Does it Snow in Dallas?

Does it snow in Dallas? The answer is YES. It does snow but in the form of light flurries in some sections of the city.

Dallas is located in North Texas, which experiences a predominantly warm and temperate climate.

While snow is not unheard of in the area, it is relatively rare and typically occurs only a few times each winter season.

When snow does occur in Dallas, it often melts quickly due to the warmer temperatures and lack of snow removal infrastructure.

In this article, I’ll answer in detail the question “does it snow in Dallas?”

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Does it Snow in Dallas?

Does it Snow in Dallas

As previously stated, the answer is YES. The city of Dallas does experience light dusting of snow during the winter period.

Dallas is a city in the state of Texas, in the United States of America.

With 1.3 million residents, the city stands on 993.10 square kilometers of land and is Texas’ third most populous metropolis.

Dallas is a low-lying city with an altitude of 430 feet (131 meters) and its highest point at 640 feet (195 meters).

Dallas, which is home to one of the world’s busiest airports, has four interstate roads connecting in its metropolitan area.

Does it, however, snow in Dallas?

Overview of the Dallas Climate

Dallas has two distinct climates: a subtropical climate, typical of the Southern Plains region of the United States, and a continental climate.

Dallas’ winters, which range from December through February, are often chilly and snowy, with snow falling on average every two days and accumulating 1.5 inches of snow.

The city is susceptible to tornadoes and hailstorms due to its geographic location, whereby warm and cold currents frequently collide.

Cold airwaves from the north mix with warm, humid air from the Gulf Coast, resulting in torrential rains, thunderstorms, and tornadoes in the area.

Summers in Dallas are muggy and hot and it is partly cloudy all year.

Throughout the year, the temperature normally ranges from 39°F to 96°F, with temperatures rarely falling below 26°F or rising above 102°F.

From June through mid-September, the hot season lasts more than three months, with an average daily high temperature of more than 88°F.

August is the hottest month in Dallas, with average highs of 95°F and lows of 76°F.

From the end of November to the end of February, the cold season lasts three months, with an average daily high temperature of less than 64°F.

January is the coldest month, with a mean low of 39°F and high of 57°F.

When Does it Snow in Dallas?

Does it Snow in Dallas

Snow, albeit uncommon, falls throughout the winter season, which lasts from December to February.

The month with the most snowfall in Dallas is February, with accumulations of roughly 3 inches.


In Dallas, winter begins in December. The temperature ranges from 55.6 degrees Fahrenheit (13.1 degrees Celsius) to 41.7 degrees Fahrenheit (5.4 degrees Celsius).

If you want a snowy Christmas, you’ll be disappointed because Dallas cannot provide it.

Because temperatures are still relatively high and rarely drop below zero, optimal conditions for snow development are rarely met.

Snow, on the other hand, continues to fall, albeit in the form of small flurries in certain parts of the city.

However, the month remains cloudy, with only 5.6 hours of sunshine on average.

Rain drips for 8.8 days and totals 1.89 inches (48 millimeters), while snow falls for 0.4 days and totals 0.08 inches (2 millimeters).


Dallas experiences subzero temperatures in January, making it the city’s coldest month.

Average temperatures have dropped since December, with highs of 54.3 degrees Fahrenheit (12.4 degrees Celsius) and lows of 39.2 degrees Fahrenheit (4 degrees Celsius).

Snow falls for an average of 0.4 snowfall days, accumulating to a depth of 0.16 inches (4 millimeters).

On the other hand, rainfall falls for an average of 6.7 days, accumulating to a depth of 1.69 inches (43 millimeters).


In Dallas, February marks the end of winter. As the city gets ready for the spring season, temperatures are increasing generally.

Average monthly temperatures in the city’s metropolitan area range from 42.4 degrees Fahrenheit (5.8 degrees Celsius) to 57.9 degrees Fahrenheit (14.4 degrees Celsius).

However, snowstorms with freezing temperatures are common in the city.

In February, Dallas averages 1.2 snowfall days, with snow accumulations of 0.43 inches (11 millimeters).

Ski Resorts in Dallas

Does it Snow in Dallas

Having answered the question “does it snow in Dallas?” let’s look at the ski resorts in Dallas.

Because Dallas does not get much snow, there are no ski resorts nearby.

The majority of Dallas winter sports fans fly out to alternate destinations in Utah and Washington.

Bluewood ski resort is the nearest resort to Dallas that Dallas people visit throughout the winter.

Bluewood Ski Resort

This ski resort in the Blue Mountains of Washington State, United States, features terrain for all levels of skiers and snowboarders.

The ski area is located at an elevation of 4545 feet (1385 meters) to 5670 feet (1728 meters) above sea level.

Within its enormous 2.1 square kilometers ski area, it boasts 24 slopes that cater to all difficulty levels.

Bluewood Ski Resort is well-known for its welcoming ambiance and limited crowds, making it a popular choice for families and those looking for a more relaxed ski experience.

The resort provides ski and snowboard rentals, lessons, and group and individual packages.

Bluewood Ski Resort offers tubing, snowshoeing, and cross-country skiing in addition to skiing and snowboarding.

The ski season normally lasts from December to March, with hours of operation fluctuating depending on the day and weather.

Denton Ski Resort

Denton Ski Resort is another ski resort popular with Dallas winter sports aficionados.

The resort is located in Pennsylvania at heights ranging from 1804 feet (550 meters) to 2460 feet (750 meters) above sea level.

Denton ski resort features an 8-kilometer slope for skiing and snowboarding.

These slopes cater to all skill levels, with 4 kilometers designated for beginners, 2 kilometers for intermediates, and 2 kilometers for experts.

The resort has five ski lifts for transporting tourists.

Alpine skiing, snowboarding, cross-country skiing, and snowshoeing are among the winter sports available at the resort.

The resort also features a number of restaurants, bars, and accommodation for those who choose to remain on-site and make use of all of the resort’s amenities.

Final Thoughts on the Question: “Does it Snow in Dallas?”

Does it snow in Dallas? The answer is definitely YES.

But due to its unique climate, some parts of the city experience a light dusting of snow during the winter months.

However, if you would like to build a snowman during the winter in Dallas, then this may not be possible.

Despite that, there are nearby ski resorts that can take care of your “winter needs”.

Head over to one of these resorts for a unique winter experience, whether you’re an expert or novice in skiing or snowboarding.

Frequently Asked Questions

Which part of Texas gets snow?

Areas in the Panhandle and West Texas seem to see more snow compared to the rest of the state. However, snow flurries and ice rarely but do occur in central Texas and even south Texas.

Does Dallas have four seasons?

YES, Dallas does have all the four seasons. Spring in Dallas begins in March and lasts through May. The temperature gradually warms up during this time, with mild temperatures and occasional rainfall. Summer in Dallas starts in June and lasts through August. It is characterized by hot and humid weather, with temperatures generally ranging from the mid-90s to low 100s. Fall in Dallas begins in September and lasts through November. During this season, the temperature begins to cool down gradually, with occasional rain and thunderstorms. Winter in Dallas runs from December to February. Although it is relatively mild compared to other parts of the country, the temperature can still dip below freezing at times. Snowfall is infrequent but not unheard of.

What month does Dallas get snow?

Dallas would generally receive snowfall in the winter months of December, January, and February when the temperatures drop low enough for precipitation to freeze. However, it is necessary to note that the amount of snow received is typically minimal and does not accumulate significantly. In general, snowfalls are also very rare in the city and are usually light and short-lived but the month with the most snowfall is February.

What are winters like in Dallas Texas?

Winter in Dallas, Texas is typically mild compared to other parts of the United States. The average temperature during the winter months, December to February, is around 13°F to 16°F (3°C to 5°C). However, temperatures can vary and occasionally drop below freezing, resulting in light snowfall

Does it rain snow in Texas?

It is a common misconception that it snows in Texas, however, Texas is a state that experiences a wide range of weather conditions ranging from hot summers to mild winters. Parts of Texas can experience snowfall, but it is mostly limited to the northern and western parts of the state. The amount of snowfall varies and can range from light flurries to heavy snowfall. Texas primarily experiences rainfall rather than snowfall.

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