How Much Does Disneyland Make in a Day?

How much does Disneyland make in a day? This question is a tricky one but there is an estimated figure.

On average, Disneyland generates around $11.9 million per day.

That is a staggering sum of money for a single day.

Disneyland is a Disney California resort with two amusement parks.

Disneyland began in 1955, and Disney’s California Adventure debuted in 2001.

These entertaining theme parks feature everything you adore about Disney magic.

To get the full Disney experience in California, there are fantastic rides, shows, your beloved Disney characters, delicious food, and incredible resorts to stay at.

Disneyland is a massive production that generates billions of dollars in income each year while costing millions of dollars per day.

But, how much does Disneyland make per day?

In this blog post, I will exclusively dive into the revenue figures that are made by this amazing destination.

So, How Much Money Does Disneyland Make in a Day?

As a top travel destination, many individuals have always asked themselves the question, ‘how much does Disneyland make in a day?’

Here is a breakdown of the staggering figures.

On average, Disneyland generates around $11.9 million per day.

The key sources include tickets, merchandise, food, Genie+ and more.

Before we get into how much Disneyland makes a day, it’s important to comprehend how they make their money.

Disneyland is divided into two theme areas. The revenue from both theme parks contributes to the parks’ overall profit.

Disneyland will make the majority of its money from park admission fees.

With millions of visitors each year, their expensive admission tickets account for a sizable portion of their overall revenue.

Other revenue sources for Disneyland include hotel stays, parking fees, merchandise from gift stores, food and beverage, and extra park add-ons such as fast passes.

Disneyland has approximately 85,000 parking spaces.

Even though the parks are not always at full capacity every day, more than 27,000 people attend Disneyland on average each day.

When you contemplate the cost of an adult, a one-day ticket multiplied by 27,000 equals more than $2 million per day.

We must keep in mind that many of these tickets are also available for children under the age of ten, but the price differential isn’t significant enough.

Furthermore, two million in park admissions per day is still less than they could make given the park’s capacity of 85,000.

Following the introduction of Disney Genie+ and Lightning Lane Services in 2022, Disneyland’s earnings more than doubled.

In Disneyland, Disney Genie+ costs $25 per day, plus additional fees for individual Lightning Lane attractions like Radiator Springs Racers, which can vary from $7 to $20 per ride.

This is an excellent illustration of the query “Is Disneyland expensive?” Disneyland is becoming increasingly expensive because as the price rises, guests continue to pay, increasing Disneyland income per day.

How Much Money Does Disneyland Make in a Day? The Cost of Running Disneyland

Having answered the question how much does Disneyland make a day, let’s turn our attention to the operational costs.

In order to determine how much Disneyland makes per day, we must first determine how much it costs to operate Disneyland on a daily basis.

Every day, it costs about $2 million to keep Disneyland open.

Remember that the numbers mentioned below are just estimates and can vary depending on the day, time of year, and more.

Let’s take a look at the possible costs of running Disneyland per day.

Cast Crew Salaries

Disney has to compensate their staff like any other business!

According to one estimate, there are approximately 23,000 cast members and approximately 200,000 employees in total, with between 3,000 and 6,000 working per day.

There are projections that Disney has to spend $400,000 on employees’ salaries per day across all their parks.

If we divide it by all of their parks in the United States, that comes to about $44,000 per day just on paying employees.

Park Maintenance

As a central theme park that is always open, rides will require maintenance to keep them running and safe for guests to ride.

With over 88 attractions, park maintenance accounts for a sizable portion of the total expense of running the parks on a daily basis.

According to one source, it costs slightly less than $7,500 per day to maintain the rides in excellent condition for guests.

Nightly Fireworks

The nightly firework show that closes down the park is one of the best aspects of visiting Disneyland.

Fireworks often come at a cost and are not cheap.

It’s estimated that every night they conduct their famous firework show, it costs around $50,000.

Disney Hotels

While not everyone who visits the parks stays at one of the six Disneyland resorts in California, they are very attractive options for families who want the Disney experience.

Because pricing can fluctuate throughout the year, it’s difficult to provide 100% exact figures.

Disneyland spends approximately $147,000 per day on hotel operations.

Material Costs

Material costs is a general term, but they could include anything from food costs to merchandise costs and everything in between that Disneyland must spend on a daily basis to keep up with demand.

Each day, Disneyland spends approximately $211,250 on materials for various items throughout the parks.

Other Costs

When it comes to sustaining a theme park, there are several other additional costs that will crop up.

Some  of these additional costs include landscaping, which Disneyland is famed for its beautiful parks, and other lawn maintenance.

Based on the size of the Disneyland parks, I can estimate that they spend approximately $1.69 million on landscaping in one year.

Breaking this further, it could range around $200,000 daily.

Final Thoughts on the Question: How Much Does Disneyland Make in a Day?

How much does Disneyland make in a day? The answer is approximately $11.9 million on average.

However, they incur expenses in the form of operational costs.

On average, the management spends approximately $2.5 million to run the parks.

This leaves a profit after expenses of about $9.4 million per day.

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