Which US State Has the Most Waterfalls?

Which US state has the most waterfalls? This question has been lingering in my mind as I lay out a plan to explore the various waterfalls across the country.

After all, the majority of outdoor enthusiasts love exploring nature and waterfalls are among the most visited destinations.

According to data from the World Waterfall Database, the state of Washington takes the first position when it comes to the number of waterfalls per state.

In this post, I will answer in detail the question “which state has the most waterfalls?” so that you can have the full information before you proceed with your outdoor adventures.

So, let’s dive in straight away.

Which US State Has the Most Waterfalls?

Which US state has the most waterfalls? The Answer is Washington.

With roughly 3,000 waterfalls named or surveyed, Washington state leads in the number of waterfalls.

Oregon comes in second with roughly 1,500 waterfalls, and California comes in third with approximately 1,000.

Apart from two states, every state in the US has waterfalls that would entice every outdoor lover to make arrangements for a trip and pack their bags.

The most extreme and majestic mountains, rivers that twist around cliff sides, and lush forests that encompass much of the state form part of Washington’s coveted landscape.

Because of its oceanic location, it has the best of both worlds: beach and mountain landscape, which makes it one of the most beautiful states in the country.

Many visitors are awestruck by the state’s towering mountains, but its waterfalls, deep within its majestic woodlands, that leave many yearning for more.

Some of these waterfalls aren’t even that far away, making for a simple day hike to explore them.

Waterfalls in Washington

Having answered the question which US state has the most waterfalls, let’s look at some of the most visited and popular waterfalls in Washington state.

Palouse Falls

Which US State Has the Most Waterfalls

Palouse Falls should feature as the first waterfall on the list of any new visitor to the state of Washington.

This waterfall has been chosen as the state’s official waterfall, and you will realize why you set foot there in person.

Rarely would one desire to be at the top of a waterfall to get the best view of it, but in the case of Palouse Falls, this is the only way to really appreciate it.

Its distinctive gorge scenery demonstrates how a forceful stream of water can carve through canyon stone, and within it are three viewing platforms from which to see this massive flow of water.

Snoqualmie Falls

While Palouse takes the position of the official state waterfall, Snoqualmie Falls takes the position of the most famous and visited in the state.

This waterfall is situated just outside of Seattle making it a nice place to start if you want to visit as many waterfalls as possible in one visit.

It’s also famous for being the waterfall portrayed in the TV show Twin Peaks.

It is 270 feet tall and dominates over the surrounding terrain, which is rich in natural plant and animal life that only adds to the magnificence of this scene especially during the months of summer and spring.

Spray Falls

Which US State Has the Most Waterfalls

Spray Falls cascades 70 feet over the Rocks cliffs and into Lake Superior.

Because there is limited viewing access from the North Country Scenic Trail, this secluded waterfall is best observed from the water.

It is among the most popular waterfalls in Washington state.

Spray Falls is a two-and-a-quarter-mile hike away, but it’s definitely worth the time and effort.

The walk to this waterfall, which is located in Mount Rainier National Park, is just as spectacular as the waterfall itself.

In the course of the summer, hikers may keep going past the waterfall to Spray Park, where flowers in the meadows are in full bloom.

Marymere Falls

Which US State Has the Most Waterfalls

This gorgeous waterfall sits at the end of one of the best climbs surrounding Lake Crescent, and it offers an excellent chance to soak in the cool air and Old-Growth Forests of the Pacific Northwest.

It is among the most popular waterfalls in Washington state.

Marymere Falls is a horsetail waterfall, which means that it stays in contact with the rock underneath for the majority of its descent.

Marymere Falls hike begins in Olympic National Park and is one of the most scenic walks, with a round-trip distance of less than two miles.

The hike is also rather flat, so the journey gives a wonderful payoff for the view that guests will get at the finish point.

After only a half-hour of hiking, you’ll be thankful for the additional time you’ve saved as you come face to face with this 90-foot waterfall.

Panther Creek Falls

Which US State Has the Most Waterfalls

While you’re unlikely to see any panthers on this trip, Panther Creek Falls is a fantastic, easily accessible cascade that’s rather large.

It is among the most famous waterfalls in Washington state.

The viewing platform is less than a half-mile away, and the waterfall itself is 70 feet tall.

Panther Creek Falls is unique in that it has numerous flows of water which produce a magnificent cascading effect when the waterfall is at its maximum.

Smaller, higher-flowing streams of water join the main waterfall, causing a ripple effect as they all drop into the blue lagoon underneath.

Wallace Waterfalls

The longest hike is to Wallace Falls, which is just about three miles long.

It is situated in the Cascade Mountains, and the scenery surrounding this waterfall is simply spectacular – and well worth the trip.

It is among the most famous waterfalls in Washington state.

But be prepared to climb 1,300 feet due to switchbacks near the end of the trail.

If hikers don’t want to travel all the way to the upper falls, there’s a beautiful view of the middle falls just before the terrain gets steep and tortuous.

Final Thoughts on the Question: Which US State Has the Most Waterfalls

Which US state has the most waterfalls? The Answer is definitely Washington.

At slightly over 3000 waterfalls spread across this magnificent state, Washington takes the first position followed by Oregon and California.

The state is home to some of the best waterfalls in the country and you will not regret exploring them.

So, plan your trip, pack your hiking gear and explore the waterfalls in Washington state

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