Restaurants Near Pratt Institute – 10 Best Restaurants You Must Check Out

Many restaurants near the Pratt Institute offer a variety of delicious cuisines to choose from.

There is something to please for each palate. From traditional American fares to international delicacies, restaurants near the Pratt Institute got you covered.

The majority of restaurants are conveniently located within the walking distance of the institute, and their prices are affordable for every food lover.

With their mouth-watering dishes, charming atmosphere, and friendly staff, these nearby restaurants create an enjoyable and memorable experience.

Restaurants Near Pratt Institute – 10 Best Restaurants You Must Check Out

Visiting or attending Pratt Institute, you’ll be glad to know that there are a variety of restaurants near Pratt Institute to satisfy all of your food cravings.

The restaurants near Pratt are sure to please you if you love Italian cuisine and classic American favorites.

From casual eateries to upscale restaurants, you’re sure to find something that fits your needs.

La Ñapa

Restaurants Near Pratt Institute

La Ñapa is a restaurant located approximately 1.3 miles away from Pratt Institute in Crown Heights.

It is headed by Chef Francisco Antón. La Ñapa is a crown height tapas bar with a worldwide influence.

La Ñapa serves comfort classics such as seafood arepitas and lamb chops, as well as fan favorites such as Yuca balls.

This is ideal for a cozy and intimate night-out. It has an extensive wine and beverage list.

For those looking for a unique dining experience, La Ñapa is a perfect spot.

Not only does it offer a delicious menu, but its atmosphere is also unmatched. It has outdoor seating and does deliveries.

Whether you are taking a break from classes at Pratt Institute or just looking for a great meal, La Ñapa is the place to be.

Come visit today and experience the best it has to offer!

Hours of Operations
Tuesday to Saturday 12:30pm – 10pm
Sunday 12:30pm – 9pm
Monday Closed

Lulu & Po

Restaurants Near Pratt Institute

Lulu & Po is a Brooklyn neighborhood restaurant that offers delicious New American cuisine in small dishes.

The dishes are complemented with excellent wine and classic cocktails. It is a great spot for eating, drinking, and unwinding.

The restaurant is about 0.2 miles from the Pratt Institute and recognizes and welcomes its locals with an inviting, cozy ambiance, and unpretentious attitude.

Lulu and Po is the perfect spot for students and visitors looking for a delicious and convenient bite to eat near the Pratt Institute.

Whether you are looking for a quick sandwich while on the go, or something a bit more hearty, you will find it here.

Hours of Operations

Monday – Sunday 9:00am – 2:00pm.
Thursday, Friday & Saturday 5:30-9:00pm.


Restaurants Near Pratt Institute

Located 0.2 miles from the institute, Guevara’s is a vegan cafe and specialty foods store that serves some of the finest meatless sandwiches in town.

The delicious Cuban torta is piled high with avocado, red cabbage, tomato, jalapeño, and a crispy slab of eggplant milanese.

Plant-based lox sandwiches, picadillo empanadas, and ceviche tostadas are also on the menu, and nothing costs more than $10.

Inside the plant-covered restaurant and market, you can buy everything from prepackaged chocolate babka to ecologically friendly laundry detergent, or you can relax on the heated outdoor patio with pastel pink arches and checkered flooring.

Mekelburg’s Restaurant


Mekelburg’s is a small specialty foods restaurant on a residential street in Clinton Hill that serves some of the city’s finest sandwiches.

It is located approximately 0.3 miles away from the institute.

Porchetta and duck banh mi are both excellent, and a loaded baked potato with garnishes like bacon and raclette or cod and caviar.

You can relax at the bar and sample various rare beers, or you can hang out with a group at a picnic table on the outdoor back or sidewalk patios.

This restaurant also serves excellent brunch, with the additional benefit of rotating frozen cocktails.

At Mekelburg’s, you can turn up in your gym clothes or for takeout, and everything on the menu is under $20.



Located 0.2 miles away from the institute, Soco restaurant is one of the best restaurants near Pratt Institute that also features a service bar.

SoCo’s menu is Southern Fusion, a new cuisine that has yet to make its impact on the New York dining scene.

Southern fusion is a mash-up of cajun/creole, barbecue, and soul cuisine with whatever else you can think of.

SOCO’s chef prepares delectable butternut ravioli, southern fried chicken, and fried cheese.

The BBQ here is an ideal choice if you are in the mood for Cajun and Creole cuisine.

Due to its convenient location, this place is easy to find a spot.

Hours of Operation

Tuesday – Wednesday
Lunch: 12pm – 4pm
Dinner: 5pm – 10pm
Lunch: 12pm – 4pm
Dinner: 5pm – 10pm
Lunch: 12pm – 4pm
Dinner: 5pm – 11pm
Brunch: 12pm – 4pm
Dinner: 5pm – 11pm
All-Day Brunch: 12 pm – 9:30 pm

Walter’s Restaurant

Restaurants Near Pratt Institute

Walter’s restaurant is among the finest restaurants near Pratt Institute.

The restaurant is famed for its simplicity, reasonable prices, well-executed classics, great ambiance and a welcoming environment.

If you want to go all out, Walter’s restaurant has a good variety of oysters as well as a bunch of other stuff (crab, lobster, clams, shrimp).

Meatballs are one of Walter’s most famous appetizers.

These plump pork and beef balls are tossed in a red sauce and topped with Grana Padano cheese from Italy.

Other popular dishes include the French Dip, Walter Burger, Bar Steak and the Spicy Fisherman’s Stew.

Hours of Operation
Monday – Wednesday
10:00am – 9:00pm
Thursday – Friday
10:00am – 2:00am
Saturday and Sunday
9:30am – 2:00am

Evelina Restaurant

Restaurants Near Pratt Institute

This Mediterranean restaurant is located 0.4 miles away from the institute and is one of the best restaurants near Pratt Institute.

This restaurant feels cooler than the nearby restaurants.

It has a sleek space and dim lighting making it an ideal place to share some interesting wines and pastas on a date or with friends.

The restaurant experiences many visitors throughout the week.

The menu of Mediterranean small plates, pastas, and wood-fired entrees rotates weekly.

Most entrees come with a substantial quantity of meat or seafood and are definitely shareable.

Do not miss trying out the squid ink pasta with uni and crab or the non-pasta mains, like the branzino and roasted chicken.

Chef Katsu Brooklyn

Restaurants Near Pratt Institute

The Chef Katsu Restaurant is a Brooklyn-based Japanese burger restaurant that offers the freshest and most authentic Japanese burgers.

Located in the heart of the city, Chef Katsu serves up a variety of burgers such as Pork Katsu Burger, Chicken Katsu Burger, Portobello Katsu Burger and chef Katsu’s combo.

The restaurant’s atmosphere is relaxed and inviting, and the service is friendly and attentive.

Chefs use only the finest ingredients and prepare each dish with extreme care and precision.

Come experience Chef Katsu’s unique and delicious burgers for yourself.

Miss Ada

Miss Ada

Miss Ada is a small Mediterranean spot in Brooklyn that serves ricotta, hummus, and chicken.

It is located approximately 0.5 miles away from the institute.

As you walk in, the aroma of spices and meat drifting in from the open kitchen will take your breath away.

The restaurant is open throughout the year. In winter, it’s fully covered and filled with space heaters.

The food is Mediterranean/Middle Eastern with the popular dishes being falafel, hummus, kebabs.

Do not miss trying out the crunchy falafel topped with green tahini served in lettuce wraps.

The restaurant simply offers very excellent, reasonably priced food in a friendly atmosphere.

Lemon Grass Restaurant

Restaurants Near Pratt Institute

The Lemon Grass Brooklyn is a unique dining destination in the heart of Brooklyn.

The restaurant’s menu features a variety of dishes from Southeast Asia.

It focuses mainly on fresh and flavorful ingredients from Thailand, Vietnam, and other Asian countries.

Enjoy appetizers such as spring rolls, dumplings, and satays.

The main course options include traditional favorites such as pad Thai, pho, and curries, along with unique offerings such as stir-fried vegetables and shrimp in a lemongrass sauce.

Enjoy a cold beer or craft cocktail to complete a meal.

The cozy yet modern atmosphere makes Lemon Grass Brooklyn the perfect place to relax and enjoy delicious meals.

Final Thoughts on Restaurants Near Pratt Institute

Restaurants near Pratt Institute offer a wide variety of cuisines that please everyone.

From the Middle East cuisines to American  dishes, there is something for everyone.

With these options, students, faculty, and visitors of the Pratt Institute can easily find restaurants to enjoy.

For the best dining experience, visit one of these restaurants near the Pratt Institute today!

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