Which State Has the Most Ski Resorts?

Which state has the most ski resorts in the USA?

Most skiing lovers have always wondered which state in the USA has the most ski resorts.

Worry not because I have an answer for you, and it may come as a surprise.

The state with the most ski resorts in the USA is New York.

The beauty of being in the United States is that it is such a huge country that the topography and environment can change in a couple of miles from sandy and warm to snowy and frigid.

America is lucky to have some of the world’s most well-known ski resorts, but where can you locate the most ski areas and which state should you visit?

In this article, I will focus on which state has the most ski resorts and also highlight a few other states with magnificent ski resorts.

Let’s get started.

Which State Has the Most Ski Resorts?

Which State Has the Most Ski Resorts?

Which state has the most ski resorts? The answer is New York.

Having said that, let’s look into the numbers in detail.

New York has 52 ski resorts in total. This is by far the most in the country.

These ski resorts provide a lifetime of winter adventure.

Every one of these resorts has its own distinct characteristics.

As a result, you will be able to meet your needs this winter.

Many ski resorts are located near New York City and other densely populated areas.

There are some modest family-friendly ski resorts as well as some larger ones for the more daring and those who wish to take advantage of a variety of services.

Many of these resorts offer night skiing, allowing you to enjoy a different experience while also extending your snow time.

The Catskill, which are roughly a three-hour drive from New York City, are the closest ski resort; you may also go to the Finger Lakes and Rochester.

However, the largest ski resorts can be found around Lake Placid or the Adirondacks.

Ski Resorts in New York

Which State Has the Most Ski Resorts?

The ski resorts in New York State are among the greatest in the eastern region.

Several are within reach of New York City and other major cities, so you can go from the urban jungle to an idyllic winter wonderland in a matter of hours.

Resorts vary from modest family-friendly businesses ideal for introducing children to this beautiful winter sport to huge mountain resorts with stunning vertical drops.

All of the hills provide night skiing, so you can really maximize your vertical, and all of the resorts have considerable snow making facilities, so snow coverage is normally fairly high.

If you reside in the metropolitan New York City region, the closest places are around three hours away in the Catskills.

If you reside within Upstate New York, consider resorts near Rochester and the Finger Lakes.

Lake Placid and the Adirondacks have the largest ski hills.

Skiing in New York is an ideal family vacation.

The resorts are designed to appeal to people of all ages and interests.

A number of resorts also offer snow tubing, snowshoeing, cross-country skiing, and downhill skiing.

Here are some of the best locations in New York.

Gore Mountain

Gore Mountain, New York’s largest ski resort, has been in operation for more than 80 years.

This renowned ski resort in the Adirondack Mountains features 119 ski lines, a vertical drop of 2,537 feet, and 446 skiable acres, providing adequate topography for even the expert skiers.

There are 14 lifts on the mountain, comprising an eight-passenger gondola and two high-speed quad chairs.

Gore is a skiers’ mountain, which means that 40% of the lines are classified as black diamond, 50% are classified intermediate, and only 10% are classified novice.

So, if you believe you’re a good skier, head over to this destination and put your talents to the test against Gore’s most difficult runs.

Beginner skiers will particularly appreciate the expansion of some of the easiest trails, such as Pete’s Paradise.

Whiteface Mountain

Whiteface Mountain boasts the largest vertical drop east of the Rocky Mountains, comparable to some of the West’s most prominent ski resorts.

The mountain’s 98% snowmaking coverage ensures that the 3,400 feet of vertical and varied terrain remains immersed in snow in winter.

The mountain is geared at intermediate and advanced skiers, but there are 20% of beginner slopes that will leave any novice skier smiling.

The Cloud-splitter gondola takes you to the summit, where the views of the surrounding Adirondacks are breathtaking.

The Wilmington Trail, a 2.1-mile-long leg burner, is one of the longest intermediate runs in the Northeast.

The hill features a total of 87 runs and 11 chairlifts.

Windham Mountain

Windham Mountain is located in the Catskill region, just a few hours’ drive from New York City.

This great ski resort has a vertical drop of 1,900 feet and is split across two mountains.

You’ll probably run out of energy before you run out of runs with 54 runs covering 754 acres.

Windham is a popular snowboarding destination, with six terrain parks with every conceivable hump, bump, or insane rail to attempt.

With 11 lifts capable of moving over 23,000 passengers uphill every hour, the resort can handle the weekend masses.

Although Windham is an excellent day trip destination, consider it for a weekend escape. Here you may get the ultimate ski weekend.

Grab your gear on Friday morning, leave your desk at five o’clock, and hit the slopes afterwards for some night skiing.

Register up for First Tracks the following morning and slice up the perfect corduroy before the crowds show up at this paradise.

Hunter Mountain

Hunter Mountain is located in the Catskills, about three hours from New York City.

The resort itself is located across four mountains, with 85 percent of the runs divided into beginner, intermediate, and advanced categories.

The remaining 15% of the runs will lead you down the slopes or through the glades if you are an excellent skier.

Thirteen lifts serve the 67 trails.

Four terrain parks are located across the mountain, each catering to a particular degree of competence, from beginners to specialists.

If your legs are shot and you’re searching for something else, there’s snow tubing and guided ice-climbing adventures to the summit of Hunter Mountain.

Belleayre Mountain Ski Center

Recent enhancements, such as a brand-new day lodge, significant investments in snowmaking, and a new high-speed quad, have made Belleayre skiing better than ever.

The suspension on your automobile will be grateful that the resort has finally rectified the rough and potholed route going to the slopes.

Belleayre lies in the Catskills, approximately three hours from New York City.

This family-friendly ski resort has a 1,400-foot vertical drop and 50 designated slopes.

In addition to skiing, three snowboard parks/courses are provided, as well as first-rate ski instruction at the Snowsports School.

One of the eight lifts, including the Catskill Thunder Gondola, will take you back to the summit of the hill.

Other States that Have a High Number of Ski Resorts

Having answered the question “which state has the most ski resorts”, let’s look at the other states with a significant number of ski resorts.


Michigan offers at least 39 ski resorts between the upper and lower peninsulas, which may surprise you.

This implies that whether you are an entourage of friends, a family, a skier, or a snowboarder, the Great Lakes state has a ski resort that meets your needs.

Big Snow Resort, which receives over 17 feet of snow per winter, is one of Michigan’s highlights.

You can visit the Boyne Highlands in Boyne Resorts if you are interested in experiencing Michigan’s longest ski run as well as amazing amenities.


Wisconsin is an excellent destination to ski in the northern states, with 33 ski areas.

Because the state has so many ski areas, you can expect a wide selection of slopes not far from Chicago, Milwaukee, and Madison.

The ski resorts are conveniently positioned for quick getaways and day trips, and they provide consistent snow coverage while being reasonably priced.

Granite Peak is one of Wisconsin’s top-rated ski resorts.

It is the most extensive, with 58 runs and the greatest vertical drop.

It is ideal for freestylers because it includes four snow parks with a variety of features to play with.


Which State Has the Most Ski Resorts?

Colorado is home to some of the most well-known ski resorts in the country.

But, with 32 unique ski areas and excellent snow coverage, why not venture out and visit some of the lesser-known resorts?

Vail Mountain Resort, Aspen Snowmass, and Telluride Ski Resort are among the most well-known ski resorts.

Little known ski resorts such as Winter Park, Loveland, and Powderhorn, on the other hand, provide excellent value for families of skiers on a budget.

California And New Hampshire 

Colorado Ski Tunnel

California and New Hampshire tie for fifth place with 34 ski resorts each.

Nonetheless, their locations provide skiers and snowboarders with distinct experiences.

California’s ski resorts provide breathtaking Alpine landscapes, temperate temperatures, and sunny weather.

They do, however, get plenty of snow, and several of the resorts are on par with their counterparts in Colorado and Europe.

The most well-known ski resorts in California are located near Lake Tahoe, Yosemite National Park, and Mammoth Lakes.

However, there are skiable regions in the San Bernardino mountains, which are very close to Los Angeles.

The White Mountains, which comprise some of the highest mountains in the nation, are found in New Hampshire.

You will encounter a lot of excellent snow cover, and a lot of those ski resorts are diligent about keeping their slopes in good condition all winter.

Many of New Hampshire’s ski resorts are in close proximity to one another.

This means that you can ski on multiple mountains during your trip.

Some of these ski resorts are perfect for families.

Some, on the other hand, will test even the most expert skier or snowboarder.

Several of New Hampshire’s ski slopes, on the other hand, strike a solid balance by offering something for everyone.

Bretton Woods Resort, New Hampshire’s largest and most elegant ski resort, is an excellent example.

Other notable states with a high number of ski resorts include Pennsylvania (22 ski resorts), Vermont (20 ski resorts), Maine (18 ski resorts), Minnesota (18 ski resorts), Idaho (18 ski resorts), Montana (14 ski resorts), Utah (10 ski resorts), Washington (13 ski resorts), Massachusetts (13 ski resorts), Oregon (13 ski resorts) and Wyoming (9 ski resorts) and New Mexico (9 ski resorts).

Which is the Best State for Expert Skiers?

Which State Has the Most Ski Resorts?

Colorado features two of North America’s most demanding ski resorts (Silverton and Telluride).

It has the highest average Difficulty Score, Vertical Drop, and Summit Elevation in the United States.

It has the second highest average skiable acreage.

Every aspect of Colorado screams “Ski Paradise!” and experts come here every year.

Final Thoughts on the Question: Which State Has the Most Ski Resorts

I have answered in detail the question “which state has the most ski resorts” but that does not mean other states do not offer fantastic skiing opportunities.

New York state leads in the number of ski resorts per state but there are other states that have good skiing areas and terrains such as Michigan, Wisconsin, Colorado, California and New Hampshire.

If you’re an outdoor lover, do not even think twice.

Just pack your bags and head over to one of these states for some fantastic wintry experience!

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