Does it Snow in Arizona? 7 Places that Receive Snow in Arizona!

Does it snow in Arizona? YES, it does snow in Arizona.

You won’t find much snow in the desert, but if you’d like to witness snow in Arizona, head to the state’s northern areas.

Northern Arizona receives up to 75 inches of snow per year, which is quite a lot if you ask me.

Arizona is one of the most popular states in the country.

It is best renowned for its dry, desert landscapes.

Furthermore, it is home to the Grand Canyon, a world-renowned tourist destination.

So, we know that there are many wonderful places to visit in Arizona, but does it snow in Arizona during the winter?

The fact is that despite being known as an arid area, there are places within the state that experience snow during the winter.

In this article, I’ll answer in detail the question, “does it snow in Arizona?”

So, Does it Snow in Arizona

Does it Snow in Arizona

YES, it does snow in Arizona.

The amount may surprise you: up to 75 inches per year in the northern regions, and 260 inches, or an impressive 21.5 feet, at the ski resorts (yes, there are ski resorts in Arizona).

Arizona is not typically associated with snow, but given its location in the mainland United States, it receives more than its fair share.

Breathtaking views of snow on mountain tops, tree tops, and building roofs can be found during the winter.

In Arizona’s northern areas, even the streets are snow-covered.

So, if you’ve never seen snow, make your way to Northern Arizona for an unforgettable adventure.

The importance of timing cannot be overstated. It’s pointless to go looking for a winter wonderland in the middle of summer.

So, when exactly does it snow in Arizona?

You’ll need to know this in order to plan your trip around the proper dates.

So, let us go over this in more depth. It goes without saying that Arizona only receives snow during the winter season.

Overview of Arizona

Arizona is the 14th most-populated state in the United States, with a population of 7,151,502 as of 2020.

It is the sixth largest state in the nation, spanning 295,234 square kilometers.

Humphrey’s Peak, at 12,637 feet (3,852 m) above sea level, is Arizona’s highest peak, while the Colorado River, at 72 feet, is its lowest. (22 m).

Given the state’s high elevation, one has to question if it ever snows in Arizona.

The majority of Arizona has an arid and semi-arid climate with very hot summers and fairly warm winters.

Due to their high elevations, the northern and southeastern areas of the state experience milder temperatures.

These areas are prone to snowfall during the winter.

When Does it Snow in Arizona?

Snow occurs in Arizona during the winter season, which lasts from the beginning of December through the end of March.

However, some areas receive the first dustings of snow as early as October, and snow can remain in other areas until June.

During a normal winter, Arizona receives up to 75 inches (1905 millimeters) of snowfall.

Here is a detailed month by month breakdown.


In Arizona, December marks the beginning of winter.

Though temperatures in Phoenix, Arizona, stay high, mountainous areas experience cold temperatures.

Temperatures in Flagstaff, for example, vary from 15.80F(-90C) to 44.60F (70C).

Show Low, on the other hand, reports low temperatures ranging from 230F (-50C) to 46.40F (80C).

In Flagstaff, snow descends for 7.4 days and accumulates to a depth of 7.3 inches (187 millimeters).

Snow fell on Show Low for five days and accumulated to 4.02 inches (102 millimeters).


In Arizona, January is the coldest month.

Temperatures in Phoenix remain fairly warm, ranging between 43.40F(6.30C) and 650F (18.30C).

Temperatures in the foothills around Flagstaff can drop to as low as 200F. (-60C).

For 6.1 days in January, Flagstaff receives heavy precipitation.

During the month, snow accumulations can reach 4.65 inches. (118 millimeters).


In most areas of Arizona, February marks the end of winter.

Temperatures are generally rising as these areas are ready to transition into spring, compared to January.

Temperatures in Show Low vary between 24.80F(-40C) and 500F (100C).

Temperatures in high elevation areas, such as Flagstaff, stay mild and can even drop to the lows of 19.40F(-70C).

In February, Show Low on average records 3.5 snowfall days and an accumulation of up to 3.07 inches (78 millimeters).

On the other hand, Flagstaff has 6.2 snowfall days and a total of 5.94 inches (151 millimeters).

Where Does it Snow in Arizona?

So, avoid planning your trip for a period that is outside of the months I just highlighted. Especially if you want to experience snow.

So, now that you know when it snows in Arizona, let’s look at some cities to evaluate their

chances of receiving snow.

Does it Snow in Flagstaff, Arizona?

YES, it does snow in Flagstaff Arizona.

What you undoubtedly didn’t realize is that Flagstaff is one of the snowiest cities in the United States.

As a result, it’s one of the finest winter wonderlands you’ll find.

Every year, more than 100 inches of snow land in Flagstaff.

That means you’ll have plenty of snow to make as many figures as you want. It’s also a great place to go sliding.

In a metropolis with so much snow, the temperature naturally drops to dangerously low levels.

So, if you plan to spend the day outside, dress comfortably and bring a flask of hot coffee with you. Are you a visitor?

If you are, you will most likely require lodging during your vacation.

The Motel DuBeau Travelers Inn is ideal for those searching for inexpensive accommodation.

This is not a five-star luxury retreat. However, the Motel DuBeau Travelers Inn has its own set of advantages.

Does it Snow in Phoenix, Arizona?

YES, but on very rare occasions.

Phoenix is Arizona’s capital and most populous city.

It has a population of 1.7 million people and is located at a height of 1,117 feet (357 meters) above sea level.

Because of the city’s hot temperature and low elevation, it rarely snows in Phoenix.

There have been occasions when snow has fallen in Phoenix.

The uncommon occurrence of snowfall in Phoenix occurs once every 25 years, and it will always occur in January.

Does it Snow in Show Low, Arizona?

YES, the town of Show Low does receive snow in the winter months.

The town of Show Low receives its first snow in December and its last in late February or early March.

January is the coldest and snowiest month in Show Low, with lows of 27.50F. (-2.50C).

Throughout the year, Show Low gets snowfall on an average of 18.8 snowfall days and accumulates 14.76 inches (377 millimeters) of snow.

Does it Snow in Prescott, Arizona

YES, it does snow in Prescott, Arizona.

Prescott, on the other hand, does not get as much snow as Flagstaff.

The snowfall is light, but sufficient to provide the complete winter experience.

Every month, Prescott gets an average of 5 inches of snow.

If you want to stop by Prescott during the snowy season, plan your journey from December to February.

This is when the most snow falls in Prescott.

Prescott, regrettably, does not have numerous winter activities as Flagstaff and other snowy towns.

If you’re on the hunt for an ideal place to stay in Prescott, make a reservation at Hotel St Michael Prescott.

For several reasons, this is one of the best locations to stay in Prescott, Arizona.

To begin, the hotel is a historical structure with a rich cultural past.

It also has a fitness facility for those who want to burn off some of those extra calories.

The fitness center is also a wonderful place to get some physical exercise.

Does it Snow in Sedona, Arizona?

YES, Sedona does receive snow during the winter period.

Another fantastic destination for a vacation adventure is Sedona, Arizona.

Will it, however, provide you with the wintry wonderland you desire?

It is possible if you visit the right place at the right time.

Sedona gets about 10 inches of snow per year on average, which is more than enough to construct a snowman.

You’ll get to see stunning vistas of snow falling on Sedona’s famous red rocks.

This is a one-of-a-kind show that you won’t discover anywhere else.

Snow typically falls at night when the temperature in Sedona drops significantly.

If you want to engage in the snow, you should set an alarm to get up early in the morning.

The snow begins to melt as the temperature increases during the day. In reality, it melts relatively quickly.

During the winter, Sedona transforms into a gorgeous winter wonderland.

That is why it is one of the best places to explore in Arizona for snow.

Sedona Village Lodge is an excellent choice for those who remain deliberating on their vacation accommodations.

The friendly service and cozy rooms make up for the absence of luxury at this 2-star lodge.

Sedona Village Lodge also provides breathtaking vistas of Sedona’s red rocks. You will also have free Wi-Fi connectivity as an additional bonus.

Does it Snow in Tucson, Arizona?

YES, indeed it does snow in Tucson Arizona.

Tucson, Arizona is located at an altitude of 2,388 feet, which is quite high.

It also implies that you will most likely uncover your winter wonderland in this city.

Tucson is a very cold city because the temperature drops quite low.

In truth, Tucson is even colder than Phoenix, and we all know how much snow falls in Phoenix.

So, if you want snow, more snow, and nothing but snow, Tucson, Arizona is the place to be.

Despite the freezing temps, Tucson does not get snow every year.

So, if you want to see snow in this metropolis, I strongly advise you to check news reports and weather forecasts first.

If you plan to visit Tucson, Arizona, make sure to book your stay at 3 Palms Tucson North Foothills.

This retreat will make you feel as if you’re on a snowy beach island.

It has lovely palm trees and even a pool for those of you bold enough to swim in the winter.

Does it Snow in Williams, Arizona?

YES, it does snow.

In reality, this is one of the best places to visit in Arizona if you want to experience a white Christmas like the ones you’ve seen in movies.

The most snow will fall in January, but there will also be precipitation around Christmas time in December.

Williams, Arizona averages 5.3 inches of precipitation per year. It also snows for several months.

In Williams, Arizona, skiing and snowboarding are common activities.

There are also a number of paths where you can walk through the snow.

Williams’ temperature can naturally dip quite low.

To keep warm, don a warm coat, gloves, a scarf, and at least two to three pairs of socks.

Yes, the only period you won’t see snow is between the end of April and the beginning of November.

So, if you plan your journey outside of these months, you have a good chance of having a snowy getaway.

In fact, if you’re looking for guaranteed snowfall, Williams, Arizona is the spot to go. It will be far too cold to slumber on the streets.

As a result, you’ll need to locate a warm place to stay during your journey.

The Grand Canyon Railway & Hotel is ideal for those looking for a luxurious spot to stay for the night.

This is a three-star motel with comfortable rooms and heating systems.

Hot tubs are offered at the Grand Canyon Railway & Hotel, where you can bathe in the warm, bubbling water and escape the freezing temps outside.

Ski Resorts in Arizona

Does it Snow in Arizona

Arizona has stunning skiing scenery as well as plenty of snow.

The state has four ski resorts with a total of 49 kilometers of skiable terrain and 18 ski lifts.

Arizona Snowbowl Ski Resort

Arizona Snowbowl is the state’s biggest ski resort.

It is situated between altitudes of 2,804 and 3,505 meters and has an annual snowfall of 260 inches (6,604 millimeters).

The Arizona Snowbowl ski resort offers 37 kilometers of terrain for skiing and snowboarding.

Of the 37 km, 12 km are designated for simple difficulty, 14 for intermediate difficulty, and 11 for expert difficulty.

Six ski lifts service the resort, which is open from mid-November to the end of April.

Mt. Lemmon Ski Valley

Mt. Lemmon Ski Valley is the most southern ski area in the United States.

It is situated on the slopes of Mount Lemmon in Tucson, with altitudes ranging from 2,522 to 2,750 meters.

The ski resort has 8.5 kilometers of slope accessible for skiing and snowboarding, catering to all skiing difficulty levels.

Mt. Lennon Ski Valley is accessible from mid-December to April and has three ski lifts that shuttle visitors.

Sunrise Park Resort

This resort covers three mountains and is situated near Greer.

It has a 3.2-kilometer-square skiable territory and can accommodate skiers of all skill levels.

Sunrise Park Resort has seven ski lifts to ferry visitors.

The resort is open all year because it has snowmaking machinery that supplements natural snowfall.

Ski Resort Elk Ridge-Williams

This snow resort is located 30 miles west of Flagstaff in Williams, between 2,306 and 2,452 meters.

The resort has 3 kilometers of slope for skiing and snowboarding and two ski lifts to transport visitors.

Final Thoughts on the Question: Does it Snow in Arizona?

Does it snow in Arizona? The answer is YES.

In reality, snow falls in the majority of Arizona’s cities. Some towns may receive less snow than others.

So, it’s up to you to choose which metropolis will be your ideal winter wonderland.

There are so many cities to choose from that it may be difficult to pick just one.

If you enjoyed this story, be sure to read my other article on Does It Snow in San Jose? Pack your luggage and warm clothing because your winter wonderland is right around the corner!

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