Does it Snow in Nevada? Every Fact that You Need to Know!

Does it snow in Nevada? The answer is YES.

The quick answer is YES! Snow falls in Nevada throughout the winter months, primarily from December to February.

The amount of snowfall varies across the state, with some locations receiving significantly more than others.

When I was planning my last vacation, I asked myself this question “does it snow in Nevada?”.

I had always wanted to visit Nevada and had some time off over the winter.

But, at the same time, I wanted to experience snow and winter weather.

We questioned if Nevada, which is known for its desert locations, would provide what we were looking for.

I knew I wanted to include some of the gambling that Reno and Las Vegas are famous for.

But I also wanted to go frolicking in the snow and maybe even skiing this time of year.

Was I able to find what we were seeking for in Nevada, a state not known for it?

In this post, I’ll answer in detail the question of snow in Nevada.

Does it Snow in Nevada? Overview of Nevada

Does it Snow in Nevada

Nevada, often known as the Silver State, is well-known for its silver mining history and the economic importance of the mineral.

With a population of roughly three million people, it is the 19th least populated state in the United States.

Nevada is the seventh-largest state in the country, with an area of 109,781 square miles (284,332 square kilometers).

The state is high in height, with the highest point being Boundary Peak at 13,147 feet (4,007 meters), and the lowest point being the Colorado River at 481 feet (147 meters).

Given the great heights, one has to wonder if it snows in Nevada.

Nevada is the driest state in the United States, with most of the state enduring desert or semi-arid conditions save for the Sierra Nevada.

Despite the arid climate, snow falls in Nevada, particularly in the northwestern parts near mountain ranges including the Sierra Nevada.

When Does it Snow in Nevada?

Does it Snow in Nevada

Considering that Nevada is mostly a desert, snow in Nevada can happen if the conditions are chilly.

That implies that in Nevada, it usually only snows during the winter months.

While some other states have winters that last from late October to April, Nevada’s is very short.

December through February are the coldest and most snowy months in Nevada.

And the possibilities rise as winter progresses, so mid-to-late January is your best bet.

That isn’t to imply that there aren’t certain exceptional years when it snows early or late.

It has snowed there as early as October and as late as April in the past. It’s just extremely rare.

In many parts of Nevada, cold and wintry are relative terms.

Because most of the state is so dry, you won’t experience classic Winter Wonderland weather.

However, in regions where snow does fall on occasion, these are the months to look for it.

Overview of Nevada Climate

As previously stated, there is no drier state in the whole United States than Nevada.

Arid and semi-arid regions cover a large portion of the territory.

This means that a large portion of it is critically deficient in naturally occurring water.

Nevada gets excessively and painfully hot during the summer.

It can get up to 125 degrees Fahrenheit (520C). Then, dry thunderstorms are common.

At the same time, winter can be bitterly cold.

The record low temperature was -50F. However, that was an unusual case.

Also, this is for the entire state, including non-desert places.

Because of these climate variations, many people prefer to visit Nevada in the spring and autumn.

The monthly breakdown is as follows:


In Nevada, December is usually the first month of the year when you may expect to see snow.

It is tied with January as the coldest month of the year in the state.

The average temperature in the state is 23.40F (-4.80C) with a high of 37.60F. (3.10C).

Areas where it does snow will receive 7.13 inches and 9 days of snow during the month of December.


January is usually tied with December as the coldest month of the year in Nevada.

However, it may be slightly warmer.

The lows are often about 240F (-4.20C) and the highs are around 39.70F (3.10C).

Areas where it does snow should expect 5.43 inches and 7 days of snow during this month.


Although it is still winter in Nevada, temperatures are beginning to rise.

Lows are about 25.70F (-3.50C), with highs reaching 40.80F. (4.90C).

Surprisingly, depending on the time of year, various sections of the state may receive more snowfall.

It is possible to obtain 7.56 inches of snow in 8 days.

Where Does it Snow in Nevada?

Does it Snow in Nevada

Although, as previously stated, the majority of Nevada is desert, this is not true everywhere.

The state’s northwest contains various mountain ranges, including the famous Sierra Nevada, which receive heavy snowfall each year!

A rain shadow is formed by the mountain ranges.

This means that the mountains cause moisture from the Pacific Ocean to climb and chill.

This results in a large amount of precipitation, which, because it is colder at higher altitudes, turns into snow.

As a result, the Sierra Nevada Mountain range receives several inches of snow each year.

There are also a handful of sites near the mountains that get snow.

For example, because Lake Tahoe is one of the state’s few wet places, it snows frequently and sticks.

Furthermore, the mountains that surround Lake Tahoe retain moisture within the lake.

This implies it has a microclimate that makes it one of the snowiest regions in the United States. Every year, they get several feet of snow.

The Great Basin National Park is another interesting place to get a lot of snow. It’s actually in one of Nevada’s desert regions.

Despite this, it tends to take up snow from storms moving away from other parts of the country.

Does it Snow in Reno, Nevada?

Individuals who have only heard of Reno, Nevada, may be astonished to find that it snows there on a regular basis!

They might associate “Nevada” with “desert,” although Reno is really located within Sierra Nevada.

This implies that they receive snowfall on a yearly basis.

Reno, on average, will receive around twenty inches of rain every year.

And it has been considerably more dramatic in some years.

There have been a few occasions when the snowfall has topped fifty inches!

Overall, this may be considered mild in comparison to some of the other states in the country.

However, it is sufficient to cause interruptions such as snow days and unsafe roadways. Water pipes and some plants are also at risk of freezing.

That being said, it additionally implies that there are plenty of ways to have fun in the winter weather.

There are various ski resorts in the area for winter fun, skiing, and snowboarding!

Does it Snow in Las Vegas, Nevada?

The answer is that it does not usually happen, but it can!

Unlike Reno, Las Vegas is situated in the heart of a desert, specifically the Mojave.

As a result, snow is becoming increasingly infrequent.

However, if the circumstances are ideal, anything is possible!

A cold front must be passing through Las Vegas at the time, which does not happen every year.

When it occurs, though, it delivers moisture from the Pacific with it.

This humidity and cold then interacts with the desert’s warm air, resulting in optimal snow conditions.

So, I wouldn’t necessarily recommend coming to Las Vegas in search of snow. However, if it does snow when you are here, it can be rather wonderful.

Does it Snow in Laughlin, Nevada?

The response to whether or not it snows in Laughlin is more typical of the state.

It’s a resounding NO. It is not one of Nevada’s desert areas because it is located on the Colorado River.

It is, however, one of the hottest regions in the entire US, not just Nevada!

Laughlin is regarded as one of the hottest cities in the United States.

It often hits 110 degrees Fahrenheit (43.3 degrees Celsius) in the summer! Given that it is a wetter place and that it does become hot, it receives a surprising amount of rainfall for Nevada.

Rainfall is expected to total 38 inches every year! Snow, on the other hand, is zero.

Does it Snow in Mesquite, Nevada?

When it comes to Mesquite, the answer is probably what you’re expecting. Because it almost never snows in Mesquite, Nevada.

The average annual snowfall is 0 inches. This makes sense given its location in the desert near the Arizona border.

Having said that, Mesquite does get some rain.

They get an average of 7 inches every year.

Given that the national average for the United States is 38 per year, that is extremely low!

Does It Snow in Pahrump, Nevada?

Pahrump, Nevada is another Nevada town with no snowfall throughout the year.

It also receives remarkably little rain, with an annual average of barely 5 inches.

But, given its location in the Mojave Desert, this should come as no surprise!

Does It Snow in Carson City, Nevada?

Surprisingly, Nevada’s capital city, Carson City, is located in the mountains rather than the desert.

Naturally, this implies that they do receive a significant amount of snow each year.

In the winter, temperatures in Carson City fluctuate between 19F (-7C) to 47F. (8C).

At the same time they get 22 inches of snow per year, which is truly astounding for Nevada!

However, with an altitude of 4802 feet, this additionally makes sense!

Ski Resorts in Nevada

Does it Snow in Nevada

As previously stated, Nevada has an abundance of ski resorts for you to enjoy. The following are some of our favorite winter activities in this odd locale!

Ruby Mountain Heli-Ski

Does it Snow in Nevada

The fact that Ruby Mountain Heli-Ski accommodates people of all skill levels is what makes it such an appealing spot for skiing or snowboarding.

This resort features a plethora of trails of varying difficulty levels to select from.

You will find something for everyone, whether you are a beginner or a seasoned skier.

They provide rentals as well as instruction.

This resort is also close to the Ruby Mountains, which provide truly stunning views.

Unlike the rest of Nevada, they transform this area into a true snow-covered paradise.

Elko Snobowl

Elko Snobowl is another excellent ski resort for all skill levels.

Rentals and instruction are available for those who are new to skiing or snowboarding.

They also have a variety of trails ranging from beginner to intense. Everyone who wishes to ski or snowboard is welcome!

The ease with which this location can be reached adds to its allure.

It is only a few minutes from an airport, unlike numerous areas in the Nevada mountain ranges. Elko Municipal Airport, to be exact.

Lee Canyon Ski Resort

Lee Canyon, like the last two ski resorts on the list, features trails for all skill levels.

And, like the others, they provide ski and snowboard rentals as well as tuition to beginners.

It is also quite easy to get here. In this case, the mountain is located very close to the famed Las Vegas Strip!

So, you could go skiing and gambling on the same vacation! This could be ideal for appealing to several individuals.

Diamond Peak Ski Resort

Unlike the previous ski resorts on the list, Diamond Peak caters to more advanced skiers.

There’s no getting around it: it’s far too difficult for someone who is new to it.

It’s famous for its breathtaking and demanding black diamond trails, as well as its unique terrain park.

Do not miss it if you are an expert skier!

This is also an excellent location for stunning vistas, which are especially beautiful in the winter.

See the Sierra Nevada and Lake Tahoe in all their snowy grandeur!

Alpine Meadows

Alpine Meadows, on the other hand, is ideal for beginners and intermediate skiers.

With no very difficult routes, it’s an excellent spot to learn and/or build confidence!

It’s also ideal for soaking in some of Nevada’s most beautiful winter ambience!

The Sierra Nevada range will be transformed into a Winter Wonderland.

You might also visit nearby Truckee, a wonderful town that is especially lovely this time of year.

Mt Rose Ski Resort

Returning to a resort that is suitable for all levels of ability, Mount Rose is an excellent choice for the entire family.

They feature a large range of trails of varying difficulty levels.

They offer rentals and lessons available for those who require them, as well as the beautiful snowy scenery you’d anticipate.

It’s also quite easy to get to, as it’s very close to the Reno-Tahoe International Airport.

You can start skiing as soon as you arrive, whether you’re from the United States or another nation.

Palisades Tahoe Ski Resort

If you assumed Diamond Peak Ski Resort was difficult, wait until you see Palisades Tahoe!

As with that one, if you’re not an expert, don’t bother coming here.

Palisades Tahoe boasts the blackest diamond trails of any North American ski resort.

Furthermore, the Olympic Training Center is located in Palisades Tahoe. Because of this, the paths are immaculately maintained, making it a lovely area to enjoy the winter weather and excitement!

Heavenly Ski Resort

Heavenly Ski Resort has been named one of America’s most popular ski resorts on multiple occasions!

It is located on the California-Nevada border and offers beautiful views of the Sierra Nevada and Lake Tahoe.

As you can expect, this is much truer in the winter when everything is blanketed in snow.

Heavenly Ski Resort has a trail for everyone, whether you’re a beginner or a seasoned skier.

Another authentic Winter Wonderland experience can be had by staying at the adjacent gorgeous Lakeland Village Resort.

Incline Village

Finally, Incline Village is well-known for its breathtaking views of Lake Tahoe. It’s one of the most beautiful spots to be in Nevada during the winter.

Incline Village provides trails for skiers and snowboarders of all skill levels. Lessons, like many of the others, are provided to individuals in need.

It’s a terrific spot for the whole family to experience the wonder of a Nevada winter, whether you’ve been skiing for years or it’s your first time!

Final Thoughts on the Question: Does it Snow in Nevada?

Does it snow in Nevada? There you have it. The answer is definitely YES.

Besides that, there are some wonderful spots to have fun in the winter in this apparently desert state!

So, if you’re seeking for a more uncommon snowy vacation, make your reservation immediately and head over to Nevada!

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