Can You Bring Food into Disneyland? Everything You Need to Know in 2023!

Can you bring food into Disneyland? As a Disneyland lover, have you ever asked yourself this question? Worry not because I got the answer for you.

Outside food and nonalcoholic drinks are permitted to be brought into the parks for self-consumption, given they are not in glass containers, don’t need heating, reheating, processing, or refrigeration, and do not have unpleasant odors.

When you reach the park, notify a Security Cast Member of any food items.

Bringing food into Disneyland is one of the most cost-effective strategies.

While I recommend splurging on some of Disneyland‘s great dining choices (my favorite is a Disneyland character meal), but many visitors also enjoy bringing in food for their families to help save money.

After all, the more money you have saved, the more frequently you can travel, right?

In this post, I will give in detail the guidelines set by the management regarding bringing food.

So, Can You Bring Food into Disneyland?

Can you bring food into Disneyland? The answer is definitely YES.

You are permitted to carry your own food into Disneyland.

This makes it one of only a few Southern California theme parks that allows visitors to bring their own food.

However, there are rules that have been set by the management regarding the same.

Guidelines for Bringing Food into Disneyland

What Food and Beverage Items Can I Not Take into Disneyland?

Bringing meals to Disneyland? Here are a few guidelines to keep in mind as you identify what food you’ll want to bring into the parks.

  1. Glass containers are not permitted (except for infant food jars).
  2. Knife blades are not permitted in Disneyland. (I suggest utilizing the knives provided at quick-service restaurants or bringing plastic knives as I have heard of butter knives even being turned away).
  3. You will not be able to warm meals in microwaves or refrigerators.
  4. Alcohol is not permitted in the parks, but nonalcoholic drinks are permitted (Again, no glass containers).
  5. Large, hard-sided coolers are not permitted in the parks, but they can be stored in picnic area receptacles.
  6. Coolers that trail you will not be permitted past security.
  7. Soft-sided coolers are permitted in the parks as long as they meet the specified size requirements.
  8. Recyclable water bottles, such as hydro flasks, are allowed, and water refill stations are located throughout the parks (hydration packs are also allowed).

Can I Bring Food into Disneyland? Tips for Bringing Food into Disneyland

Even though you can carry food into Disneyland, there are a few things you should know.

Here are my suggestions for bringing food into Disneyland so you can enjoy your day while passing through security without incident.

How Much Food Can I Bring into Disneyland?

There are no restrictions on how much food you can carry into Disneyland.

The rules are more focused on the containers and sizes used to transport food into Disneyland.

Coolers And Food at Disneyland

When going to Disneyland and bringing your own food, a cooler looks like a great option, but there are a lot of rules and restrictions regarding coolers and what you put in them.

So, let’s go over the ins and outs of using coolers when taking food into the Disneyland Resort.

Backpack coolers and soft-sided coolers that will not interfere with other visitors are generally permitted.

As previously stated, no coolers that travel behind you will be permitted past Disneyland security.

It makes no difference whether these containers are hard or soft-sided.

Within the secured region, nothing that pulls behind you is permitted.

Hard-sided coolers and/or large coolers may be carried through security but are not permitted in the parks.

You can keep these in Disneyland’s Picnic Area, which has storage spaces.

Cooler Sizes

Larger coolers than a “6-pack” size are not allowed in the park.

A bigger cooler can still be used, but you will need to rent a locker to keep it just outside the park.

The largest locker can only fit a cooler that is 19′′ broad x 24′′ high x 31′′ deep.

If you bring a cooler smaller than that into the park but don’t want to tote it around all day, you can store it in the Disneyland lockers.

However, some visitors prefer to use the lockers in the picnic area if they aren’t going to take the cooler with them.

Loose Ice Is Not Allowed in Disneyland

When filling your cooler, keep in mind that loose ice and dry ice are not permitted in the parks.

You can include ice in water bottles, chill water bottles and use them as ice, use ice packs, or bring ice in Zip-lock bags, but not loose ice in your cooler!

This is solely for security purposes. Security must be able to search your refrigerator.

So, whether you carry a cooler or just a bag of food, you may have some concerns about how to keep food fresh all day.

Tips For Keeping Food Fresh 

It can be difficult to preserve food fresh and manageable when carrying it in coolers or bags.

You must also consider how to keep your food cool inside the coolers or receptacles you choose.

Unfortunately, Disneyland does not have any provisions for preserving your meals and beverages cold.

If you have medicines that need to be refrigerated, you can inform the onsite First Aid team.

Refrigeration space is limited, but they may be able to assist with that.

Because you won’t be able to refrigerate your meals, you may be tempted to get inventive.

During your creative planning, you may come up with a variety of methods to keep your meals cool and fresh.

Some individuals, for example, may be familiar with dry ice and believe it is a viable solution.

Dry ice lasts longer than normal ice and keeps your food from getting wet because it emits gasses rather than liquid.

However, due to the intrinsic risks and dangers associated with improper storage or contact, Disneyland will not permit the use of dry ice.

Final Thoughts on the Question: Can You Bring Food into Disneyland?

Can you bring food into Disneyland? The answer is YES.

The allowance of outside food and drinks is certainly welcome news, but there are some conditions and exceptions.

You must notify a Security Cast Member that you have brought food and drinks when you enter Disneyland.

So, if you were worried about bringing food into Disneyland, then there is some good news. Pack your essentials, get your ticket and experience the Disneyland magic.

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