How Much is Coffee in Vietnam?

How much is coffee in Vietnam? This is a question I, as well as many travelers and coffee enthusiasts, may have when planning a trip to Vietnam, known for its thriving coffee industry. 

Vietnamese coffee is one thing you should bring from Vietnam. 

You can buy it for yourself or as a gift for family and friends since gift bundles include a distinctive Vietnamese Cup for brewing.

Vietnam exports more than 18% of the world’s total coffee production to international markets, ranking second only to Brazil.

The price of coffee in Vietnam will be examined in this post, along with costs at neighborhood cafes and restaurants, specialized coffee shops, and the factors affecting the price of coffee there. 

We will also explore the different kinds of coffee offered in Vietnam, including specialty, western-style, and traditional Vietnamese coffee. 

Whether you are a coffee connoisseur or a budget tourist, this article will give you helpful information about the price and selection of coffee in Vietnam.

How Much is Cup of Coffee in Vietnam? – The Average Price of a Cup of Coffee in Vietnam

The cost of coffee in Vietnam can vary depending on where you purchase it. 

A cup of classic Vietnamese coffee, also known as cà phê en, can cost you between 20,000 and 30,000 Vietnamese dongs (VND) at local cafés and restaurants. 

Robusta beans used to make this variety of coffee.

It is traditionally served over ice with sweetened condensed milk originating from farms in Vietnam’s Central Highlands. 

A latte or cappuccino, more commonly associated with the West, will cost you between 40,000 to 50,000 VND.

Visit one of the many specialty coffee shops in Vietnam for a more specialized coffee experience. 

Many of these enterprises offer a range of brewing techniques, including pour-over and Chemex, and frequently get their beans from certain areas or farms. 

A single origin or specialty blend might cost between 50,000 and 100,000 VND at specialty coffee shops.

Vietnam has one of the lowest prices for coffee worldwide. 

For instance, a cup of specialty coffee in the US can easily cost $4 or more, but in Vietnam, you can obtain a cup of comparable quality for a lot less money.

Overall, Vietnam’s coffee prices are relatively affordable, especially compared to other nations. 

Customers can choose from several options available at different pricing points.

These options can range from a specialty cup of single-origin coffee to a conventional cup of Vietnamese coffee.

Factors that Influence the Cost of Coffee in Vietnam

Several factors influence the price of coffee in Vietnam. These include:

Labor Costs 

How Much is Coffee in Vietnam

The cost of labor plays a crucial role in determining the price of coffee.

The coffee industry in Vietnam employs a sizable workforce, ranging from the farmers who grow the beans to the baristas who serve the final product. 

The pay for these workers can vary based on the area and the particular job, but labor costs significantly impact the price of coffee in the nation.

Cost of Beans 

How Much is Coffee in Vietnam

Another element that may affect the price of coffee in Vietnam is the cost of the beans. 

Vietnam ranks among the largest producers of coffee beans globally, and the price of these beans can change depending on several variables.

These variables include the weather, crop yields, and the demand for coffee throughout the world. 

As a result, the cost of beans at any particular time may impact the price of coffee in Vietnam.

Transportation Costs 

The cost of transportation also impacts the cost of coffee in Vietnam. 

Numerous coffee shops and cafés acquire beans from other regions, which may affect the overall price of the finished product. 

The shipping expense may also impact customers’ pricing of completed coffee goods.

Market Competition

The price of coffee in Vietnam may also be influenced by market competition. 

With so many coffee shops and cafes in the nation, competition might cause prices to decrease as businesses compete for customers. 

However, because of their specialized markets and premium products, specialty coffee shops with unique products could demand a higher price.

How Much is a Coffee in Vietnam? Types of Coffee Available in Vietnam

Traditional Vietnamese Coffee (cà phê đen)

How Much is Coffee in Vietnam

Traditional Vietnamese coffee, also known as cà phê en, is one of the most common types of coffee in Vietnam. 

Robusta beans used to make this variety of coffee and traditionally served over ice with sweetened condensed milk are farmed in Vietnam’s Central Highlands. 

Cà phê en has a bold, robust flavor that is moderately bitter and sweet from the condensed milk. 

As it is supposed to be sipped and appreciated, this sort of coffee is frequently served in small cups and is consumed slowly.

Western-style Coffee (cà phê sữa đá)

How Much is Coffee in Vietnam

Western-style coffee, also known as cà phê sa á, is another common type in Vietnam. 

Typically served hot with milk and sugar added to taste, this coffee is brewed from arabica beans. 

Lattes, cappuccinos, and Americanos are just a few of the drinks that are included in cà phê sa á, which is available in cafés and coffee shops all around Vietnam.

Specialty Coffee (single origin, pour-over, etc.)

How Much is Coffee in Vietnam

Vietnam also boasts a thriving specialized coffee scene in addition to traditional and western coffee varieties. 

In addition to a selection of single-origin and specialty blend beans, specialty coffee shops also provide several brewing options, including pour-over, Chemex, and Aeropress. 

These coffee cafes prioritize quality and sustainability in their products and frequently obtain their beans from certain areas or farms. 

A cup of coffee at specialty coffee shops might cost between 50,000 and 100,000 VND.

Vietnam’s rich coffee culture has various alternatives to suit all tastes and price ranges. 

Whether you’re looking for traditional Vietnamese coffee, a western-style coffee, or a specialty cup of single origin, there is something for everyone in Vietnam.

Where Can I Buy Coffee in Vietnam?

I prefer to buy them in supermarkets, huge ones like Big C. 

There are Big C supermarkets in practically every major city. Still, they are not usually located near tourist areas, so any other big supermarket nearby will suffice, and the larger it is, the lower its prices. 

Furthermore, Big C frequently has “yellow price tags” with real discounts, sometimes up to two times lower than prices for the same variety in other supermarkets.

However, it is claimed that the best place to buy Vietnamese coffee is at the market in the city of Dalat, near which coffee grows on fat plantations. 

This is accurate, and the variety of grains available is wide, with reasonable pricing. 

However, traveling to Dalat is unnecessary because you can readily get it in any city or resort in Vietnam.

The prices are much higher in marketplaces and specialty shops on tourist streets. 

The same types and packaging are available for one and a half to two times the price, although grain by weight is available. 

However, because you can bargain in these businesses and marketplaces, it is preferable to check the costs in the supermarket first and then start bargaining,

You should refrain from buying coffee in specialized tourist outlets where groups of tourists are taken on tours. 

According to my observations, their prices are 3-4 times higher than in supermarkets.

Final Thoughts on How Much is Coffee in Vietnam

How much is coffee in Vietnam? The answer to this question depends on various factors, including where you purchase your coffee and what type of coffee you prefer.   

A cup of classic Vietnamese coffee, also known as cà phê en, can cost you between 20,000 and 30,000 Vietnamese dongs (VND) at neighborhood cafés and restaurants. 

The cost of a latte or cappuccino, considered western-style coffee, can range from 40,000 to 50,000 VND. 

Prices at specialty coffee shops typically range from 50,000 to 100,000 VND and include single-origin and specialty blend beans and a selection of brewing techniques.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is coffee expensive in Vietnam?

The price of coffee varies from one restaurant to another. Generally, coffee is inexpensive in Vietnam compared to other travel destinations. Prices in street stalls are relatively cheaper compare to those of high-end restaurants

How much is a Starbucks coffee in Vietnam?

A Starbucks coffee will cost you about $3.50 in Vietnam. Starbucks has opened nine stores in Vietnam and there are plans to expands its presence as it seeks to exploit this market.

What is the price of coffee in Vietnam

Vietnamese coffee will cost you between VND 12,000 to VND 22,000 in local cafes. However, if you choose to visit high-end restaurants in the country, it will cost you approximately VND 40,000 for a cup of coffee.

How much money do I need in Vietnam per day?

Budget roughly $50 per day for a more comfortable backpacker experience in Vietnam. You'll have more money to spend on things like meals, beverages, activities, and hotel accommodations this way. Budget $60 to $100 a day for your entire costs in Vietnam for a comfortable mid-range trip.


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