Sword in the Stone Disney World – Everything You Need to Know!

Sword in the Stone Disney World are attractions found at Disney World’s Magic Kingdom Park in Florida and Disneyland in California.

Both these attractions drew their inspiration from Disney’s 1963 animated production “The Sword in the Stone.”

The film is a magical story that is beloved by both parents and children.

It is an entertaining narrative for all ages, with kings and squires, witches and wizards.

The iconic Disney film portrays the narrative of a 12-year-old boy who grows up to become King Arthur.

It has a unique place in the hearts of Disney fans because it was the final full-length animated feature made during Walt Disney’s lifetime.

There is a blade in the Stone Monument in Walt Disney World where visitors can experience being a part of the legend and attempt to extract the fabled blade from the stone.

Anybody with magical Disney powers could be able to control the kingdom.

In this post, I will explore every aspect of the Sword in the Stone Disney World and offer you with every vital information that you need to know as you plan your trip to Disneyland California or Magic Kingdom Park Florida.

So, What is the Origin of the Sword in the Stone Disney World?

Sword in the Stone Disney World

Disney World’s Sword in the stone draws its inspiration from the film “Sword in the Stone”.

The Sherman Brothers wrote and composed the music for the film, which is based on T.H. White’s novel.

The music for “The Sword in the Stone” was written by this musical duet for the first Disney feature.

They were later best known for the beautiful and iconic songs they composed for “Mary Poppins” in 1964.

They also supplied music to “The Jungle Book,” “Aristocats,” and “Winnie the Pooh’s Many Adventures.”

The plot revolves around the life of young King Arthur.

It tells the story of Arthur, an orphan youngster known as Wart.

Wart is a lanky, awkward child who assists his older foster brother Kay in his training to become a knight.

Wart inadvertently leads Kay to lose a wild arrow while hunting deer in the forest.

Kay threatens him, and Wart offers to set things right by locating the arrow. Despite his trepidation, he goes farther into the foreboding woods to get it.

He comes across an old cabin inhabited by Merlin and his owl buddy, Archimedes.

The white-bearded wizard believes Wart is destined for greatness.

Merlin mentors Wart and prepares him to be a decent and noble monarch.

He is subsequently proven correct when Wart and Kay travel to London with their foster father for a jousting match.

When Kay needs another sword for his tourney event, Wart unceremoniously snatches Excalibur from the bronze anvil.

The magical sword appeared after Uther Pendragon, King of England, died without an heir to the throne.

The sword was set in a metal anvil set on a stone pedestal.

Many individuals, young and old, strong and small in stature, often try to draw the sword from the stone, but only one succeeded, and that was young Arthur.

How does the Sword in the Stone at Disney World work?

Royal Majesty Makers appear for a special ceremony at various periods during the day.

The cast members proclaim that they are looking for young volunteers who have the courage and inner power to remove the blade from the buffed stone.

The chosen child approaches the sword and pulls on the hilt in front of witnesses.

As the sword emerges from the anvil, he or she becomes the hero of Fantasyland.

However, the sword rarely comes entirely out.

It hardly rises over ten inches.

Other people, seemingly at random, are able to retrieve the sword from the stone.

The ceremony is memorable, especially for children.

Over the years, rumors have circulated that a button or switch exists that causes the sword to be released.

There have also been speculations about Magic Band being involved in this magical accomplishment.

It’s possible that Disney may use Magic band technology to enable specific visitors to remove the sword at random.

My guess is that Disney has cast members watching Excalibur from behind the scenes.

This person may be able to disengage the sword remotely.

Guests and observers are treated to some wonderful moments as a result of the process.

It also exactly replicates the scene in the animated picture where little King Arthur effortlessly takes the sword from the stone before and after his older, stronger, and faster brother fails to do so.

How to Pull the Sword in the Stone at Disney World?

If you want to pull the Sword from the Stone, individuals visiting Walt Disney World will be able to find out if they are “worthy” of being the one to do so. The majority of guests that try are unsuccessful.

Those who are worthy enough to draw the sword get to demonstrate their power and honor to Walt Disney World guests.

Visitors cannot pull the sword completely out of the stone, although it can be pulled up about ten inches.

There is no line to take a picture or pull the sword, and it is a pleasant stop in Disney World.

Where is the Sword in the Stone at Disney World and Disneyland California Located?

If you’re going to Walt Disney World and want to make an attempt to pull the sword from the stone, go to Disney’s Magic Kingdom Theme Park.

The Sword in the Stone Monument is located in Fantasyland, immediately behind Cinderella’s Castle.

Between Prince Charming’s Regal Carousel and the back of Cinderella’s Castle sits the renowned Sword in the Stone Monument.

This is an excellent location for capturing a memorable Disney image for your social media.

A plaque on the Sword in the Stone Monument says, “Whoso Pullath Out This Sword of this Stone and Anvil is rightwise Ruler Born of England.”

At Disneyland in California, you’ll find this magical Fantasyland monument right in front of the King Arthur Carousel.

What Happens if You Pull the Sword from the Stone?

Only a few people have the strength to draw the blade from the stone.

The majority of those who try, even the strongest, fail.

Before pulling the blade, make sure your camera is ready because it does not remain out of the stone for long.

When you take the sword out of the stone, it does not come all the way out. It raises 6-10 inches.

After about 30 seconds, it will fall back into the stone until the next lucky individual comes along.

This means that there is no huge store ceremony or celebration, but you must have your camera ready to capture the renowned sword rising.

Keep in mind that physical power is not the “key” to pulling the sword.

Has the Sword Ever Gone Missing at Disney?

The Sword from Disney World’s Magic Kingdom is not missing currently.

However, in January 2020, WDW News Today stated that Excalibur was forcibly removed from Disneyland Park by a visitor.

The man in question was characterized as a “nice looking muscular dude” who used “brute force” to get the blade out of his hands.

Disneyland reopened the monument with a new sword within a few days.

For Disney enthusiasts, this was a significant news story, particularly as the King Arthur Carousel was due to close for refurbishment soon after the sword went stolen.

Fans suspected that the missing Excalibur was part of that construction project.

The sword, however, resurfaced after a few days.

Simple sights like The Sword in the Stone Monument contribute to your family’s enjoyable holiday.

Many shows and rituals have taken place around the Sword in the Stone Monument, with cast members inviting spectators to try to pull Excalibur out of the stone.

Many changes have occurred throughout the years, yet the shows continue. Even if you miss a performance, you can try to pull the mythical Sword in the Stone all year.

Do You Get Anything for Pulling Out the Sword at Disney?

If you are referring to the sword in the stone at Disney World, then YES, you do get something for pulling out the sword.

If you are successful in pulling out the sword from the stone, you will be declared the ruler of Fantasyland for the rest of the day and will receive a certificate to commemorate your achievement

Can You Buy a Sword at Disney World?

YES, you can actually buy a sword at Disney World.

A real katana may be purchased at Epcot’s spectacular Mitsukoshi Department Store.

The display case featuring a variety of ornately crafted swords and sheaths may be found toward the back of the store.

Final Thoughts on the Sword in the Stone Disney World

The sword in the stone at Disney offers an exciting journey where guests may participate in the legend of King Arthur and his knights.

Disney has done a fantastic job of constructing an immersive environment that allows visitors to imagine themselves in a wonderful setting.

Considering how charming it is, it is highly well-liked by visitors.

Even if you are unfamiliar with the plot, the attraction is a fantastic way to enjoy yourself at Disney.

Disney demonstrates its ability to make people happy and provide them with priceless memories by bringing the story to life in this manner.

Witness the Moment the Sword Was Pulled Out

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