Is Space Mountain Scary? Everything You Need to Know!

Is Space Mountain scary? If it is your first time visiting, you may be wondering what Space Mountain has in store for you.

After all, it is one of the top Disney attractions and a must-do for those visiting.

The ride definitely fits the bill for high adrenaline-filled activities and I encourage you to give it a try.

However, is Space Mountain scary?

The short answer is NO, it’s definitely not scary and you should give it a try.

In this article, I will further answer the question and give additional details as to why this top attraction has been labeled scary by some Disney lovers.

Let’s dive straight into it.

Is Space Mountain Scary?

Is Space Mountain Scary

The answer as previously stated is NO.

The trip on Space Mountain isn’t meant to be scary.

For some younger visitors, the ride’s speed, darkness, and jerkiness may be too much.

There are no inversions on Space Mountain, but the track is very gloomy.

The ride feels faster than it is because of the poor visibility.

In general, Disney parks are great for families and don’t have many terrifying rides.

This is particularly true at Disney’s Magic Kingdom, which is renowned for its fascinating attractions based on well-known children’s books and characters.

Nevertheless, there are a few noteworthy attractions at Walt Disney World that may be categorized as frightful.

A good illustration of this is the Haunted Mansion, particularly with the hitchhiking ghost at the end.

History of Space Mountain

If you’re never set foot in any of the Disney Parks, you may be wondering what Space Mountain is.

Space Mountain is an indoor roller coaster. The entire trip takes place in darkness, creating an atmosphere reminiscent of deep space.

It zips through the dark night sky, making sharp, fast spins and dropping multiple times.

Space Mountain debuted at Disney World Resort in 1975 and rapidly became a popular attraction.

It’s in Tomorrowland at the Magic Theme Park. Simply turn right at Cinderella’s castle.

Most people will not be intimidated by Space Mountain because it is a relatively modest rollercoaster with speeds of 28mph.

However, because it is completely dark, it can be unsettling.

It’s also choppy, lacking the silky feel of Big Thunder Mountain Railroad and Dwarfs Mine Train.

To be absolutely honest, I got out of line a couple years back because I was too scared to get on it.

Of course, I’ve never forgotten this, so I’ll give it a try one day. I’d rather hang around at Joffry’s Coffee, which is close!

So, Why Do People Say Space Mountain is Scary?

Is Space Mountain Scary

How scary is Space Mountain?

The ride’s design and spectacular effects are one reason why Space Mountain is frightening.

The ride takes place in a dark, enclosed room, which might cause participants to feel disoriented.

There are also a number of extra effects, such as flashing lights, smoke, and sound effects, that contribute to the sense of speed and height.

Some riders, particularly those who are more sensitive to sensory stimulation, may find these features overpowering.

Testimonials from riders who have found Space Mountain frightening are another justification for its scariness.

Many individuals describe feeling scared or apprehensive while riding the roller coaster, with some even becoming physically unwell.

The psychological influence of darkness and sensory consequences on some riders can prove to be too much to handle.

It’s also important to consider the riders’ ages and personal fear levels.

The attraction is billed as a thrill ride, and younger or more nervous riders may find it too frightening.

The fact that the trip takes place in near-total darkness can be unsettling and intense even for adults.

Overall, Space Mountain’s design and sensory effects, rider testimonies, and the possibility that younger or more timid riders will find it terrifying all add to the notion that the ride can be frightening.

Features that Make Space Mountain Friendly and not Scary

There are various counter-arguments to the notion that Space Mountain is a frightening ride.

The first point is that the ride is brief, lasting only around two and a half minutes.

This implies that riders are not subjected to the sensory effects and disorienting atmosphere for an extended period of time, potentially making the trip less severe.

Furthermore, Space Mountain includes a number of safety mechanisms that help to reduce its ferocity.

The roller coaster, for example, is designed with moderate banking and bends, so passengers are not subjected to steep drops or quick turns that might be jarring or physically painful.

Furthermore, the ride’s restraint system is secure, preventing riders from being ejected or flung out of their seats, further reducing the fear factor.

Another argument against the claim that Space Mountain is frightening is that it is quite mild in comparison to other thrill experiences at Disney parks.

Because of their drops, twists, and turns, the Twilight Zone Tower of Terror and Rock ‘n’ Roller Coaster are both considered more intense and anxiety-inducing.

In comparison, Space Mountain is a comparatively gentle ride that may not live up to the expectations of thrill seekers.

Finally, it is critical to examine Disney’s marketing strategies while advertising Space Mountain.

As a family-friendly park, Disney may tone down the severity of the ride to appeal to a wider audience.

This can involve employing language and imagery that emphasizes the ride’s fun and excitement while downplaying any potentially scary parts.

To summarize, the ride’s relatively short duration, safety features, comparison to other rides at Disney parks, and marketing strategies all add to the idea that Space Mountain isn’t all that frightening.

Does Space Mountain Have Any Special Requirements?

YES, there are special age and height requirements that qualify you to ride on the Space Mountain.

Riding Space Mountain requires a certain height and age.

To board the rocket, riders must be at least 44 inches (112 cm) tall.

While Space Mountain appears to fly fast across space, its highest speed is only 28 mph (45 km/h).

However, because of the darkness and bends in the track, the ride often feels faster.

So, What Can You Expect if You Decide to Try the Space Mountain?

Space Mountain is a roller coaster ride with sharp turns, unexpected drops, and a few shocks throughout.

Despite its appearance, the ride’s comparatively slow pace makes it a good choice for first-time roller coaster riders.

Space Mountain is substantially less intense than any of the other roller coasters at Disney World, delivering a more relaxing ride.

As a result, folks who are afraid of being scared can still enjoy this experience.

Space Mountain contains a single rocket car with three seats that transports customers on an exciting voyage into space.

Two rockets are linked together, allowing up to six people to ride at the same time.

It’s worth mentioning that each individual has their own seat, so keep an eye out for young riders.

As you enter the ride, pull the t-shaped lap bar towards you, keeping any bags on top of the bar rather than under it.

Space Mountain is divided into two unique tracks, Alpha and Omega, which connect along the ride.

Due to the darkness, riders can only hear other vehicles zipping past them, creating a thrilling experience.

Space Mountain Disneyland Park vs Space Mountain Disney World

Disneyland Resort in California opened this rollercoaster two years later, based on the early popularity of Magic Kingdom’s Space Mountain.

There are significant variations between Space Mountain Disney Park and Space Mountain Disney World due to space constraints.

At 40 inches tall, the height limit is lower compared to the Magic Kingdom’s Space Mountain.

At Disneyland California, there is only one track, and the Rocket cars seat two people crosswise instead of a single seater.

Because installing two tracks didn’t work owing to a shortage of room, this permits more people to ride it at the same time.

This song lasts 15 seconds longer than Alpha or Omega at Disney World.

These rockets go at 35 mph, which is 7 miles per hour quicker than the Florida version, making it the third fastest ride at Disneyland.

Other Similar Rides Across the World

HyperSpace Mountain in Disneyland Paris

HyperSpace Mountain in Paris Disney is one of the top rides at any Disney Park.

It features three inversions within the dark ride, therefore you must wear a shoulder harness.

Seating across in a comparable style of rocket ship is for two passengers.

Theming is also distinct. In 2017, celebrating Paris Disney’s 25th anniversary, this attraction was renovated with a Star Wars motif.

This is the only Space Mountain with a launch to send you into space (while playing the Star Wars theme music, of course), and a portion of its track is outside.

Riders must be 47 inches tall to ride this Space Mountain, which travels at 44 mph.

Hong Kong Disney’s Hyperspace Mountain

Hong Kong Disney’s Hyperspace Mountain is a variation of the classic Space Mountain ride found at other Disney parks around the world.

The ride originally opened as Space Mountain in Hong Kong Disneyland in 2005, but was re-themed and rebranded as Hyperspace Mountain in 2016 to coincide with the release of the Star Wars film, The Force Awakens.

The ride itself is a roller coaster that takes place in the dark, similar to other Space Mountain rides at Disney parks.

However, unlike the classic Space Mountain, Hyperspace Mountain has been re-themed to incorporate elements from the Star Wars universe.

The ride features special effects and projection mapping technology to create an immersive and thrilling experience for riders.

These effects include laser blasts, visual effects, and surround sound that match the action happening on the screen.

Additionally, the ride tracks have been renovated and updated with lighting effects that sync with the on-screen action, further enhancing the ride’s immersive experience.

Compared to other Space Mountain rides, the Hyperspace Mountain version is widely considered to be one of the more thrilling and exciting variations.

The incorporation of Star Wars elements and the innovative technology used in the ride’s special effects and projections make the experience truly unique and exhilarating.

Tokyo Disney’s Space Mountain

The newest version of Tokyo Disney’s Space Mountain is modern in design, comparable to that of Walt Disney Worlds.

Rockets go at 30mph and must be 40 inches tall, making this one of the most family-friendly space mountain experiences.

It was stated in early 2022 that this attraction would be totally renovated with cutting-edge theming, special effects, and performance.

It is scheduled to close in 2024 and reopen in 2027.

When you ride it, you feel like you’re on a spaceship hurtling through space. The ride has many twists and turns, and it’s dark inside so you feel like you’re actually in space.

It can be frightening because it moves so quickly, but it’s also a lot of fun. People adore it so much that they will stand in line for hours to ride it.

If you go to Tokyo Disneyland, you must ride Space Mountain.

Is Space Mountain Scary? Final Thoughts

Hopefully, you now have a better understanding of whether Space Mountain is a good option for you.

The ride can seem frightening at first appearance; however, this is mainly due to the gloomy space theme.

The track is actually rather gentle for a roller coaster. If you saw the track with the lights on, you’d probably be disappointed.

My best advice for those who are on the borderline is to take the plunge and give it a shot!

It truly is one of the best rides at Disney World.

The design has stood the test of time, and it continues to perform an excellent job of leveraging a dark environment to make a slow track appear faster and more exhilarating.

Space Mountain Lights On Ride Through

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