Does It Snow in Kentucky? Everything You Need to Know About Snowfall in Kentucky

Does it snow in Kentucky? YES, it does snow in Kentucky.

Kentucky encounters four different seasons, with the winter season lasting from December to March.

In Kentucky, snow is a regular occurrence in January.

Kentucky is a state in the United States’ Upland South area, with an estimated population of 4.468 million people.

Virginia, West Virginia, Tennessee, Missouri, Illinois, Indiana, and Ohio all share its boundaries with Kentucky.

The state is renowned for horse racing, Slugger baseball bats, and the world-renowned Kentucky Fried Chicken (KFC).

But, does Kentucky get snow?

Because of its central position in the United States, most of Kentucky has a humid subtropical climate.

The coastal mountains of the southeast, on the other hand, have an oceanic climate.

In this post, I’ll answer in detail the question “Does it Snow in Kentucky?”

Does it Snow in Kentucky?

Does Kentucky get snow? The answer is definitely YES.

This great state in the United States does receive snow during the winter months.

Therefore, if you’re looking for a snow-filled getaway in Kentucky, then you will not be disappointed.

When Does it Snow in Kentucky?


In Kentucky, December marks the beginning of winter.

Temperatures are moderate during the day but drop below freezing at night.

The average temps range from 50 degrees Fahrenheit (10 degrees Celsius) to 24 degrees Fahrenheit. (-4.4 degrees Celsius).

Mountainous areas and other areas of high elevation are covered in snow.

Around Christmas, snow-covered landscapes and trees produce an incredibly beautiful scene.


Winter in Kentucky reaches its climax in January.

Temperatures during this month vary from 23 to 47 degrees Fahrenheit (-5 to -5 degrees Celsius). (8.3 degrees Celsius).

January is the snowiest month of the year, with snow accumulations reaching 6 inches on average (177.8 millimeters).


Despite the fact that nighttime temperatures remain in the negatives, daytime temperatures have risen slightly and can now approach 52 degrees Fahrenheit (11.11 degrees Celsius).

There is a decrease in snowfall, with 4 to 5 inches (101.6 to 127 millimeters) reported.

Snow amounts continue to fall in the state’s south, with just minor dustings reported.


In Kentucky, March officially marks the end of winter.

Temperatures increase significantly as the state switches on to spring.

The amount of snowfall decreases significantly, and in the south, about 1 inch (25.4 millimeters) of snow is reported.

Where Does it Snow in Kentucky?

Does it Snow in Louisville, Kentucky?

YES, it does snow in Louisville, Kentucky.

Louisville is Kentucky’s largest metropolis and the 29th most populated city in the United States.

Louisville gets its first snow in December, but it can get a dusting as early as October in some instances.

The snowiest months in Louisville are January and February, and the winter season concludes in March.

Throughout the year, Louisville receives approximately 25 snowfall days and can accumulate up to 8.7 inches (220.98 millimeters) of precipitation.

Does it Snow in Florence, Kentucky?

YES, it does snow in Florence, Kentucky.

Florence, the county’s largest city of Boone County, has a population of 32,369.

Snow occurs in Florence from November to March, with an average of 3.8 months of snowfall per year.

Florence is the snowiest area in the whole of Kentucky, with an annual snowfall of up to 18.7 inches (474.98 millimeters).

Does it Snow in Frankfort, Kentucky?

YES, it does snow in Frankfort, Kentucky.

Kentucky’s state headquarters are located in Frankfort.

It has a population of approximately 28,600 people and spans an area of 14.6 square miles (37.8 km2).

Frankfort experiences 30.4 snowfall days per year on average, and the entire city gets 6.3 inches (160.2 millimeters) of snow.

Does Kentucky Get Snow? Ski Resorts in Kentucky

Despite getting significant amounts of snowfall each year, unfortunately, Kentucky has no ski resorts, contrary to popular belief.

However, this was not always the case.

Ski Butler, Kentucky’s ski area, was situated in the General Butler State Park in Carrollton.

Unfortunately, the Park was closed in the 1990s, and winter sports enthusiasts in the area have been forced to journey to other states to get what they need since then.

Let the lack of a ski resort not kill your desire to explore Kentucky during the winter.

During this time, Kentucky still has an abundance of things to do.

You can go horse-riding in the snow, hiking in the snowy mountains, or ice skating in Louisville, among other fun activities.

Fun Things to Do in Kentucky in Winter

Check Out Bardstown At Christmas

Experience the charm of the North Pole in the wintertime city of Bardstown, Kentucky.

Bardstown in the wintertime will bring out the best in you, but with plenty more whisky.

When the town’s Christmas tree is lit and a huge parade parades down Main Street, this local North Pole dupe comes to life.

The event, aptly named Light Up Bardstown, turns the town’s streets into a beautiful holiday neighborhood where joy reigns supreme and anxieties take a back seat.

Buildings are brightly lit, and you may utilize a map to see all of the finest lights in Bardstown.

Go Hiking At Red River Gorge

The Red River Gorge is a one-of-a-kind, scenic natural area that attracts thousands of tourists each year during the warmer months.

Many individuals are unaware that winter is an absolutely wonderful ( jaw-droppingly beautiful) time of year to explore the Gorge.

When the temperatures drop and people withdraw to the warmth of their homes, Slade, Kentucky transforms into a quaint community full of southern hospitality and excellent opportunities for peaceful hikes along scenic trails.

The peaceful solitude of unbroken nature makes enduring the cold temps worthwhile.

The only footprints you’ll see in the snow on many trails are those of local wildlife.

While the Daniel Boone National Forest has over 600 miles of trails to explore, the Original Natural Bridge Trail is one of the best locations to discover the beauty of winter in Kentucky.

Hike the 2.5-mile path to the summit of the spectacular arch for a birds-eye view of a stunning scene covered in soft, white snow.

Visit Patti’s 1880’S Settlement

Nothing warms us up like a delicious, home-cooked dinner with all of the fixings.

You might not feel at home at Patti’s 1880’s Settlement, but the cordial, old-fashioned ambiance and incredible food will leave you feeling as if you just completed a dinner at grandma’s house.

Enjoy a succulent multi-course dinner accompanied by flower pot bread and homemade strawberry butter.

Everything on the menu is delicious, from the 2″ pork chops to the catfish filets to the cajun shrimp alfredo, so you honestly can’t go wrong!

Finish with a massive slice of pie in flavors varying from apple to Mississippi mud.

Visit Christmas In The Park In Paducah

Get into the holiday mood by visiting Paducah, Kentucky, which is about 3 hours from Louisville.

Paducah hosts Christmas in the Park each year, a magnificent, family-friendly light show with a reason other than spreading holiday cheer.

Each year, the event, which includes hundreds of holiday light displays at Bob Noble Park, begins with a lighting ceremony starring the big man himself- Santa Claus.

On opening night, visitors may stroll around the light installations to get a close-up look, drive through the displays, or even enjoy one of the free horse carriage rides that are frequently funded for the event!

There is no admission fee to drive through the park and see the lights, but visitors are urged to bring non-perishable food items or cash contributions for local nonprofit organizations.

Embark On A Winter Adventure At Carter Caves State Resort Park

Kick your winter blues with a wild weekend of educational activities at Carter Caves State Resort Park this winter.

Every year, the park hosts Winter Adventure Weekend, an exciting weekend of hiking, canoeing, cave excursions, kayaking, rappelling, and other activities.

Make a list of things for your family that range in skill level from beginner to advanced.

Rise up from your slumber and enter a winter wonderland where you will learn winter survival and mountain climbing skills from seasoned guides.

Step outside your comfort zone, discover something new, and delve into the depths of some icy caves.

Stay on-site at Carter Caves State Resort Park after a thrilling day of chilly enlightenment to be near to the excitement of the next day!

Final Thoughts on the Question: Does it Snow in Kentucky?

Does it snow in Kentucky? The answer is YES.

Kentucky does indeed receive snow during the winter months that run from late October to March.

Frankfort is the snowiest city in the state and unfortunately, there are no ski resorts for skiing lovers.

However, there are many fun activities to keep you entertained during the winter period.

So, why don’t you book your flight and experience snow in Kentucky?

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