Mountain NC restaurants, you’ll discover some excellent options here.

The majority of the participating wineries have restaurants or serve delicious snacks.

Each has something unique to offer, such as fire pits, scenic views, live music, and, certainly, award-winning wines.

Exploring this trail is among the best things to do in Pilot Mountain NC.

Hire a Horse at Bregman’s Trail Riding and Stables

Things to Do in Pilot Mountain NC

There is no greater way to tour the mountain slopes than on horseback.

Enjoy the thrill of riding through nature on the back of a well-trained horse.

Bregman’s Trail Riding will guide you through the region.

Your guide is from this region, so he or she is familiar with the area, and you will see the finest that it has to offer.

All safety apparatus is provided by the stables.

You will be paired with a horse that is appropriate for your height and stature.

Even if you’ve never mounted a horse before, don’t pass up the opportunity.

Before you leave, your guide will give you an instruction.

The ride lasts one hour and thirty minutes and costs $80 per individual.

Horse riding at this trail is among the best things to do in Pilot Mountain NC.

Climb Pilot Mountain with Blue Ridge Mountain Guides

Have you ever gone rock climbing? What is a more effective way to ascend Pilot Mountain?

Blue Ridge Mountain Guides will gladly transport groups of individuals from beginner to expert up the slopes.

The Pilot Mountain slopes provide good top rope, sport, and trad climbing.

Blue Ridge Guides are familiar with the region and will provide guidance and training to climbers of all levels.

Enjoy The Art of Massage

Things to Do in Pilot Mountain NC

Do you need some downtime? The Art of Massage, located in the Living Room Coffeehouse and Wine Bar, has everything you need.

Make an appointment for fragrance or massage.

After a deep muscle massage, proceed to the farm-to-table eatery for an appetizing meal.

You can even schedule a couple of days of massage and relaxation in one of the Wellness Center suites.

Physical Address: 223 East Main St. Pilot Mountain, NC 27041

Beroth Oil and Gas Memorabilia Museum

Thornton Beroth chose to collect gasoline memorabilia and impressive neon signs after a lifetime in the oil business.

He is proud of his collection and welcomes visitors by appointment.

His collection includes classic oil trucks and ancient gas pumps in excellent shape.

Floor-to-ceiling shelves are crammed with vintage gasoline goods.

The sheer size of the collection, housed in an old bank structure, makes it well worth a visit.

Visiting this museum is indeed among the best things to do in Pilot Mountain NC.

Visit the Pilot Mountain Vineyards and Winery

Things to Do in Pilot Mountain NC

There are no reservations required to tour Pilot Mountain Vineyards and Winery.

On Friday, Saturday, and Sunday, the owners greet guests between 12.30 and 5 p.m.

Throughout the year, guests can experience live music every Sunday.

Bring a picnic basket or fill up on cheese, sausage, hummus crackers, and guacamole.

Sit on the patio with a glass of wine and take in the breathtaking view of the vineyards against the background of Pilot Mountain.

If you want to spend the night, the vineyard has a luxurious suite available for overnight stays.

Carry your swimsuit because you will have exclusive use of the swimming area.

Physical Address: 1162 Bradley Road Pinnacle, NC​​​​

Final Thoughts on Things to Do in Pilot Mountain NC

Indeed, there are many things to do in Pilot Mountain NC.

What are you waiting for with so many activities to do in Pilot Mountain NC this weekend?

Begin preparing and make your way to the mountains.

You will not be sorry. It’s a fantastic place to visit, and you’ll have a great experience there.

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