16 Rooftop Restaurants in Dallas – Amazing Restaurants that You Must Check Out!

Rooftop restaurants in Dallas offer some of the best dining experience with good vibes, delicious food and an outdoor environment for you to soak up some vitamin D.

The weather in Dallas is practically built for alfresco dining, and you should gaze up to enjoy that extra elevated experience in the rooftop restaurants in Dallas.

Considering Texas is famously hot, there are numerous options for exquisite outdoor dining with a stunning view of Dallas city.

You can enjoy a scrumptious Texan cuisine while admiring this unique, larger-than-life establishment within the city.

They’re fantastic opportunities to experience the delicious food Texas has to offer while seeing Dallas from a different angle.

In this blog post, I’ll list some of the best rooftop restaurants in Dallas that you can visit and tease your taste buds.

Rooftop Restaurants in Dallas

Here is a List of 16 best rooftop restaurants in Dallas that you can visit and have a once in a lifetime experience.


Rooftop Restaurants in Dallas
Image Courtesy of Vidora

Located in Deep Ellum, Vidorra is among the best rooftop restaurants in Dallas that has a bar and bi-level rooftop restaurant.

The restaurant specializes in Mexican cuisines, drinks and culture.

Vidorra has a retractable roof, which allows you to enjoy the view even on a rainy day.

It has one of the best lively social atmospheres in Dallas.

The restaurant is characterized by a stylish and modern environment surrounded by potted plants with a rooftop terrace that has comfy lounge seats and extra dining tables on the edges.

The restaurant serves vibrant and fascinating Mexican flavors for lunch and dinner, including apperitivos, salads and soups, as well as burritos, tacos and quesadilas.

The meals are matched with a huge tequila selection and a distinct cocktails program, so a dinner can effortlessly become a fulfilling night.

Operation hours: Monday – Wednesday: 11AM to Midnight, Thursday – Friday: 11AM to 2AM, Saturdays: 10AM to 2AM and Sundays: 10AM to 12AM

Physical address: 2642 Main, Dallas, TX 75226

Contact Number: (214) 215-0640

Official website: Click here

Social media: Facebook, Instagram


Rooftop Restaurants in Dallas
Image Courtesy of Terilli’s

Terilli’s has on numerous occasions been voted as the best Italian restaurant in Dallas and is among the best rooftop restaurants in Dallas.

The restaurant is famed for offering a perfect blend of unique Texas and classic Italian style.

The restaurant has an amazing roof terrace.

This family-owned restaurant delivers great Italian cuisine in the heart of Lower Greenville.

From the legendary ‘Italchos,’ which are crunchy homemade pizza chips, to pasta specialties like Lobster Fettuccine and Terilli’s Piccatas, there’s something for everyone.

With a sophisticated inside dining area, the open-air rooftop terrace is the finest place to savor all of these specialties.

The rooftop is furnished with both lounge sofas and eating tables, as well as heaters to keep you warm as you enjoy your meal and cozy fire pits for cold nights.

Live music is frequently performed as well. On warm nights, you might want to cool off with one of their 17 ice cold martini selections.

Operation hours: Tuesday – Sunday: 4PM to 10PM, Closed on Mondays

Physical address: 2815 Greenville Ave, Dallas, TX 75206

Contact number: (214) 827-3993

Official website: Click here

Social media: Instagram, Facebook, Twitter

Sundown at Granada

Rooftop Restaurants in Dallas
Image Courtesy of Sundown at Granada

Sundown at Granada is more of a multi-level entertainment complex with a farm-to-table restaurant.

It is located near the famous Granada Theater on Lower Greenville.

The joint is famous for live entertainment and is among the best rooftop restaurants in Dallas.

It has an exquisite theater and you can enjoy the restaurant’s food and stunning views without purchasing the theater tickets.

In addition to an inside dining area and a downstairs patio, the venue has a picturesque and wood-covered rooftop terrace with views of Greenville Avenue.

The restaurant’s menu focuses on local, fresh, and seasonal foods, as well as a large selection of vegetarian, vegan, and gluten-free options.

Smoked Brisket Tacos, Turkey Meatloaf and Spicy Southwestern Quinoa are a few examples of favorite dishes in the restaurant.

The restaurant is open daily for light lunch, supper, and weekend brunch, and there are plenty of drinks and brews to enjoy in between bites.

Operation hours: Monday – Thursday: 11AM to 10PM, Friday: 11AM to 12AM, Saturday: 10AM to 12AM, Sunday: 10AM to 10PM

Physical location: 3520 Greenville Avenue, Dallas, TX 75206

Contact: (877) 832-8723

Social media: Instagram, Facebook, Twitter

HG Sply Co.

Rooftop Restaurants in Dallas
Image Courtesy of HG Sply Co.

When it comes to rooftop restaurants in Dallas, it’s difficult not to think of HG Sply Co.

Its expansive roof deck is virtually packed with tables, so there’s almost always enough space for food lovers.

There are also umbrellas around, which provide plenty of shade making it among the best rooftop restaurants in Dallas.

The menu of HG Sply Co. is well-known for serving excellent and healthy meals.

You can sense like you’re feasting but actually consuming healthy foods.

In addition to their well-known Backyard Burger, they offer build-your-own protein bowls and salads to ensure your nutritional needs are met.

Come enjoy your meal while sitting in front of the magnificent Dallas skyline.

On a hot day, a cold, refreshing drink is ideal.

And at night, you’ll be surrounded by a magnificent environment of string lights that contrast with the city lights around you.

It’s the ideal combination of warm and homey while also being highly modern and fashionable.

Operation hours: Monday – Thursday: 5PM to 12AM, Friday: 3PM to 12AM, Saturday – Sunday: 11AM to 12AM

Physical address: 2008 Greenville Avenue, Dallas, TX 75206

Contact: (469) 334-0895

Social media: Instagram

SER Steak + Spirits

Rooftop Restaurants in Dallas
Image Courtesy of SER Steak + Spirits

The SER Steak + Spirits is famed for offering stunning views of the city making it among the best rooftop restaurants in Dallas.

The views are magnificent and possible due to its location on the 27th floor of the Hilton Anatole’s building.

Visitors are able to have a panoramic view of Dallas.

The magnificent interior design and great assortment of cuisines make Ser a memorable dining experience, but the breathtaking vistas steal the show.

The greatest steaks in Dallas may be found on their menu.

The Wagyu carpaccio, Prime Rib Eye, and chops are all excellent.

If you’re not in the mood for steak, there’s also delicious seafood and other options.

The stunning glass windows in the restaurant extend from the floor to the ceiling.

This means there’s nothing to get in the way of your breathtaking view of Dallas from every angle.

They do enforce a business casual dress code, so make sure you’ve packed an outfit specifically for this occasion if you plan to visit.

Operation hours: Tuesday – Thursday: 5PM to 10PM, Friday – Saturday: 5PM to 11PM, Closed on Mondays

Physical address: 27th Floor, 2201 N Stemmons Fwy

Contact: (214) 761-7479

Social media: Instagram, Facebook

Harlowe MXM

Rooftop Restaurants in Dallas
Image Courtesy of Harlowe MXM

Harlowe MXM has also made it to the list of the best rooftop restaurants in Dallas.

What more could you want for than a huge rooftop overlooking downtown Dallas, an excellent brunch buffet, and modern architectural style?

Harlowe MXM delivers a relaxed ambiance to the heart of Deep Ellum, making it the ideal place to start your evening before exploring the neighborhood’s famed nightlife.

The interior design is deconstructed and modern, with exposed trusses.

Outside, the rooftop terrace retains that degree of coolness while also feeling cozy and friendly.

It’s famous for its wide communal tables, plush sofas, and stunning vistas.

Most nights, there is also live music.

Its menu is primarily composed of meat and seafood.

I especially like their huge, meaty burgers and exquisite lobster rolls.

In addition to the stunning rooftop, there is a secret indoor bar called One Trick Pony that you can visit.

The bar offers a large selection of wines as well as international brands of beers and lagers.

Their bar is famed for its outstanding cocktails and frozen drinks, including some of their own unique creations.

Operation hours: Saturday – Sunday: 10AM to 1AM, Wednesday – Thursday: 4PM to 10PM, Friday: 3PM to 1AM, Closed on Mondays and Tuesdays

Physical address: 2823 Main St

Contact: (214) 624-3310

Social media: Instagram, Facebook, Twitter


Rooftop Restaurants in Dallas

Located in Downtown Dallas, Stackhouse is one of the best rooftop restaurants in Dallas famed for its exquisite hamburgers.

This restaurant has on many occasions received awards for the best burger in Dallas.

Other items on their menu include a variety of sandwiches and salads.

If you want to try what they’re actually known for, it’s all about the burgers.

You can’t go wrong with one of their succulent 6-ounce patties and cheddar fries to go!

There’s also a plethora of beer, wine, and cocktail options to wash the burgers and other meals down.

And you get to eat it while admiring some genuinely breathtaking views of Dallas’ renowned skyline.

Their rooftop terrace is beautifully constructed of wood and features plenty of comfortable sitting.

At night, creative lanterns, combined with the city lights below, contribute to the amazing ambiance.

Operation hours: Sunday – Thursday: 11AM to 9PM, Friday – Saturday: 11AM to 10PM

Physical address: 2917 Gaston Avenue

Contact: (214) 828-1330

Social media: Instagram, Facebook, Twitter

The Quarter Bar

Rooftop Restaurants in Dallas
Image Courtesy of the The Quarter Bar

The Quarter Bar is also rated as among the best rooftop restaurants in Dallas.

Above the busy streets, the Quarter Bar provides a nice relaxing sanctuary.

The roof deck of this charming restaurant is wrapped with ivy, creating a beautiful ambience buried among Dallas’ hustle and bustle.

It’s also really popular with locals, so you’ll get a lot of flavors from the neighborhood.

However, because it is a relatively tiny location, I do encourage you to show up early as it tends to be crowded during happy hours.

As far as the menu is concerned, the restaurant offers a light menu.

Braised Pork Flatbread is the most popular dish on the menu and it is uniquely Dallas.

You can also choose to taste their Voodoo Fries that are very delicious.

Popular drinks at the bar include Bourbon Street Bramble Whiskey and French Gin with citrus and bubbles

The Frozen Hurricane, which contains grenadine, black rum, tropical fruit, and Bacardi, is another popular cocktail.

Try the Flasked Sazerac, prepared with bitters, absinthe, and rye, that is famous among the locals.

Operation hours: Monday – Friday: 3PM to 2AM, Saturday – Sunday: 10AM to 2AM

Physical address: 3301 McKinney Avenue

Contact: 972-777-0789

Social media: Instagram, Twitter

Tei – An

Rooftop Restaurants in Dallas
Image Courtesy of Tei – An

This work of art located in Downtown Dallas in the Art district is among the best rooftop restaurants in Dallas.

Tei-An, a classy and elegant eatery, overlooks the Dallas beautiful skyline from its amazing rooftop terrace.

This Japanese restaurant is a luxurious option that rarely experiences huge crowds because its rooftop is a members’ only preserve making it among the best in Dallas.

However, if you keep an eye on their digital updates, you will see that it is occasionally open to the public.

If you happen to be in Dallas on one of these dates, you can visit and have a very special and memorable adventure.

You can also apply for membership if you want to drink and dine while admiring the spectacular views.

There is a lot of wonderful seafood on their menu.

Everything is delicious, from the tantalizing sushi to the chilly and hot soups and soba noodle delicacies.

They also feature an excellent assortment of hand-crafted cocktails.

Operation hours: Dinner: Tuesday – Thursday: 6PM to 9:30PM, Friday – Saturday: 5:30PM to 9:30PM, Lunch: Thursday – Friday: 11:30AM to 1:30PM

Physical address: 1722 Routh St #110

Contact: (214) 220-2828

Social media: Instagram, Twitter, Facebook

The Woolworth

Rooftop Restaurants in Dallas
Image Courtesy of The Woolworth

The Woolworth, sitting atop the huge 30-foot-tall eyeball sculpture in Downtown Dallas, provides a suitably comfortable atmosphere as you welcome in the sunny wind and take in the world piece by piece.

This restaurant is among the best rooftop restaurants in Dallas.

With a clear view of the streets, you may eat your lunch in privacy while watching the city go by.

Lunch and supper menus offer all the essentials, including hefty steaks, light sandwiches and salads, and heaping tacos.

The Woolworth is regarded as a classic combination of the best of Texan culture inside a more elegant environment.

Ambience is provided by the restaurant’s low-lit wood décor.

The terrace is as pleasant as it is stylish, especially at night.

Meanwhile, its menu is modest and distinctly Texan.

It serves all of the expected steak, burger, and taco selections in an upscale setting.

They also have a weekend brunch menu, with the Short Rib Skillet selling out like hotcakes.

Enjoy breathtaking views from the 2nd floor while sampling local beers and handcrafted cocktails during happy hour.

Operation hours: Tuesday – Friday: 11AM to 12AM, Saturday: 10AM to 12AM, Closed on Sunday and Monday

Physical address: 1520 Elm St #201, Dallas, TX 75201

Contact: (214) 814-0588

Social media: Instagram, Twitter, Facebook


Rooftop Restaurants in Dallas
Image Courtesy of Skyblossom

Sky Blossom is a hidden gem and among the best rooftop restaurants in Dallas.

It’s new and at times difficult to find, but once you get up that escalator on Downtown Dallas Main Street, you’ll be fascinated at first glimpse.

Sky Blossom gives you a bit of heaven here in Dallas, with magnificent views of skyscrapers peeping through the clouds and your favorite drink in hand.

The menu includes Vietnamese delicacies as well as an ambitious cocktail list with a fruity punch and creative garnishing that will undoubtedly emerge on your Instagram feed.

Visitors enjoy eating colorful spring rolls, crispy wings and pho while viewing Main Street from the roof deck.

It is mainly characterized by magnificent views of Main Street, unique variety of Vietnamese cuisines and a number of amazing cocktails.

Operation hours: Lunch: 11AM to 3PM, Dinner: 3:00PM to 9:30PM, Happy hour: Monday – Friday: 3:00PM to 6:30 PM.

Physical address: 1514 Elm St. #611 (6th Floor) Dallas, TX 75201

Contact:  469-313-1524

Social media: Facebook, Instagram

RH Rooftop Restaurant

Rooftop Restaurants in Dallas
Image Courtesy of RH Rooftop Restaurant

RH stands for Restoration Hardware. This restaurant is among the finest and best rooftop restaurants in Dallas.

RH Rooftop Restaurant is situated on the top of RH Gallery.

It sits on the third floor and features a gorgeous atrium of glass and steel with stylish sliding glass walls that open out to the stunning outdoor patio.

It is ideal for a date night, with its inviting views and sounds of flowing fountains, peaceful olive trees, and glittering chandeliers.

On weekends, in addition to lunch and dinner, they provide brunch.

Hearty portions of your favorite American cuisines, from succulent steaks to fresh seafood, are served with craft brews and artisanal wines.

When most people think of Texas, they don’t think of the word “classy.”

This restaurant, on the other hand, demonstrates that there is elegance to be found here as well!

Meanwhile, the menu features gourmet cuisines such as Charred Ribeye Steak and delicious lobster rolls.

You couldn’t ask for a more picture-perfect way to explore Dallas.

Operation hours: Monday – Sunday: 10AM to 9PM

Physical address: 3133 Knox St. Dallas, TX

Contact: (214) 520-7255

The Green Room

Rooftop Restaurants in Dallas
Image Courtesy of The Green Room

The Green Room is definitely on the list of the best rooftop restaurants in Dallas.

The Green Room, which opens up its rooftop to breathtaking views of Downtown Dallas, is a beautiful setting for dinner and drinks with your partner or friends.

The breeze is always abundant here, so you can beat the heat without sacrificing the breathtaking views in the summer.

The Green Room’s menu is likewise packed with delicious beer and menu choices.

The Blacktooth Burger and the Short Rib Texas Poutine are two of the most popular choices.

It puts a particularly Texan spin on a Canadian favorite.

The charges are also very affordable.

So, you can eat and drink to fullness and see Dallas from above without breaking the wallet. Beer and wine cost only $3 a glass during Happy Hour!

This occurs every weekday evening and on every Sunday.

Operation hours: Saturday – Sunday: 11AM to 2AM, Wednesday – Friday: 5PM to 2AM, Closed on Monday and Tuesday

Physical address: 2715 Elm St. TX 75226

Contact: (214) 748-7666

Social media: Instagram, Facebook, Twitter

Vetted Well

Rooftop Restaurants in Dallas
Image Courtesy of Vetted Well

The Vetted Well is considered as the favorite among many and is on the list of the best rooftop restaurants in Dallas.

Vetted Well, located on the second level above the Alamo Drafthouse Cinema, is a casual bar with stunning views of Downtown Dallas and ample outside area for large gatherings.

It’s always a fun place to hang out with friends or to get away from tourist activities and just have fun.

Vetted Well, like their downstairs neighbor, serves all the cinema essentials, classic meals and snacks, from unlimited popcorn and classic candies to heavier foods like burgers and hot dogs.

They also have four themed karaoke rooms and substantial beer, wine, and cocktail menus, so you’ll be in good company.

There is a blockhead section where you can enjoy complete karaoke creativity in a zone of unlimited possibilities with multi-colored funspolosion based on the rectangular blocks of children’ imaginations.

Operation hours: Sunday – Wednesday: 11AM to 12AM, Thursday – Saturday: 11AM to 2AM

Physical address: 1005 S Lamar St.

Contact: (214) 914-4443

Social media: Facebook, Twitter


Rooftop Restaurants in Dallas
Image Courtesy of the Stirr

Stirr is one of the most naturally beautiful rooftop restaurants in Dallas on my list.

Dallas has a variety of stunning views in general, but this one really surpasses them all.

Not only is the roof area magnificent to look at, but you also get to see the Dallas skylines and the picture-perfect Deep Ellum rooftops.

And then there’s the food.

The menu is filled with scrumptious dishes.

The ahi tuna tacos, lamb pitas and shrimp pappardelle are among the favorites.

If you’re looking for a unique dessert, the giant donut holes are truly out of this world.

They’re dusted with sugar and filled with fillings like Crème Anglaise and Nutella.

Stirr is particularly appealing because it is both unpretentious and trendy.

It’s cool and swanky enough for a business meal or a date.

At the same time, it’s casual enough to go for drinks or a family dinner. And, once again, that view is unmatched!

Operation hours: Monday – Wednesday: 11AM to 12AM, Thursday – Friday: 11AM to 2AM, Saturday – Sunday: 10AM to 2AM

Physical address: 2803 Main #110

Contact: (214) 983-1222

Social media: Instagram, Facebook

Happiest Hour

Rooftop Restaurants in Dallas
Image Courtesy of the Happiest Hour

Nobody takes the adage “Everything is bigger in Texas” as seriously as this rooftop restaurant in Dallas.

Happiest Hour is Dallas’ largest rooftop restaurant and one of the city’s most popular drinking establishments.

Despite its expansive layout, the restaurant has 12,000 square feet of both indoor and outdoor space-seats can be difficult to come by on weekends.

Happiest Hour’s central location, immersive views of the downtown skyline, and impressive list of over 50 beers on tap have successfully drawn in Dallas’ trendiest clientele.

The fun atmosphere is easy to get into, and there are board games scattered throughout the restaurant for your enjoyment.

Their slogan, “eat, drink, happy,” says it all.

Operation hours: Monday – Wednesday: 4PM to 12AM, Thursday – Friday: 4PM to 2AM, Saturday: 11AM to 2AM, Sunday: 11AM to 12AM

Physical address: 2616 Olive St

Contact: (972) 528-0067

Social media: Instagram, Facebook, Twitter

Final Thoughts on Rooftop Restaurants in Dallas

Rooftop restaurants in Dallas are among the popular eating and hanging joints for both locals and visitors.

They offer a wide array of tantalizing menus and drinks to wash the food down.

Additionally, they offer stunning views of Dallas.

So, next time you are in town, do not miss treating your eyes and stomach in these amazing rooftop restaurants in Dallas!

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