17 Indoor Activities Denver – Fun Indoor Activities in Denver Colorado

Indoor activities in Denver are a possibility although the city is famed for outdoor adventures.

Popularly referred to as the Mile High City, there are a lot of fun indoor activities that people can engage in although many think that there are only a few indoor adventures to engage in.

As a matter of fact, there are numerous activities that individuals can engage in that are not found anywhere in the country.

Some of these activities will require one to find enough time to explore so forget about visiting for just a few days.

Denver consists of a unique combination of adrenaline filled activities coupled with some urban sophistication.

Some of the activities include indoor bungee jumping, ax throwing and beer spa among others.

Below are a couple of indoor fun activities that one can engage in while in Denver when not interested in outdoor activities such as visiting the magnificent parks or skiing on the slopes in the high-altitude areas. These activities are fun filled.

Indoor Activities Denver

Buffalo Bill Museum and Grave

Indoor Activities Denver

Sitting near the top of Lookout Mountain, the Buffalo Bill Museum and Grave consists of Indian and Old West artifacts, a number of memorabilia from Buffalo Bill’s Wild West shows and life, and antique firearms.

Visiting this museum is among the best indoor activities Denver has to offer.

The museum is located a few minutes’ drive from downtown Golden.

This magnificent site narrates the amazing story about the many years of Bill as a famous showman, buffalo hunter and army scout.

Due to its location, the visitors are able to enjoy the breathtaking sights of the Great Plains and those of the Rockies.

The museum has a collection of artifacts from Bill’s shows such as the bows and arrows, some delicately crafted Native American crafts, and his famous western leather saddles.

It is open throughout the week from Tuesdays all through to Sunday and the opening hours are from 10:00 AM to 5:00 PM.

The charges range from $4 for seniors, $5 for adults, $1 for children over five and it’s free for kids under five.

The museum’s address is Lookout Mountain Rd, Golden, CO 80401, Lookout Mountain Park.

For more information, please visit their official website here.

Colorado Railroad Museum

Indoor Activities Denver

One of the most attractive places to visit, the Colorado Railroad Museum is an organization dedicated to the acquisition, preservation and exhibition of railroad artifacts.

The museum has a collection of many items that include actual train cars, photographs, and rare documents among others.

Established in 1959 and sitting on a 15 acres piece of land, this museum is located directly ahead of the Table Mountain and offers a perfect place for one to explore and relive the past.

The museum features several coaches, over 100 engines, cabooses, a roundhouse restoration facility with a fully functioning turntable, garden railway and a renowned library.

The facility offers train rides and special events throughout the year and on every Saturday, the visitors are treated to special train rides.

Additionally, on every Saturday, they operate one of the three available Geese motor cars and also a shaded picnic area for the visitors.

The building houses a mini-replica railroad, historical documents and old photographs. The museum’s building resembles an 1880’s style depot.

It also houses a gift shop with numerous memorabilia and a library that consists of approximately 10,000 literature materials related to railroads.

Visiting this museum is among the best indoor activities Denver has to offer.

Museum Details

Address: 17155 West 44th Ave, Golden CO

Contact Number: 303-279-4591

Season: Year Round

Visiting Hours: 9am – 5pm Daily

History Colorado Center

Indoor Activities Denver

This state-of-the-art facility offers an opportunity to the visitors to experience the colorful history of the state of Colorado.

The museum narrates the stories of the inhabitants of this state with fun and friendly activities coupled with hands-on displays.

Visiting this museum is among the best indoor activities Denver has to offer.

It comprises four floors that have over fifteen exhibits that narrate the story about the free spirit and pioneering of the state of Colorado.

The exhibitions include the Borderlands of Southern Colorado, Building Denver, Brick and Soul, Forty Years on the Fax and America Fights for Democracy in World War 2 among others.

These exhibitions tell the story of the Old American West and Colorado.

It opens daily from 10 A.M. to 5 P.M. and closes only on Christmas and Thanksgiving Day.

The tickets range from $14 to $8 with adults paying $14, seniors $12, students $10 and children $8.

Children under the age of 4 are not charged.

For meals, Café Rendezvous offers great meals for museum visitors.

Located off the main lobby, the restaurant offers amazing services to the visitors and the residents.

The center has a shop for books and crafts and also a gift shop for souvenirs.

Address: 1200 Broadway, Denver, CO 80203

Contact Number: (303) 447-8679

For more information, please visit their official website here.

Denver Museum of Nature and Science

Indoor Activities Denver

Built over 100 years ago, the museum is famed for its amazing features.

Visitors get a chance to uncover minerals and germs and explore the cosmos.

For movie and show lovers, you can catch a planetarium show or an IMAX movie.

The Phipps IMAX Theater offers the visitors a chance to experience the science frontiers and showcases some of nature’s wildest areas on a huge three floors high screen.

Visiting this museum is among the best indoor activities Denver has to offer.

Additionally, the museum has a couple of temporary and permanent exhibition centers such as the Ghostly Bugs and the Passenger Pigeons.

Visiting this museum is among the best indoor activities Denver has to offer.

The museum also offers a chance to group activities’ lovers.

Come and conduct a scientific experiment under the supervision of a qualified scientist, track animals within the park, or dig for fossils and many other fun activities.

The museum opens daily from 9AM to 5PM and has an onsite parking yard with approximately 850 spaces.

The total maximum capacity of the museum is 4000.

Address: 2001 Colorado Blvd. Denver, CO 80205

Contact Number: (303) 370-6000

Official website: Here

Children’s Museum of Denver at Marsico Campus

Indoor Activities Denver

The Children’s Museum of Denver at Marsico Campus is one of the most fun filled places in Colorado especially for children.

The museum was constructed to offer an opportunity to children to learn through high energy activities and games such as climbing walls.

Other activities include zipping through the air, sculpt games, and learning about kinetics and gravity on the physics playground.

Visiting this museum is among the best indoor activities Denver has to offer.

Do not miss out on this fun filled place.

Tickets range from $13 to $15 for adults with $13 being for kids aged 1, $15 for those aged between 2 to 59 while those above 60 years are charged $13.

Children under the age of 1 are not charged.

Address: 2121 Children’s Dr., Denver, CO 80211

Phone contact: (303) 433-7444

Downtown Aquarium

Indoor Activities Denver

Located next to South Platte River, the Downtown Aquarium is the largest of its kind between the states of California and Chicago.

It comprises a unique variety of habitats and aquatic life.

Visiting this aquarium is among the best indoor activities Denver has to offer.

The species of fish and marine life are unique and come in different sizes and colors.

The aquarium allows the visitors to feed the stinging rays, swim alongside the sharks, learn a few things about being a marine scientist, and in some instances, spend the whole night within the aquarium.

Additionally, the aquarium has an amazing restaurant which permits the visitors to dine around the massive centerpiece aquarium and also has a bar with a spectacular view of the fish within the aquarium.

The restaurant operates on a daily basis and the dive lounge is open together with the restaurant but with a happy hour from Monday to Friday.

Additionally, there is a fun express electric train that transcends the aquarium, an IMAX theater and an Aquatic Carousel

Scuba diving and snorkeling are allowed within the aquarium and the age limit of swimming with fish is 6 years and above and there is no requirement for any special permit.

Diving with sharks is limited to those with 10 years and above that are dive certified.

Children aged 2 and below can access the place free of charge while those aged 3 to 11 pay $17.99.

A ticket for the seniors costs $22.99 while that for adults goes for $23.99.

Address: 700 Water St., Denver, CO 80211

Contact Number: (303) 561-4450

Denver Firefighters’ Museum

The museum was designed specifically to attract children.

Since 1978, the museum has been honoring the history of firefighting in the state and also the Denver Fire Department.

It has various attractions that include fire department exhibits and also runs some educational programs.

Visiting this museum is among the best indoor activities Denver has to offer.

Additionally, there are a number of exciting activities for children such as acting as firemen, operating the fire equipment under supervision, riding the fire trucks and

sliding down the poles.

The educational programs also include information on how to live safely and fire prevention.

The literature materials can be purchased at the museum store which also has a gift store where visitors can purchase toys.

The museum is free for kids under 2. Seniors, firefighters and military pay an entrance fee of $8; adults pay $9 while kids aged 2 to 12 pay $7.

The museum is open throughout the year, Tuesday to Saturday 10:00AM to 4:00PM.

Address: 1326 Tremont Pl, CO 80204

Phone: (303) 892-1436

Wings Over the Rockies Air and Space Museum

Built in 1939, the Wings Over the Rockies Air & Space Museum acts to preserve the Lowry Air Force Base Operations’ history from 1938 to 1994.

The museum has archives, collections and a research library that serves to inspire and educate visitors about space and aviation endeavors from the past to the future.

The museum has interactive exhibits, space vehicles and historic planes.

Some of the collections include planes that featured in WWII such as the rare B-18A Bolo, RF-84K Thunder flash and B-1A Lancers.

Once a month, visitors are allowed to enter into some of these planes and also try out the virtual simulator.

Visiting this museum is among the best indoor activities Denver has to offer.

On Fridays and Saturdays, the museum opens from 10am to 5pm, Sundays 12pm to 5pm and on Mondays 10am to 5pm.

Tickets range from $10 for adults, $4 for youths aged 4 to 16 and $8 for seniors and military.

Address: 7711 East Academy Boulevard, Denver, CO 80230

Contact Number: (303) 360-5360

Urban Air Adventure and Trampoline Park, Denver

Indoor Activities Denver

This park offers much more apart from being famed from amazing trampolines.

If you are interested in marvelous year-round fun indoor activities, then Urban Air Adventure is the place to be.

The park is able to accommodate individuals of all ages.

The park has spin zone bumper cars, a ninja warrior course to test your ninja skills and endurance levels, and a signature sky rider that offers a spectacular view of the park.

Additionally, there are amazing pro-zone high performance trampolines, high tech virtual reality, slum dunk tracks, stunt airbag, tubes indoor playground and runway tumble tracks among others.

There is so much to cover in this amazing park, nobody can visit only once.

The park allows visitors to hold celebrations such as birthday parties and offers a perfect environment to tag along friends and family members.

There is always something for everyone, whether old or young, brave or not, fit or unfit, it doesn’t matter.

The park is open throughout the week.

The opening hours are 10:00am to 8:00pm Monday to Thursday, 11:00am to 9:00pm on Fridays, 10:00am to 9:00pm on Saturdays and 12:00pm to 8:00pm on Sundays.

Address: 9550 E 40th Ave Denver, CO 80238

Monster Mini Golf

Monster Mini Golf in Denver is one of the unique places that will offer you an amazing golf experience around.

The 18-holes in the course illuminate in the dark with bright lights that are decorated with relatable and witty artwork of pop culture origin that is pertinent in Denver.

The artwork coupled with the luminescent glow of the black lights makes the place spooky.

Apart from the 18-hole course that is the main attraction, there is also a Monstrous Prize Center, a high-tech video game arcade, light concessions, laser maze, mini bowling, monster themed laser tag and much more.

Check out the place and experience adventure and excitement of playing some unique games in a unique set up.

There are twists and props in every corner.

The animated monsters within the park interact with the visitors by squawking, wiggling and talking as you explore the course.

Additionally, the visitors get to enjoy background music playing from the radio station within.

Visiting this Monster Mini Golf is among the best indoor activities Denver has to offer.

The course is open throughout the week.

On Mondays through to Thursdays, the opening hours are 12pm to 9pm, Fridays and Saturdays 12pm to 10 pm and on Sundays 12pm to 8pm.

Click here for the pricing

Address: 8227 S Holly St Centennial, CO 80122

Indoor Activities for Adults in Denver

Ax Whooping

Who engages in ax- whooping in the 21st century? Does one enjoy ax throwing?

Ax whooping has been done for many centuries especially in battle, artwork and other activities.

In recent times, ax throwing has been converted into a fun activity where those who partake compete in various aspects.

By doing so, they get to enjoy themselves and relieve some stress.

Facilities that offer ax whooping provide training on handling, the tools and safety equipment.

For interested individuals, there is even an ax throwing league.

Ax-whooping facilities in some cases offer rage rooms where participants are allowed to relieve their anger and stress by breaking and smashing random items.

For an ax-throwing adventure, you are required to wear special protective gear that includes a mask, a coverall, a helmet and welding gloves.

These facilities offer the tools necessary for the exercise.

The prices range from $39.99 to $25 for a rage room.

A 2-hour period of axe throwing costs $39.99 per head, one-hour costs $29.99 per head while a two-hour early week costs $29.99 per head.

Address: 437 N Broadway Denver, CO 80203

Official website: Click here

The Beer Spa by Snug

The beer spa is a marvelously designed modern wellness center that incorporates a beer bar and a day spa.

This place offers a perfect place for individuals to relax and unwind after work.

One of their key unique features is the private Beer Therapy Room that offers “beer therapy” to the visitors.

The Beer Therapy includes a 60-minute beer bath, infrared sauna, a rain shower and a wooden deck.

The private Beer Therapy Rooms can be occupied by a maximum of two individuals per session.

In between the sessions, the private rooms undergo disinfection and the tubs undergo draining.

Additionally, there is an onsite taproom that offers a variety of drinks that include wine, beer, non-alcoholic drinks and cider.

Visiting this Beer Spa is among the best indoor activities Denver has to offer.

Address: 3004 N Downing St, Denver CO 80205

Contact number: (720) 810-1484

Official website: Click here

Free Indoor Activities to Do in Denver

Colorado State Capitol

Indoor Activities Denver

The golden domed State Capitol in Colorado is one of the most Iconic features in the state’s skyline.

The building serves as a museum for Colorado’s history and offers free tours throughout the weekdays of Monday to Friday.

The free tours happen between 10am and 3pm.

For individuals planning to visit as a group, the management requires that reservations are made if the group has 10 or more individuals.

The magnificent rotunda offers the visitors a perfect opportunity to view the city and the surrounding mountains.

Do not miss to visit the Mr. Brown’s Attic, one of the best spots within the building that showcases the history of Colorado, fun facts about the building, the fine details on the capitol’s construction and has a space for kids to have fun.

Visiting this historic building is among the best indoor activities Denver has to offer.

Address: Colfax Ave., Denver, CO 80203

Contact: (303) 866-2604

Official website: Click here

Coors Brewery Tour

Located in downtown Golden, Coors Brewery is the single largest brewery across the world.

The facility offers tastings and tours to everyone throughout the year.

The brewery advises children to be accompanied by adults.

It still utilizes the Rocky Mountain spring water for its manufacturing purposes.

This amazing place will give you a detailed step by step tour on the process of brewing and show you the various ingredients used to produce your favorite drink.

The brewery provides free samples to guests over the age of 21.

Tours to this facility are free and its open for these tours on Mondays, Thursdays, Fridays and Saturdays.

Visiting this brewery is among the best indoor activities Denver has to offer.

The brewery is open from 12:00pm to 4:00pm on Sundays while on the other days, it opens from 10:00am to 4:00pm.

Address: 1221 Ford Street and 13th, Golden CO 80401

Contact: 800-642-6116

Official website: Click here

US Mint  

Indoor Activities Denver

Located at West Colfax Avenue, the US Mint has been in the business of money manufacturing since 1859. Currently, the facility mints coins, stores silver bullion and produces coin dies.

The mint shares the responsibility of producing coins with the Philadelphia mint.

On average, the Denver mint produces over 50 million coins on a daily basis and stamps them with a letter “D” since they are produced in Denver.

Visiting the mint is among the best indoor activities Denver has to offer.

The tours are free of charge.

Address: Colfax Ave., Denver, CO 80204

Contact number: (303) 405-4761

Official website: Click here

Blue Bear at the Colorado Convention Center

At the Colorado Convention Center, there is a huge blue bear approximately 40 feet tall. Erected in 2005, the sculpture weighs about 1000 kgs.

Most individuals do not know that the bear was created in California before being brought to Denver with the total cost of the whole project estimated at $424,400.

The Colorado Convention Center plays host to numerous meeting rooms, a theater, lobby rooms for events, exhibition spaces and ballrooms.

There is always something going in there and the “big boss bear” is “watching you”. Filming and picture sessions around the bear are free of charge

Visiting the “big boss bear” is among the best indoor activities Denver has to offer.

Address: 14th street between Stout and California, Downtown Denver

Official website: Click here

Denver Union Station

Indoor Activities Denver

Located within downtown Denver, the amazing and marvelous restored station is among the top destinations in Denver.

It is among the most visited areas in Denver.

Built over 150 years ago, the station played a role in popularizing Denver especially during the industrialization period but following the introduction of automobile and air travel, the station’s popularity toned down.

However, in 2012, renovations were carried out with a keen interest in preserving this amazing station. In 2014, a new dawn came as the union station was unveiled.

The new station has a great hall full of glamor, nostalgia and elegance.

This amazing hall presents a good opportunity for photography.

Additionally, the station has among others a popular Terminal Bar, entertainment joints, shopping and food installations among others.

It is also home to the authentic farm to table Mercantile and popular shops such as the Tattered Cover Book Store.

Visiting this station is among the best indoor activities Denver has to offer.

Additionally, the station provides a direct rail link to the Denver International Airport and also offers light rail and shuttle bus services.

Address: 1701 Wynkoop St., Denver, CO 80202

Official website: Click here

Stanley Marketplace

Located in a facility that was formerly used to manufacture aircrafts, the Stanley Marketplace is an amazing destination located on the border of Denver and Aurora.

The facility houses bars, restaurants and many shops all independently owned.

Additionally, there is an events venue, a large public parkland, a brewery, yoga houses, boutiques, fitness centers and a sustainable greenhouse.

Community events at Stanley Marketplace are free and the facility is open to the public throughout the year.

Visiting this marketplace is among the best indoor activities Denver has to offer.

Opening hours: Monday – Sunday 5:30am-1am

Maximum capacity: 2500

Address: 2501 Dallas St. Aurora, CO 80010

Official website: Click here

Final Thoughts on Indoor Activities Denver

Indoor activities Denver can range from the educational to the recreational, from the high-energy to the low-key.

So, you do not have to worry when planning for your trips.

Outdoor activities too are fun to participate in and you will probably indulge in indoor activities when the weather is not conducive for outdoor activities.

Above all, you will enjoy your trip to Denver, Colorado whether the weather is good or not.

So, get up and plan your next indoor activity in Denver.

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