15 Things to Do in Portland at Night Under 21

The list of things to do in Portland at night under 21 is endless! Nicknamed the “City of Roses”, Portland city is the largest city in Oregon.

The city is famed for trendy vintage shops, green spaces and cafes.

Additionally, it has numerous beautiful parks, breathtaking mountain tops and green spaces.

The city is full of activities during the day and after the sun sets.

From visiting the numerous restaurants to dining on a cruise ship, there are numerous things to do in Portland at night under 21.

In this blog post, I will highlight a number of fun activities that you can engage in as an under 21 while in Portland, Oregon.

Things to Do in Portland at Night Under 21

Go on a Dinner Cruise

Things to Do in Portland at Night Under 21

Going on a dinner cruise on the Willamette River is one of the best fun things to do in Portland at night under 21.

The river is unique in that it only flows in Oregon and is one of the few rivers in the United States that runs south to north.

The beautiful river winds peacefully through downtown Portland, providing a readily accessible natural experience.

A river dinner cruise will provide you with a delicious meal while listening to live piano music and narrating noteworthy visible sights.

When the sun goes down, you can walk onto the deck to admire Portland’s glittering cityscape at night.

Visit the Portland Night Market

Things to Do in Portland at Night Under 21

Located in the Central Eastside Industrial District, the Portland Night Market is a local night market famed for its numerous stalls that showcase various commodities like food, culture and performances.

You can enjoy live music performances as you traverse around the several stalls in the market.

Additionally, you can grab a bite of your favorite snack or local dishes in the many food joints around.

Do not miss checking out the numerous artisan goods on offer.

Free parking is available around the market but it is limited to only two hours.

If you plan to extend your visit, it is advisable that you park your car or truck at the parking lot on 3rd Avenue and Alder.

Enjoy the City’s Sweet Treats

Things to Do in Portland at Night Under 21

Portland is an excellent destination for anyone who loves sweet treats.

There are numerous choices, ranging from food carts selling sweet treats to doughnuts and an infinite variety of other appetizing desserts.

Portland’s ice cream is tasty, ensure you sample some.

An ice cream tour of the city is the best way to sample various ice cream outlets and creameries.

That way, you can sample a variety of flavors, from traditional to peculiar, while experiencing the views of the city.

Skip the lines, try some ice cream, and get some exercise while strolling around the city for about two miles and chatting with friendly guides.

Visit a Spa and Wellness Center

Things to Do in Portland at Night Under 21

Visiting the spas and wellness centers at night is one activity you just don’t want to miss.

Top among the list is Float On Spa.

Float on Spa is a wellness center that features isolated float tanks that are essentially perfect bath tubs.

They hold water saturated with 850 pounds of Epsom salt resulting in a solution more buoyant than the waters of the Dead Sea.

The water is then warmed to the normal skin temperature and has many benefits to the body and mind.

Make today’s night your time to unwind after a stressful week by floating your anxieties away inside a float tank.

Go on a Haunted Walking Tour

Haunted City

If you want to learn about Portland’s paranormal activity, you should take a haunted walking trip.

The Roseland Theatre, formerly a nightclub but now home to an angry murdered ghost, is one of the city’s most well-known haunted locations, according to legend.

Other places to learn about Portland’s haunted history include the Lan Su Chinese Garden, the Eerie Alleys and the Shanghai Tunnels.

A guide will lead you to various sites rich in paranormal history, and the tour will, of course, take place at night, when you can hear spooky tales in the dark.

Guides typically bring a lantern and a great deal of knowledge about Portland’s haunted places.

Visit Local Breweries

Things to Do in Portland at Night Under 21

If you have a phobia for ghosts, why not try out the local breweries?

Visiting the local craft breweries is among the top things to do in Portland at night under 21.

Portland is one of the top craft beer destinations in the United States, with approximately 70 to 80 breweries.

A brewery tour is a pleasant way to sample as much of Portland’s beer culture as possible.

On this brewery tour, you will visit different breweries, sample 16 different kinds of beer, and be accompanied by a knowledgeable local guide who can answer all of your beer-related queries.

You will also be driven safely to and from each facility.

Some of the top breweries in Portland include Wayfinder Beer, Occidental Brewing Company, Ruse Brewing, Breakside Brewery and Ecliptic Brewing among others.

Visit the Ground Kontrol

Pinball Machine

Ground Kontrol is a neighborhood pub and arcade that features vintage video games and pinball machines in addition to a complete bar and food section.

If you are looking for something to do in Portland at night, visit this classic arcade and pub for a night fun and nostalgic experience.

Nothing surpasses playing your favorite arcade games as a kid with your buddies.

What’s even better is that you can now do it while sipping an ice-cold lager.

Before or after heading to Ground Kontrol, explore your surroundings.

You can visit well-known city sites such as Powell’s, Floating World Comics, and Waterfront Park.

Visit the Teardrop Bar and Lounge

Things to Do in Portland at Night Under 21

Teardrop is a Pearl District cocktail bar and lounge famed for its cozy ambiance, elegant design, and exquisite drink selection.

When you relax at Teardrop’s stylish, sleek, mid-century modern vibe, your weekend engagement becomes more special and sophisticated.

You can even take a position around the circular bar to observe the bartenders at work.

To experience the best this spot has to offer, it is advisable to arrive by 4 p.m. or later and take full advantage of Happy Hour.

You will always have access to cool offers while sipping a drink this way.

Pay the Food Cart Pod a Visit

Food Cart

There is something for everyone at one of Portland’s renowned food cart pods, which offer an impressive variety of cuisines.

Along with a wide variety of options for vegetarians, vegans, and people with dietary restrictions, the food trucks offer everything from American, Mexican, Vietnamese, and Egyptian cuisine.

Whatever you decide, there is plenty of outdoor covered seating and dining space available in the pods for you to savor your meal.

The Portland State University, Third Avenue and Fifth Avenue Pods, Pioneer Courthouse Plaza, as well as The Cart Blocks, are among the downtown food cart pods.

Additionally, Portland is home to a large number of other pods.

Karaoke at Capital

Things to Do in Portland at Night Under 21

If you fancy your chances at singing, then attend the karaoke at Capital.

Capitol, a neighborhood karaoke pub renowned for its Floribbean dishes and cocktails, has a karaoke room where you can sing your heart out.

The Capitol’s lively, modern aesthetic is ideal for a Saturday night full of tasty drinks and snacks.

It’s also a bonus that you can sing your heart out in a private room without reservation.

Get some snacks so that you don’t go hungry while singing along with your companions.

The Fried Chicken Wings and Boneless BBQ Chicken, which arrive with crispy fries and coleslaw, are two standouts that you can enjoy as you prepare to try your hand at singing.

Visit the Voodoo Doughnut Shop

Things to Do in Portland at Night Under 21

Voodoo Doughnuts, a famous doughnut chain in the United States has its origins in the city of Portland.

It is famous for its doughnuts shaped like voodoo dolls and its bizarre but delicious flavors.

The Voodoo Bubble, the Ring of Fire, the Viscous Hibiscus, and their traditional maple bacon bar are among the most popular and current confections.

Service is quick, hot, and fresh inside the doughnut shop, with new creations continually shuttled up from the back bakery.

Some clients tie the knot while eating doughnuts.

The majority of customers, however, take their goodies outside to dine at the picnic tables in Ankeny Alley.

Ankeny Alley is a year-round, open-air residential street that is closed to vehicular traffic.

The alley is located adjacent to the doughnut store.

While Portland has two Voodoo Doughnut locations, the Old Town branch opens daily until 3 a.m.

It is a great spot to visit after a night of karaoke, dancing, book shopping, or bar hopping in Portland.

Visit the Helium Comedy Club

Things to Do in Portland at Night Under 21

Helium Comedy Club is a well-known local comedy venue with an intimate theater and an excellent stand-up lineup.

The club is a modern entertainment venue that regularly brings stadium-sized talent to the theater.

You can enjoy live comedy and other public performances from a nationally accredited act no more than 60 feet away for a low-ticket price.

The shows last an hour and forty minutes on average and include an opener, a feature, and a headliner with national entertainment credentials.

The club is a non-smoking facility.

In a relaxing, cozy ambience, you can enjoy a wide variety of foods and drinks, ranging from perfectly-portioned starters to the hottest craft beers.

Additionally, there is a complete array of entrees, desserts, and folksy cocktails.

Visit the Hollywood Theater

Things to Do in Portland at Night Under 21

The Hollywood Theatre, which opened its doors in 1926, is a historic movie theater renowned for showing independent films and live performances.

People flock here in droves to see highly praised new releases, cult favorites, film festivals, 70mm, Kung Fu classics, B-Movie Bingo, and other special releases.

The theater promotes the film arts by showing films in 16mm, 35mm, 70mm, and cutting-edge digital projection.

Its retro façade and unusual film selection add to the experience’s uniqueness and experience.

Movie Madness, Portland’s famous video store, is also owned and operated by the company.

Take photographs outside as a souvenir of your trip.

Dance the Tango

Things to Do in Portland at Night Under 21

Visitors to the United States are not always capable of dancing the tango in every city.

Visitors to Portland, on the other hand, can experience milongas and tango lessons every night of the week.

Milongas, or weekly social tango dances, take place seven days a week.

They include quick classes at the start so you can polish up on your skills ahead of time.

Most milongas are hosted at Viscount Studio, Norse Hall, Tango Berretin and Polish Hall, depending on the day of the week.

Every February, Portland holds the annual Portland ValenTango.

The event is North America’s biggest tango festival, with milongas for all levels, classes, and dance parties.

Regardless of whether you prefer smaller milongas or ValenTango, there is always a spot for you to practice your moves on any given night.

Tour the Portland Entertainment District

Things to Do in Portland at Night Under 21

If you are not sure of what you can do at night in Portland, why not visit the Portland entertainment district?

For nocturnal visitors, the Entertainment district offers a variety of activities ranging from music to dancing to drinking.

Dixie Tavern, Kasbah Moroccan Café, and CC Slaughters are examples of restaurants, rock-and-roll taverns, and lively dance clubs.

It’s best to explore Portland’s Entertainment District after 10 p.m. on Friday or Saturday night, when several blocks are closed to cars.

The Entertainment District of Portland is located in the Old Town Chinatown neighborhood.

Final Thoughts on Things to do in Portland at Night Under 21

The city of Portland is an amazing destination if you are looking for things to do at night under 21.

From visiting the entertainment district to going for a cruise dinner, there is always something for everyone in the City of Roses.

Do not let boredom get the better of you, get out and explore the things to do in Portland under 21!

Frequently Asked Questions

Is there a curfew for minors in Portland?

YES, there is a curfew for minors in Portland. Curfew is between 9:15 p.m. and 6 a.m. of the following morning for minors under the age of 14 who have not started high school, except on any day immediately preceding a day when no public school is planned in the city, when the curfew is between 10:15 p.m. and 6 a.m. of the following morning.

Where is hipster Portland?

Hipster Portland is located in Hawthorne District. It is well-known for its bohemian atmosphere, quirky gift shops, bookshops, boutiques, live music, hip nightlife, and vegan restaurants. What exactly is this? Southeast Portland's amazing artsy district brims with awesome hipster places! Everything from vintage clothing to bookstores can be found here.

Are minors allowed at Portland city Grill?

YES, children are allowed in the restaurant. However, this is a very high class and a great atmosphere.

What part of Portland has the best nightlife?

The Old Town Chinatown (where Portland's Entertainment District is located), the Pearl District and Northeast Portland. These parts of the city have the best nightlife. You can hang out at any number of bars, enjoy live music nightly, and visit some of the best comedy clubs in the country

Is Portland a good city for singles?

YES, Portland is a good city for singles. According to research done by WalletHub, Portland ranks fifth among the best cities in America for singles.

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