23 Things to Do in Sturbridge, MA

Things to do in Sturbridge MA are plenty especially if you’re an outdoor and history lover.

The town’s charm and close-knit atmosphere offers a welcoming environment to both locals and visitors.

Established back in 1729, this town has evolved to become one of the critical elements of American History.

Currently, Sturbridge has several amazing destinations and tourist spots for those who would like to explore this little town.

In this post, I will explain in detail a number of fun things to do in Sturbridge Massachusetts if you’re planning to visit.

Let’s dive straight into it.

Things to Do in Sturbridge MA

Old Sturbridge Village: Step Back in Time

Things to Do in Sturbridge MA

Let’s start our adventure with a trip back in time to the 19th-century at Old Sturbridge Village.

This living history museum allows you to immerse yourself in the past with its meticulously recreated village, complete with historic buildings and costumed interpreters.

It is the largest outdoor museum in the North East part of the country and was established in 1946.

Walk along the cobbled streets, explore traditional homes, and engage with villagers who bring history to life.

The museum is housed on 200-acre land that boasts breathtaking scenery.

The museum has approximately 40 original buildings including a farm, homes, a bank, meeting halls and shops.

Experience the daily activities and challenges faced by early New England settlers, from blacksmithing and farming to cooking over an open hearth.

Visiting this museum offers you an educational and fascinating experience for the whole family life of the early inhabitants of this town.

Indeed, visiting this museum is among the best fun things to do in Sturbridge MA.

Physical Address: 1 Old Sturbridge Village Rd, Sturbridge, MA 01566, United States

Contact: +1 800-733-1830

Sturbridge Host Hotel & Conference Center: Your Perfect Retreat

Things to Do in Sturbridge MA

After an exciting day at Old Sturbridge Village, you’ll need a cozy place to rest.

Look no further than the Sturbridge Host Hotel & Conference Center.

This full-service hotel offers a relaxing stay with a range of amenities, including a refreshing pool, indulgent spa services, and delightful dining options.

The hotel has spacious and comfortable rooms equipped with modern flat-screen TVs, free Wi-Fi and refrigerators.

The hotel can host events and parties and has a conference center in addition to a boardroom and outdoor events venue.

Whether you’re traveling with family or on a romantic getaway, taking a rest at this hotel is definitely among the best things to do in Sturbridge MA as it caters to your needs and ensures a memorable stay in Sturbridge.

Amenities: Indoor swimming pool, free parking, non-smoking rooms, a private beach area, a gym and fitness center and facilities for disabled visitors.

Physical Address: 366 Main St, Sturbridge, MA 01566, United States

Contact: +1 508-347-7393

Wells State Park: Nature’s Playground

If you’re a nature enthusiast, a visit to Wells State Park is an absolute must.

This picturesque state park offers a plethora of outdoor activities set against a backdrop of breathtaking natural beauty.

Established back in 1968, this 1400-acre public recreation area offers everything that you desire for.

Explore the nature trails that wind through lush forests, spot wildlife, and listen to the soothing sounds of nature.

Hikers will find a variety of trails of varied complexity that are suitable for all ages.

The park has over 10 miles of hiking paths within the area that are meant for hiking only. Off-road vehicles are not allowed on these trails.

Bring along a picnic and relax by Walker Pond, or try your luck at fishing in its tranquil waters.

The park has a designated picnic area with grills and tables perfect for a family day out.

If you love swimming, there is a designated swimming area where you can cool off during the summer.

For boating lovers, there are launch ramps positioned strategically to ensure you enjoy your boating or canoeing activities.

Wells State Park is a true nature lover’s paradise and enjoying a day at this park is definitely among the best things to do in Sturbridge MA.

Physical Address: 159 Walker Pond Rd, Sturbridge, MA 01566, United States

Contact: +1 508-347-9257

Tree House Brewing Company: A Paradise for Beer Enthusiasts

Things to Do in Sturbridge MA

Craft beer lovers will rejoice at the Tree House Brewing Company, a mecca for beer lovers.

This well-known brewery, which is renowned for making some of the best craft beers in the area, provides a distinctive and tasty range of brews.

Sample a flight of their renowned IPAs, stouts, and ales, or opt for a freshly brewed pint.

The brewery has won top accolades for its finest products including being named as among the best breweries in the world.

Some of their products are famed for their hazy appearance and juicy flavors.

The friendly staff is always happy to share the story behind each brew, making your tasting experience even more enjoyable.

Grab a seat at the taproom, soak in the lively atmosphere, and savor the perfect harmony of hops and malts.

Physical Address: 129 Sturbridge Rd, Charlton, MA 01507, United States

Contact: +1 413-523-2367

Brimfield Antique Show: Uncover Treasures from the Past

If you happen to visit Sturbridge during the right time, don’t miss the opportunity to explore the Brimfield Antique Show.

It’s renowned as being among the biggest outdoor antique fairs in the nation and is a gold mine for collectors, vintage enthusiasts, and deal seekers alike.

The show happens three times a year and during each time, it runs for several days.

If you happen to visit, you can find everything from vintage furniture, rare collectibles, antique jewelry, old books, and much more.

The Brimfield Antique Show provides an amazing experience as well as the opportunity to uncover one-of-a-kind items with significant historical value.

If you plan on visiting, please double-check the particular dates and information for the current year’s shows, since they may differ from year to year.

Uncovering past treasures in this unique antique show is definitely among the best things to do in Sturbridge MA.

The Publick House Historic Inn: A Taste of New England’s Culinary Delights

Indulge in the flavors of New England’s rich culinary heritage at The Publick House Historic Inn.

The Inn’s history dates back to 1771 and over the years, it has changed ownership and undergone expansion and renovations.

This charming inn, with its colonial-style architecture, offers a delightful dining experience with a unique menu.

Enjoy traditional New England cuisine, such as beef wellington and chicken pot pie on top of cocktails, pastries and coffee.

The atmosphere is accommodating, taking you back to the era of early American hospitality.

It features cozy guest rooms each with its own unique charm and ambiance.

The inn is famed for hosting a number of popular events and functions.

Enjoying a meal at this historic inn is one of the best things to do in Sturbridge MA.

Amenities: Free parking, outdoor swimming pool, free Wi-Fi, fitness center, non-smoking rooms, a bar and facilities for disabled visitors

Physical Address: 277 Main St, Sturbridge, MA 01566, United States

Contact: +1 508-347-3313

Rapscallion Brewery: A Haven for Craft Beer Enthusiasts

Things to Do in Sturbridge MA

Rapscallion Brewery is another gem that caters to your discerning taste buds if you’re a beer lover.

This brewery takes great satisfaction in its dedication to creating high-quality, limited-edition artisan beers that are both distinctive and flavorful.

From hoppy IPAs to smooth porters, Rapscallion Brewery offers an impressive range of brews.

Learn about the brewing process and the amount of effort that goes into the creations by taking a tour of the brewery.

There is a place where you may drink in a warm and welcoming tavern atmosphere, replete with home-cooked meals, lovely outdoor patios, live music, and a comprehensive wine and hand-crafted cocktail menu.

The food is freshly cooked using locally sourced ingredients.

Don’t forget to grab a growler or a six-pack to take home and relish the taste of Sturbridge long after your trip.

Physical Address: 3 Arnold Rd, Sturbridge, MA 01518, United States

Contact: +1 508-347-7500

Eye of the Needle: Discover Handmade Treasures

The Eye of the Needle is a famous destination located in Sturbridge.

For a truly unique shopping experience, make your way to Eye of the Needle.

Additionally, the shop has an impressive collection of patterns, threads, fabrics and accessories that cater for every taste.

The store sells a lovely selection of jewelry, beading, and other handcrafted items.

Explore the stunning collection of jewelry crafted with intricate designs and vibrant gemstones.

Admire the hand-sewn garments and accessories that showcase the artistic talents of local artisans.

If you would like to enhance your skills or learn something new, the shop offers workshops and classes within its premises.

Eye of the Needle will have something that catches your eye, whether you’re looking for a particular gift or a one-of-a-kind souvenir from your vacation.

Visiting this gem is one of the best things to do in Sturbridge MA.

Westville Recreation Area: Embrace the Outdoors

Immerse yourself in the natural beauty of Westville Recreation Area, a serene oasis offering a number of outdoor activities.

Among the activities you can take part in include hiking, kayaking/canoeing and picnicking.

Hike through well-kept trails that will bring you closer to nature with each step.

The Westmile section has a 4-mile trail which you can take a walk through and enjoy the spectacular views.

Locate a cozy area for a family picnic or just relax and enjoy the breathtaking scenery.

The picnic area has tables and grills making it among the best in the area.

The park’s lush greenery and scenic views provide a perfect backdrop for photography enthusiasts as well.

The recreation area is open throughout the year from morning to evening and it’s free to enter.

However, some activities may attract a fee such as canoe launch or booking a picnic shelter.

Enjoying outdoor activities in this area is definitely among the best things to do in Sturbridge MA.

Physical Address: Sturbridge, MA 01566, United States

Hemlock Ridge Golf Course: Tee Off Amidst Scenic Beauty

Things to Do in Sturbridge MA

Hemlock Ridge Golf Course in Sturbridge, Massachusetts, offers golf enthusiasts a delightful blend of challenging fairways and breathtaking natural beauty.

Surrounded by majestic trees and undulating fairways, the course seamlessly integrates with nature, creating a serene ambiance that envelops players throughout their game.

Each season brings its charm, from vibrant blossoms in spring to fiery foliage in fall, making every round a memorable experience.

The course caters to players of all skill levels, with strategically placed hazards adding an element of challenge.

The clubhouse provides excellent facilities, including a restaurant and pro shop, while a calendar of events and tournaments adds excitement to the golfing experience.

Meticulous management preserves natural habitats and allows wildlife to thrive alongside players.

As you tee off amidst nature’s splendor, you’ll discover that Hemlock Ridge is more than just a golf course.

Physical Address: 220 Holland Rd, Fiskdale, MA 01518, United States

Contact: +1 508-347-9935

Cedar Lake Recreational Area: Fun for the Whole Family

The Cedar Lake Recreational Area features a 50-acre park that has a sandy beach on Cedar Lake, a boat launch, a swimming area, a playground, picnic sites, a fishing pier and a trail.

If you’re looking for a day of fun and play, head to Cedar Street Park with the whole family in town.

This local park offers a range of recreational activities, including fishing, boating, swimming and hiking.

The park also has sports fields, making it a great place to engage in outdoor games such as baseball or soccer.

Fishing lessons are offered in the area by a trained fishing instructor if you would like to learn more.

The park is open from May to October, morning till sunset.

Adults are charged a fee of $10 for entry while children aged 6 to 12 pay a fee of $5.

Physical Address: 60 Cedar Street, Sturbridge MA 01566

Joshua Hyde Public Library: A Haven for Book Lovers

Things to Do in Sturbridge MA
Image Courtesy of Wiki Commons/Daderot

The Joshua Hyde Public Library in Sturbridge, Massachusetts, is a welcoming haven for book lovers and a cultural cornerstone of the community.

The library has a vast collection of books, publications, and digital resources that can cater for all your literary interests.

Beyond its literary offerings, the library fosters community engagement through events and programs for both young and old, promoting social interaction and a sense of togetherness.

Embracing technology and creativity, the library provides access to computers and offers workshops for aspiring writers and artists.

As a gateway to lifelong learning, it supports students and curious minds with a reference section and knowledgeable staff ready to assist with research and exploration.

The Joshua Hyde Public Library thrives on community support and collaboration, working with local schools, organizations, and businesses to enhance its offerings.

Visiting this library is definitely among the best things to do in Sturbridge MA.

Physical Address: 306 Main St, Sturbridge, MA 01566, United States

Contact: +1 508-347-2512

Cooper’s Hilltop Farm: A Taste of Rural Life

Cooper’s Hilltop Farm in Sturbridge, Massachusetts, offers visitors an authentic and educational retreat into the world of rural life.

This working farm provides a charming experience where guests can connect with nature, interact with farm animals, and enjoy farm-fresh produce and products.

The farm has been supplying fresh milk to the community since 1918 and it is involved in production, pasteurization and bottling of milk.

Additionally, the farm offers a range of other products including meat, cheeses, honey and locally baked goods.

Welcoming families and visitors of all ages, the farm offers a glimpse into daily farm life. Children can delight in meeting playful goats, pigs, and cows while assisting with feeding and milking activities.

The farm’s dedication to education and sustainable farming practices makes it an enriching experience for everyone.

Experiencing farm life at this farm is definitely among the best things to do in Sturbridge MA.

This charming farm offers a delightful escape from modern life, inviting visitors to embrace the beauty of the countryside and reconnect with nature.

Physical Address: 515 Henshaw St, Rochdale, MA 01542, United States

Contact: +1 508-892-3720

Take a Scenic Drive through the Picturesque Countryside

Things to Do in Sturbridge MA

A scenic drive through the picturesque countryside of Sturbridge, Massachusetts, offers a captivating and soothing experience.

The journey embraces the natural beauty of the New England landscape, from vibrant greens in spring to fiery autumn foliage.

Discovering charming New England towns with their colonial-style buildings and small-town charm adds to the enchantment.

Participating in local community events and festivals fosters a sense of belonging to the place.

The changing seasons add a unique charm to the drive, offering opportunities to witness nature’s transformations.

Escaping the modern world, the drive provides a peaceful respite, allowing time for introspection and appreciation of life’s wonders.

As you journey along the open roads, capturing unforgettable moments becomes a joy, immortalizing the breathtaking landscapes and charming scenery.

The experience becomes not just a physical journey but an inspirational and reflective one, allowing for contemplation and reconnection with nature’s beauty.

Experience the Changing Seasons

Things to Do in Sturbridge MA

Experiencing the changing seasons in Sturbridge, Massachusetts, offers a mesmerizing and transformative journey through nature’s ever-shifting canvas.

Spring brings a burst of colors with blooming flowers and active wildlife, while summer enchants with lush greenery and warm days filled with outdoor activities.

The most captivating season, fall, creates a picturesque tapestry of fiery hues that attracts visitors from far and wide.

Winter blankets the countryside in serene white snow, offering opportunities for winter sports and cozy holiday festivities.

Each season presents its unique charm and allure, inviting exploration and appreciation of nature’s beauty.

You can indulge in activities like hiking, picnicking, and picking fresh fruits while witnessing the changing landscape.

Local farms and markets provide delightful treats and crafts, making the experience even exciting.

As nature transitions through the seasons, visitors have the chance to immerse themselves in the ever-changing beauty of Sturbridge.

Each season promises an amazing and immersive experience into the heart of nature’s spectacular spectacle, whether appreciating the vivid colors of fall foliage, enjoying balmy summer days, or embracing the peacefulness of winter wonderland.

Attend Local Events and Festivals

Attending local events and festivals in Sturbridge, Massachusetts, is a captivating and enriching experience that celebrates the town’s culture, heritage, and strong sense of community.

Throughout the year, a vibrant tapestry of events unfolds, each offering a unique glimpse into Sturbridge’s traditions and warm hospitality.

Art and craft fairs showcase the talents of local artisans, providing visitors with an array of handcrafted treasures to cherish.

Cultural festivals embrace diversity, inviting people to savor authentic cuisines, music, and dances from different communities.

Some of the popular festivals include Celtic Celebration, Redcoats and Rebels, Fall Folk Festival and Sturbridge Pride Festival.

Seasonal celebrations mark the changing seasons, from May Day festivities in spring to holiday markets in winter.

Honoring its farming heritage, Sturbridge hosts agricultural fairs, where visitors can learn about sustainable farming practices and enjoy farm-fresh produce.

Community events foster a strong sense of togetherness, forging lasting bonds among residents and visitors alike.

Educational and historical events allow participants to step back in time, offering living history reenactments and guided tours of historic sites.

Through these events, Sturbridge’s rich history comes to life, providing a deeper understanding of its heritage.

Ultimately, attending local events and festivals in Sturbridge invites you to become part of the town’s history, creating cherished memories and connections that endure long after the festivities end.

The vibrant tapestry of events celebrates the essence of Sturbridge’s identity, making each experience a journey of cultural exploration and community spirit.

Enjoy Hiking at Tantiusques Trail

Things to Do in Sturbridge MA

The Tantiusques Trail in Sturbridge, Massachusetts, offers a thrilling and picturesque hiking adventure.

As you traverse the scenic trail, you’ll be immersed in the tranquility of nature, surrounded by the soothing sounds of birdsong and rustling leaves.

The trail’s name holds historical significance, dating back to Native American roots, and features fascinating rock formations that add intrigue to the journey.

Nature enthusiasts will appreciate the diverse flora and fauna along the trail, spotting wildflowers and wildlife along the way.

The area’s historical significance as a mining site adds another layer of interest to the hike, sparking curiosity about its past.

In the past, the Nipmuc tribe carried out mining activities in the area in search for graphite for production of paint.

When European settlers came, they continued the mining of lead in the area leading to the first mines in New England.

For both experienced hikers and beginners, the trail offers a rewarding challenge, with moderate inclines leading to breathtaking vistas at the summit.

Families can also enjoy the trail, introducing kids to the wonders of nature.

The Tantiusques Trail provides a rejuvenating escape from everyday life, allowing hikers to reconnect with nature’s beauty and serenity.

It is a gift of exploration, history, and tranquility, inviting you to embark on a memorable journey through the wilderness of Sturbridge.

Hiking in this trail is definitely among the best things to do in Sturbridge MA.

So, pack your backpack, don your hiking boots, and let the Tantiusques Trail lead you on an unforgettable adventure in Sturbridge.

Shopping in Sturbridge: Local Boutiques and Art Galleries

Shopping in Sturbridge, Massachusetts, offers a delightful and enriching experience, with its captivating boutiques and art galleries.

The town’s local boutiques exude the quaint charm of New England, featuring a curated selection of handcrafted jewelry, cozy knitwear, and unique gifts.

Many of these boutiques showcase locally made products, creating an authentic and personal shopping experience that supports the town’s artisans.

If you’re an art enthusiast, Sturbridge’s art galleries are a visual feast, showcasing a diverse range of artworks, from paintings and sculptures to photography and ceramics.

Some of the popular stores include ArtWorks Gallery, Silver Circle Art Center, Sturbridge Pottery and Starlite.

Shopping in Sturbridge offers the joy of unearthing hidden treasures and unexpected finds.

Moreover, shopping in Sturbridge goes beyond acquiring beautiful items.

It offers you an opportunity to support local artisans and artists, contributing to the livelihood of the town’s creative community.

Shopping at these stores is definitely one of the best things to do in Sturbridge MA.

Knowing the stories behind each item adds meaning and value to the purchase, creating a deeper connection to the newfound treasures.

Take a Hot Air Balloon Ride: Soar to New Heights

Things to Do in Sturbridge MA

In Sturbridge, Massachusetts, taking a hot air balloon trip is a magical and amazing experience that will send you above.

You are filled with excitement and anticipation for the spectacular voyage ahead as the balloon softly ascends from the ground.

You are given to amazing views of the gorgeous landscape below as you drift peacefully into the skies.

The scenery changes into a breathtaking patchwork of undulating hills, tranquil lakes, and endearing rural beauty.

You get a deep sense of independence and peace as time goes on, far from the commotion of daily life.

Photographers and environment lovers will both be enthralled by the photo opportunities that arise during the trip.

A visual feast that allows you to appreciate the beauty of the world from a completely different perspective is provided by the changing hues of the environment and the interaction of sunlight and shadow.

Some of the best hot air balloon companies near Sturbridge MA include Voyager Balloons, CT Ballooning, Misty River Ballooning and Pioneer Valley Balloons.

Indeed, experiencing the world from above is one of the best things to do if you’re visiting Sturbridge.

Relax at the Simple Indulgence Day Spa

Things to Do in Sturbridge MA

Visiting and experiencing the spa services at the Simple Indulgence Day Spa is one of the best ways to relax and rejuvenate your body if you’re in town.

This spa promotes self-care by providing a variety of exquisite treatments and services aimed to pamper the mind, body, and spirit.

The spa’s skilled therapists act by offering each customer with the utmost care and attention.

They expertly adapt treatments to meet the demands of each client, ensuring a personalized and genuinely rewarding encounter.

Body treatments, facials, massages, nail care services, and waxing are among the services provided at this spa.

Whether you’re searching for a peaceful massage, a revitalizing facial, or simply a moment of introspection, the Simple Indulgence Day Spa ensures a really luxurious experience that will leave you feeling renewed and revived.

Experiencing some rejuvenation in this spa is definitely among the top things to do in Sturbridge MA.

Take a break from your hectic schedule and pamper yourself in this serene haven in the heart of Sturbridge, Massachusetts.

Physical Address: 283 Main St, Sturbridge, MA 01566, United States

Contact: +1 774-452-1234

Go Painting at the Brush it Off Paint & Sip Bar

The Brush it Off Paint & Sip Bar in Sturbridge, Massachusetts, offers a vibrant and creative space for anyone interested in learning how to paint.

Once you get there, you can learn painting while having a drink.

What sets this paint and sip bar apart is the social element, as guests can sip on their favorite drinks while painting.

The studio celebrates art, embracing mistakes as part of the artistic journey, and encouraging laughter and camaraderie.

You will leave with a handmade masterpiece that reflects your artistic flair.

Overall, the Brush it Off Paint & Sip Bar is a welcoming haven that combines creativity, socializing, and fun.

Learning to paint at this bar is definitely one of the must do things in Sturbridge MA.

So, come and let your creativity soar at this delightful and artistic adventure in Sturbridge.

Physical Address: 559 Main St Suite 103-104, Fiskdale, MA 01518, United States

Contact: +1 774-241-3444

Sturbridge Pottery: A Showcase of Artistic Talent

Sturbridge Pottery in Massachusetts is an enthralling display of artistic genius, where handcrafted craftsmanship takes center stage.

The pottery workshop emanates warmth and welcomes guests to discover a world of clay creation.

Visitors at Sturbridge Pottery can observe the artists as they shape and mold clay into stunning masterpieces on their wheels.

Personalized clay pieces are also available at the workshop, making them great for thoughtful gifts or treasured memories.

Aside from appreciating the finished goods, visitors can participate in workshops for an engaging experience.

You can try your hand at pottery making under the supervision of skilled artisans and this will help you have a greater understanding of the craft’s skill and patience.

Sturbridge Pottery supports local artists while also preserving traditional workmanship.

Indeed, visiting this pottery store is one of the best things to do in Sturbridge MA.

So, enter the world of pottery creativity and discover the magic that unfolds in the expert hands of Sturbridge Pottery’s creative artists.

Physical Address: 99 New Boston Rd, Sturbridge, MA 01566, United States

Contact: +1 508-347-9763

Enjoy a Culinary Treat at B.T.’s Smokehouse

Things to Do in Sturbridge MA

Located in Sturbridge, B.T.’s Smokehouse is one of the best BBQ spots in the state and has won many accolades in the past.

They offer a wide range of slowly smoked meats and flavorful dishes.

Some of the favorite dishes offered here include beef brisket, smoked pulled chicken, pork ribs and smoked chicken thighs.

They take pleasure in providing high-quality, healthful meats that have been dry-rubbed and then slowly smoked for at least a day with fresh cherries and wood.

B.T.’s Smokehouse embraces the BBQ lifestyle with passion and authenticity in addition to serving you delectable meals.

The commitment of the workers to their work and the sense of camaraderie among customers foster a sense of community, enhancing the pleasure of dining.

Physical Address: 392 Main St, Sturbridge, MA 01566, United States

Contact: +1 508-347-3188

Final Thoughts on Things to Do in Sturbridge MA

There you have it, a comprehensive list of things to do in Sturbridge MA.

Sturbridge, Massachusetts, is a wonderful place that offers a perfect blend of history, nature, culture, and relaxation.

Its warm community welcomes you with open arms, offering a chance to attend local events and festivals, relax by the serene Lake Siog Park, and discover handcrafted pottery at Sturbridge Pottery.

Sturbridge, MA, promises you an unforgettable adventure and a treasure trove of memories to cherish for a lifetime.

So, what are you waiting for? Book your trip and experience the best that Sturbridge has to offer!

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