How Far is Universal Studios from Disneyland?

How far is Universal Studios from Disneyland?

Disneyland Park in Anaheim is around 35 miles (56 km) from Universal Studios Hollywood, and since the two parks are close to expressway exits, driving time ought to for the most part be 35 to 40 minutes.

Visiting both Universal Studios Hollywood and Disneyland is a must-do for many tourists visiting the Los Angeles area.

Out of the 33 theme parks in California, these two are the crowd favorites.

Families with kids or thrill-seekers who love to go on roller coasters often visit both places.

In this article, I will be answering the question ‘how far is Universal Studios from Disneyland?’

How Far is Universal Studios from Disneyland?

The distance between Universal Studios Hollywood and Disneyland Park in Anaheim is roughly 35 miles (56 km), and since both amusement parks are close to freeway exits, the trip should take between 35 and 40 minutes.

However, it takes a while because of traffic on the freeway that connects Los Angeles and Anaheim.

You may need 90 minutes to two hours to travel from Universal Studios to Disneyland, depending on the level of gridlock.

How Far is Disneyland from Universal Studio? Means of Movement to and from

Uber from Universal Studios Hollywood to Disneyland

You can choose Uber or Lyft to get from Universal Studios Hollywood to Disneyland or vice versa if you are not on a tight budget.

If you have a small party or don’t mind spending more money for an SUV, ridesharing works best for you.

The best thing about taking a cab is that you can skip the waiting around and go straight to your location, like Universal Studios or Disneyland Park.

Uber or Lyft should cost between $60 and $100 per trip.

Driving between Disneyland and Universal Studios

Renting a car and making your own way to the theme park is a good option if you want complete discretion and convenience.

Renting a car is the best option if you want to explore other areas of Los Angeles before or after going to an amusement park.

You might find Los Angeles’s gridlock to be a little annoying.

On weekdays, the workplace traffic peaks between 7:30 and 10:00 am and again between 3 and 6:30 pm.

You might be too exhausted from self-driving to enjoy the amusement park.

The price of renting a vehicle, gas, and theme park parking are additional expenses.

Each vehicle costs roughly US$30 at Universal Studios Hollywood and Disneyland Resort.

Using public Transport to Get to Universal or Disneyland

To get to the theme park of your choosing, you can either take a train or a bus, but I don’t advise it because it requires a lot of time that would be better spent actually exploring the theme park.

For instance, it costs only a few dollars to journey by L.A. Metro bus from Anaheim to Universal Studios, but it takes almost three hours.

Not to mention the anxiety caused by numerous moves.

Trains are comparatively easier to use; from the Anaheim ARTIC train stop, you can board an Amtrak or Metrolink train to Union stop in Los Angeles.

In about 10 minutes, an Uber driver can pick you up at Union Station and take you to Universal Studios Hollywood.

Tips for Maximizing the Fun During Your Visit

Here are some suggestions for having the most enjoyment possible, regardless of the mode of transportation you settle on between Disneyland and Universal.

To prevent lines at ticket counters, purchase your Universal Studios Hollywood or Disneyland tickets beforehand.

Because gate seats are more expensive, buying in advance can save you both time and money.

There are a variety of other methods to save money at Universal Studios in addition to purchasing tickets online.

To take advantage of the rides, shows, and attractions before the long lines begin to form, it makes sense to consume breakfast before traveling there.

In order to avoid waiting in long queues, it is advisable to visit Universal Studios’ Lower Lot first thing in the morning.

For a full experience, allow time for the Wizarding World of Harry Potter and the Universal Backlot Studio Tour in addition to the roller coasters at Universal Hollywood.

Try the Universal Express Ticket, which allows you to bypass all lines, or the VIP Ticket for a royal service if you are not on a tight budget.

Final Thoughts on the Question: How Far is Universal Studios from Disneyland?

How far is Universal Studios from Disneyland?

The trip should take 35 to 40 minutes because Universal Studios Hollywood and Disneyland Park are both located close to freeway exits and are roughly 35 miles (56 km) apart.

Both locations are frequented by families with young children and thrill-seekers who enjoy riding roller coasters.

You can choose between driving yourself, taking a cab or using a public means as a way of reaching your destination.

Whatever the distance, you’ll be guaranteed fun. So, what are you waiting for, head over there and experience the magic!

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