Does it Snow in London? When, Where and How Often

Does it snow in London? The answer is YES. It does indeed snow in this magnificent city.

London is the biggest city in England and the capital of the United Kingdom.

London was established by the Romans and has been a significant settlement for over two thousand years.

The city has a land area of 1,572 square kilometers and a population of 9.4 million people, ranking it 35th in the globe.

The city stands at an elevation of 59.1 feet (18 meters) above sea level, and given this low elevation, one has to question whether London does get snow.

Regardless of being on the same latitude as Siberia and sections of Russia, London does not have the long, freezing winters that those regions are known for.

Instead, it has the mild temperate oceanic environment that is typical of the United Kingdom.

The winter season in London runs from December to February and is distinguished by cool temps, little snowfall, and wet conditions.

In this blog post, I’ll answer in detail the question “does it snow in London?”

Does it Snow in London, England?

Does it snow in London? The answer is YES.

However, sometimes it snows and sometimes it doesn’t.

Most winters in London are very chilly, but not cold enough to experience snow.

If you’re fortunate, you might get a light dusting of snow, as was seen for a day over Christmas 2022.

But it usually doesn’t settle and only amounts to a few centimeters.

However, as time passes and as a result of climate change, London has experienced much hotter summers and far colder winters, raising the possibility that the city will experience snow in the winter in future!

When Does it Snow in London?

Because London has a temperate climate, the only time you might be fortunate enough to see snow is during the winter.

Winter in England runs from November to March, though this varies marginally from year to year.

The lowest months of the year, December, January, and February, are the most likely to see snow in London.

Does it Snow in London in November?

Although there is rarely snow in London in November, it is the month when temperatures begin to decline in preparation for winter.

The city is still in fall at the beginning of November, so temperatures could reach 15 degrees.

However, the usual temperature in London in November is between 7 and 12, and many days will be cloudy or foggy.

But don’t fear, the majority of these days will only have a couple of hours of showers before returning to blue skies!

Does it Snow in London in December?

In London, December marks the start of winter.

Temperatures are typically moderate, ranging from 48.2OF (9OC) to 37.4OF (3OC).

In addition, December is the first month in which significant snowfall is documented in London, with the city accumulating 3.2 inches (81.3 millimeters) after three snowfall days.

December is London’s Christmas winter month, when the city gets very cold, there’s often downpours, mist, and frost, and if you’re fortunate, some snow.

Does it Snow in London in January?

In London, January is both the coldest and snowiest month.

Temperatures range from 46.5OF (8.1OC) to 36.1OF (2.3OC).

Temperatures as low as 33OF (1OC) are unusual on those exceptionally cold days.

Throughout the month, London receives an average of four precipitation days, with snow accumulations reaching 9.6 inches (243.8 millimeters).

Does it Snow in London in February?

The cold weather from January continues into February, but temperatures start rising toward the end of the month.

For the month, average temps in the city range from 47.1OF (8.4OC) to 35.8OF (2.1OC).

The precipitation has decreased since January, totaling 4.3 inches (109.2 millimeters) after four snowfall days.

As the season gently transitions into spring, there will be far more rain and wind than snow.

Does it Snow in London in March?

Because March is usually spring in London, daily temperatures are significantly higher than in the colder month of February.

Temperatures in the city vary from 52.3OF (11.3OC) to 39OF (3.9OC).

After three snowfall days in March, a total snow accumulation of 1.1 inches (27.9 millimeters) is reported.

Despite the rain, it is a lovely time to be in the city as the plants, flowers, and parks start blooming again.

Where Does it Snow in London?

Heavy precipitation is neither common nor widespread in London.

Because of a climate associated with big cities known as the urban heat island effect, snow doesn’t remain on the ground for long.

Because the central area of London experiences slightly higher temperatures, it receives less snowfall than the surrounding areas.

During the winter, London has average temperatures varying from 46.9OF (8.3OC) to 2.4OF (2.4OC).

Throughout the year, London experiences 16 snowy days, with snow accumulations reaching 18.4 inches (467.3 millimeters).

Ski Resorts in London

Don’t let the lack or lightness of snow in London deter you from having an enjoyable winter season in the city.

There are no ski resorts in the London city region.

However, with several indoor and outdoor ski resorts on the city’s outskirts bustling with snowy activities during the winter.

London is never a dull spot for snow lovers.

Skieasy Chiswick Ski and Snowboard Center

Skieasy Chiswick is 14 kilometers from London in Greater London.

The facility, which serves the purpose of a learning center, has 0.1 kilometers of ski and snowboarding slopes.

Skieasy concentrates on training aspiring skiers and snowboarders and is outfitted with cutting-edge training instruments and coaches.

However, advanced and expert level skiers need not fear because the resort welcomes them as well.

Chel-Ski – London

Chel-Ski is London’s biggest artificial ski area.

The resort is located in Greater London, approximately 9 kilometers from the London Metropolitan region.

Chel-Ski has 0.1 kilometers of slope for skiing and snowboarding and is accessible all year.

7 Things to Do in London in Winter

Winter Wonderland

Wonderland in the Winter During the winter, one of London’s most traditional pastimes is a stroll through Hyde Park.

It is the largest winter market in the city, with numerous food stalls, rides, theater, and an ice rink.

The market is not expensive to attend, but it is always crowded, and it is typically held between November and December.

If you only want to spend money on a few attractions at Winter Wonderland, opt for the Ferris wheel, which has the best views of London!

Enjoy Sledding

You might not have expected to go sledding in London, but there are lots of spots with hills in the city.

Hampstead Heath, from which you can see the city skyline, is one of the most famous places for snow sledding.

You can opt to go sledding at Primrose Hill or Greenwich Park also.

Enjoy a Hot Lunch during the Winter

After savoring the snow in London, a traditional British pub lunch is a must-do in the heart of the city.

Selecting a pub in London varies depending on where you are, but there is typically one on every corner.

Choose a classic British meal, such as sausages and mash or a large roast dinner, and you’ll be warmed up in a matter of minutes.

Enjoy the Views of the City

The view over London is stunning on any day, but it is especially stunning in the snow.

You could strive for a simple view, such as walking along river Thames, where many renowned buildings can be seen.

Alternatively, go to The Shard or the Walkie-Talkie (20 Fenchurch Street) for incredible views from the top level (both are free!).

Go for a Winter Walk

Going for a snowy walk is common; however, snow is uncommon in London, so having a walk through the city while it’s snowing is extremely unusual.

You could take a stroll along the river, through Hyde Park, or even around the West End, where you’ll probably see very few people because every person will be desperate to get out of the cold!

Visit an Indoor Skiing Center

If sledding or ice skating aren’t exciting enough, you might consider going to the Snow Centre in Hemel Hempstead, which has fantastic indoor slopes for skiing and snowboarding, as well as experts if it’s your first time trying it out!

Visit a Winter Market

Winter Wonderland isn’t London’s only market; in reality, the city has an abundance of winter markets to check out.

You could go to a different one every day of the week, from the charming German market in Trafalgar Square and Leicester Square to the twinkling international market on the Southbank and the local one in Greenwich!

Final Thoughts on the Question: Does it Snow in London?

Does it snow in London? The answer is YES.

However, the snow is often light and infrequent.

The winter period runs from the months of November to March and there are numerous activities one can engage in during this period.

So, what are you waiting for? Pack your bags and experience the unique wintry period in London!

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