Grapefruit Parking Garage – Everything That You Need to Know!

Grapefruit Parking Garage is one of the three parking areas in Disney Springs. It is free to park there.

Disney Springs has something for everyone, whether you’re just passing through or on vacation, with themed retail, entertainment, and exceptional dining options.

Disney Springs‘ intriguing areas include West Side, The Landing, Town Center, and Marketplace.

These districts have over a hundred retail outlets, over sixty wine and dining establishments, and numerous exhibits and events.

With so many activities to choose from, you may be wondering where to park.

The Grapefruit Parking Garage is one of the most recent parking options you should be aware of when visiting Disney Springs.

In this article, I will answer all questions regarding Grapefruit Parking Garage so that you can have a lovely experience when visiting.

Grapefruit Parking Garage – All that You Need to Know!

Grapefruit Parking Garage

One of Disney Springs’ three parking structures—the others being the Lime, Orange, and Grapefruit—is the Grapefruit garage.

For individuals who don’t mind a little walking, like beautiful views, and aren’t afraid of heights, the Grapefruit parking garage is ideal.

After taking the walkway, this garage will put you directly in front of World of Disney in Disney Springs’ Marketplace area.

Although this garage usually fills up last, I believe it to be the best.

When driving through the rows and parking spaces, it seems considerably bigger than the Orange and Lime Garage.

Finding a parking spot no longer requires carefully driving past each row and floor.

The parking spaces in the Lime and Orange garages are significantly smaller than those in the Grapefruit garage.

Most tourists who have parked at the Grapefruit garage agree that it is one of the best.

However, as with any other parking place at Disney Springs, it is best to arrive at least one hour prior to any scheduled reservation, event, or show.

This gives you plenty of time to navigate around.

You will not want to arrive late and miss your event due to a lack of parking.

Location of Grapefruit Garage

Grapefruit Parking Garage

Finding the Grapefruit parking lot shouldn’t be too challenging if you’ve previously utilized the Lime garage.

The Disney Springs gas station is close to the Grapefruit garage.

For the sake of accessibility, it is conveniently located immediately across the street.

You may access this location without crossing the street. You are able to utilize the walkways.

Since you only need to drive to Level 3, it doesn’t matter where you parked your car to use the walkways.

Since the walkways connect directly to this parking area, accessing the Grapefruit garage is made simpler.

You will be walking directly over the street when using these walkways to get to Disney Springs or the parking area.

To get to Disney Springs, you’ll utilize one of two connecting walkways.

You should have no trouble finding your location thanks to the numerous signs that have been put up.

What to Expect When Using this Garage

If you’re visiting for the first time, you must be curious about what the Grapefruit Parking Garage has to offer and if it’s the best parking option at Disney Springs.

In addition to Grapefruit’s convenience, this parking area has five floors of parking and is furnished with digital number boxes, escalators, and elevators.

You can more easily locate your parking space thanks to the color-coded lights that are installed in each parking row.

The distinctive qualities of the Grapefruit garage make it simpler for individuals to locate an open space, exit their cars, and have quick access to Disney Springs.

Grapefruit’s parking experience is unlike anything you’ve ever seen.

The parking lot is normally clean and well-kept.

Before you even park your car within, there is a sign displaying which levels have available parking places.

Other indicators inside the garage display the amount of available parking spaces.

The open areas have green lights on the ceiling, making it easier for people to find them from a distance.

When you park, the green light turns off. The amount of available parking places fluctuates automatically.

Are There Any Charges Incurred When Parking at Grapefruit Parking Garage?

NO, there are no charges incurred when using the Grapefruit Parking Garage.

Parking in the Grapefruit garage is free.

You are not obligated to pay to park your car when you go, regardless of the time of day.

People who prefer to use valet services will be charged.

On Monday through Thursday, from 3 PM to 11 PM, and on Friday and Saturday, from 11 AM to 11:30 PM, valet services are typically offered.

Additionally, the services are offered on Sundays from 11 AM to 11 PM.

A fee of $20 + tax is required for valet parking services.

Can You Park at Grapefruit Garage All Day?

Grapefruit Parking Garage

YES, you can park at the Garage throughout the day but during normal business hours.

It is crucial to note that you cannot keep your car in the garage overnight.

Parking is accessible from 7 A.M. to 2 A.M., but the hours may vary.

It’s also worth noting that most retail businesses at Disney Springs close around 11 P.M.

Those who plan to shop late can still find plenty of parking.

So, What are the Advantages of Parking at Grapefruit Garage?

Driving through Disney Springs can be difficult, and most people will hunt for a convenient parking spot.

One of the nicest aspects about Grapefruit Garage is the ease with which you can locate an available parking space.

There are almost a thousand open places in the evening.

Keep in mind that the Grapefruit garage has roughly 3,000 parking places, indicating that there will be plenty of space for everybody all day.

The Grapefruit garage is the greatest spot to be if you don’t want to drive about looking for the right parking space for convenient access to Disney World.

You can also use a car locator to locate your car at Grapefruit Garage.

Considering thousands of vehicles parked here, it can be difficult to remember where you put your automobile.

The car locator is an optional function that utilizes location services to assist you in locating your parked vehicle.

You now know where the Grapefruit Parking Garage is and what it has to offer at Disney Springs.

Whether you’re a resident or a tourist visiting Disney World, knowing where to park your car is important.

Remember to plan ahead of time and arrive on time for any reservations, activities, or shows.

The last thing you want to do is run up and down the street looking for a convenient parking spot.

How to Get to Disney Springs Using the Walkway

Grapefruit Parking Garage

On the other hand, rather than crossing the roadway and waiting for pedestrian crossing signs, there are walkways available.

Regardless of the level of the garage you park on, you must go to Level 3 to utilize the walkway.

These walkways link directly to the garage and enable you to walk straight above the street, eventually connecting to Disney Springs.

You’ll need to take two (connected) walkways to get to Disney Springs.

There’s a little area between the two pathways where cast members are stationed, and if you turn right, you’ll find the Casting Building.

You’ll just keep following the Disney Springs sign pointing to the left.

This will lead you to the second connecting walkway, which is right above traffic.

When you reach the end of this walkway, climb the stairs down and you’ll be right in front of World of Disney.

Electric Vehicle Charging at Disney Springs

Grapefruit Parking Garage

If you own an electric vehicle, there are charging stations at Disney Springs with some offering level 3 power.

The Orange and Lime parking garages offer three charging stations each and the stations are located on the fifth level.

For the Grapefruit Parking Garage, the stations are located on the third level and they are three in number.

The cost for charging a vehicle matches the theme park options and all these stations offer level 2 power.

For level 3 charging stations, you have to head over to the Watermelon Parking Lot situated near Cirque du Soleil.

The rate here is $0.40 per Kilowatt hour with a grace period of 20 minutes after which the rate changes to $0.30 per minute.

These level 3 stations charge more rapidly compared to the ones on Disney property and once the car is full, the management notifies you.

How Does the Car Locator at Grapefruit Parking Garage Work?

The car locator feature at Disney is a complementary feature that uses location technology to find and save your parking details.

It captures exactly where your vehicle is to make it easier to find after a long day at the parks.

The feature is sponsored by State Farm and is available at select parking locations at Walt Disney World Resort.

You can access the Car Locator feature via the card on the My Disney Experience app Home Screen or the feature menu for access.

You can also manually enter your vehicle information without Location Services enabled.

Final Thoughts on the Grapefruit Parking Garage

The Grapefruit Parking Garage offers a convenient spot for those who are looking for parking spaces while visiting Disney Springs.

Driving around Disney Springs is often challenging and this parking area offers Disney Visitors an opportunity to enjoy their visit without the challenge of securing a parking slot.

There are no charges and there are amenities like elevators and electric charging stations.

And the good news is that you can park all day.

If you’re having trouble securing a parking spot, then head over to Grapefruit Parking Garage.

Grapefruit Parking Garage at Disney Springs Drive Through

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