Does it Snow in Argentina?

Does it snow in Argentina? If you’re wondering whether it does snow in Argentina, then I got you covered.

The answer is YES, it does snow in Argentina during the winter months.

Argentina’s climatic conditions differ from region to region and are influenced by the elevation and relief of the country.

The vast majority of the country’s mainland has a moderate climate.

However, the climates in the north and south vary with the north having a subtropical climate and the south having a polar environment.

Argentina’s winter season lasts from June through August.

Heavy snow and frost are expected in the southern sections of the country around this time.

In this article, I will answer in detail the question “does it snow in Argentina?”

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Does it Snow in Argentina?

Does it Snow in Argentina

As previously stated, Argentina does experience snow during the winter months.

Argentina is a South American country with a land size of 2,780,400 square kilometers.

Chile, Bolivia, Paraguay, Brazil, and Uruguay are all neighbors.

Argentina is South America’s second-largest country, with a population of about 44 million people.

Does it, however, snow in Argentina?

It has vast plains, deserts, tundra, and woods, as well as steep mountains, rivers, and thousands of kilometers of coastal coastline.

The country also claims a section of Antarctica and many South Atlantic islands, notably the British-ruled Falkland Islands.

Argentina, notwithstanding the romantic allure of the Pampas and extensive arid Patagonian environments, is primarily an urban nation.

The nation’s capital, Buenos Aires, has spread across the eastern Pampas with its ring of sophisticated, bustling neighborhoods.

It is one of South America’s largest metropolitan areas and busy towns, and its architectural styles and vibrant nightlife have led to comparisons to Paris or Rome.

Climate of Argentina

Does it Snow in Argentina

Argentina is mainly in the Southern Hemisphere’s temperate zone, as opposed to the rest of the continent to the north, which lies in the tropics.

Tropical air masses only pass over the provinces of Formosa and Misiones in the far north on rare occasions.

Argentina’s southern extremes, which stretch to latitude 55° S, are also predominantly moderate, as opposed to the frigid continental climate of corresponding latitudes in North America.

The South American mainland narrows so dramatically near its southern tip that the Pacific and Atlantic seas regulate weather patterns, and average monthly temperatures remain above freezing in the winter.

A long, narrow north-south band of semiarid to arid conditions, as well as tundra and polar conditions in the high Andes and southern Tierra del Fuego, interrupt the temperate climate.

The majority of the country experiences moderate to low precipitation, with the driest portions being in the extreme northwest and southern Patagonia.

The Humid Pampa, Mesopotamia, and the eastern Chaco receive the most rainfall.

Windstorms are prevalent, with thunder, lighting, and hail.

Stationary fronts bring long periods of rain during the winter.

This season is characterized by dull, dreary days and damp weather, particularly in the Pampas.

Tropical air masses make forays southward between winter storms, providing mild relief from the damp cold.

When Does it Snow in Argentina?

The winter season runs from June to August in Argentina. Here is a month-to-month breakdown of the winter period.


Temperatures dip in July in places like Ushuaia, which has typical lows of 27.1 degrees Fahrenheit (-2.7 degrees Celsius).

Ushuaia receives snowfall for 14 days, accumulating up to 6.5 inches (165 millimeters).

Bariloche, on the other side, receives the most snowfall throughout the year, with recordings of up to 16.4 inches.


Temperatures dip in July in places like Ushuaia, which has typical lows of 27.1 degrees Fahrenheit (-2.7 degrees Celsius).

Ushuaia receives snowfall for 14 days, accumulating up to 6.5 inches (165 millimeters).

Bariloche, on the other side, receives the most snowfall during the year, with recordings of up to 16.4 inches.


In Argentina, August is the last month of winter.

As temperatures remain cold, it is usual to see individuals dressed warmly in Ushuaia.

The average low temperature in San Pedro is 27.5 degrees Fahrenheit (-2.5 degrees Celsius), whereas in Bariloche it is 30.0 degrees Fahrenheit (-1.1 degrees Celsius).

Bariloche receives snowfall for 4.4 days, accumulating up to 9 inches, but Ushuaia receives 7.99 inches (203 millimeters) in 16.2 snowy days.

Where Does it Snow in Argentina?

Does it Snow in Buenos Aires, Argentina?

Does it Snow in Argentina

The answer is YES, it does snow in Buenos Aires.

Argentina’s main and largest city is infamous for its inclement weather.

Inhabitants cannot predict what to expect from one day to the next because the city experiences all four seasons.

Is it possible to get snow in Buenos Aires?

Buenos Aires has a temperate climate due to its location on the eastern side of the Rio de la Plata, with average temperatures ranging from 18 to 28 degrees Celsius (64 to 82 degrees Fahrenheit).

Although it is uncommon, snow does fall in Buenos Aires on certain occasions, and it normally occurs about once or twice a year.

When it snows, it usually falls in the form of flurries or light showers that last only a few minutes to hours.

Does it Snow in Ushuaia, Argentina?

The answer is YES, it does snow in Ushuaia.

Ushuaia is the capital and port of Argentina’s Tierra del Fuego province, located on the Beagle Channel.

It is located in the southernmost tip of South America on the largest island of the Tierra del Fuego archipelago.

The city’s main economic activities include lumbering, sheep husbandry, fishing, trapping, and tourism.

The climate in Ushuaia is cold oceanic, with chilly winters and very cool summers that run from December to February.

The weather is windy and unpredictable. Rain falls frequently throughout the year, though not in abundance.

Snowfalls are common from April to November.

However, with the exception of a few really cold spells from June to August, the temperature usually rises above freezing during the day, so the snow, even if it has accumulated, evaporates quickly.

Does it Snow in Bariloche, Argentina?

The answer is YES, it does snow in Bariloche.

San Carlos de Bariloche has a sub-oceanic climate, with chilly winters that can be frigid and snowy, and pleasant and sunny summers.

The city is situated in south-central Argentina, on the 41st parallel south, 2,800 feet above sea level, at the foot of the Andes, and on the banks of Lake Nahuel Huapi, a glacier lake.

Other smaller lakes nearby include Lake Gutiérrez and Lake Mascardi.

The wind blows frequently and fiercely in the spring and summer, from October to February.

Temperatures can climb due to wind from the mountains, with highs exceeding 15 °C (59 °F) in winter and 30 °C (86 °F) in summer.

Even in the summer, it can get cold at night; in fact, from December to February, the temperature can occasionally drop to freezing or slightly below.

Each year, approximately 120 cm (47 in) of snow falls.

From May to October, it typically snows.

Ski Resorts in Argentina

Having answered the question “does it snow in Argentina?” let’s look at the ski resorts in the country.

Argentina offers around 350 kilometers of slopes for wintertime activities.

Catedral Alta Patagonia Ski Resort

This ski resort is located between 1,030 and 2,180 meters above sea level in Rio Negro, Argentina.

It boasts 120 kilometers of ski and snowboarding terrain.

There are 36 ski lifts in the area that transport visitors.

The resort provides a variety of lodging options such as hotels, lodges, cabins, and hostels.

On-site food options include anything from informal cafes to fine dining establishments.

Catedral Alta Patagonia Ski Resort is well-known for its beautiful vistas of the Andes mountains and well-kept pistes.

Chapelco Ski Resort

Chapelco ski resort in Argentina’s Neuquen province boasts 45 kilometers of slopes for skiing and snowboarding.

The resort has 11 ski lifts and is open from mid-June until mid-October.

Skiing, snowboarding, and snowshoeing are among the winter activities available at the resort.

Chapelco Ski Resort is well-known for offering breathtaking views of the surrounding mountains and forests.

The resort offers a variety of runs for skiers of all abilities, including beginner, intermediate, and advanced.

Chapelco Ski Resort includes modern facilities such as ski lifts and a ski school with professional teachers who can teach guests how to ski.

Final Thoughts on the Question: “Does it Snow in Argentina?”

Does it snow in Argentina? The answer is YES.

The winter period runs from the month of June to August, and despite the moderate climate, a good number of areas do experience snow.

The country is home to a number of great ski resorts.

So, if you happen to be around the country during the winter months, do not forget to check out some of its finest ski resorts.

Best Places to Visit in Argentina

Frequently Asked Questions

Is winter in Buenos Aires cold?

YES, winter in Buenos Aires can be cold compared to the other seasons. The average temperature in Buenos Aires during winter (June to August) ranges between 8-15°C (46-59°F) and can drop to as low as 0°C (32°F) on some days. The city experiences chilly winds and occasional rainfall during this season.

Is Argentina nice in winter?

YES, Winters in most parts of Argentina are typically moderate. Winter is an excellent time to travel in Argentina. Because of its southern hemisphere location, the temperature here is typically pleasantly cold in winter, which is the polar opposite of what one would see in North America.

What is the coldest place in Argentina?

The coldest place in Argentina is a town called Esquel, which is located in the province of Chubut in Patagonia. The town is known for its cold and windy winters, with temperatures that can drop to -1°C at night. The cold weather in Esquel is caused by the combination of its high altitude (around 600 meters above sea level) and its location in the Andes mountains.

Does it snow in Argentina at Christmas?

NO, It does not snow in Argentina during the Christmas season. This is due to the fact that December is Argentina's summer season. Because it is in the southern hemisphere, the seasons are the polar opposite of those in the northern hemisphere.

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