15 Best Texas State Parks for Camping

Best Texas state parks for camping offer everything that any camping lover could ask for.

Camping does not appeal to all people in the same way.

There are ardent outdoorsmen (and ladies) who flourish on pitching a tent, relaxing in the sun amongst the bugs, hiking for miles on undiscovered pathways, and then returning to their campsite, fatigued and sweaty, for a fireside meal.

Others appreciate the comforts of indoor plumbing, internet, air conditioning, and mattresses.

However, they move away from them so they can experience the natural splendor of nature, the warmth of the sun, the refreshing feeling of the breeze, and the awe that comes from seeing undisturbed wildlife.

My comprehensive guide in this post will provide you with the best Texas state parks for camping for families, nature enthusiasts, seekers of adventure, and anyone who simply enjoys relaxing in nature.

Additionally, I’ve also included information on park activities, the best times to explore, and how to avoid crowds.

Why Texas is One of the Best Destinations for Camping

There are numerous best Texas state parks for camping if you’re headed to Texas.

Whatever kind of traveler you are, the abundance and diversity of activities that fill your day prior to you resting by the fire and turning in for the night is what makes any camping journey rewarding.

Clear lakes and rivers, breathtaking landscapes, and rugged mountains with scenic backdrops await you in Texas’ lovely state and national parks.

Texas parks offer a variety of leisure and outdoor activities such as stargazing, swimming, fishing, and kayaking.

With a variety of activities available both within and near these state parks, your camping trips will become some of your favorite vacation experiences.

Texas Weather for Camping

Texas is the second-largest state in the United States and is located in the South-Central Region.

The weather in Texas is also very nice!

It has pleasant sunny days and a mild winter compared to other states.

By the way, hiking in Texas is inexpensive in this state!

You won’t have to spend an arm and a limb to enjoy everything these State Parks have to offer.

Are you ready to flee to the wilds of Texas and have the time of your life? Let’s get this party underway!

Best Texas Parks for Camping

Garner State Park

Best Texas State Parks for Camping

Concan, Texas is the location of this park.

Because of the variety of activities available in this park, it is also a popular pick among families.

You will not be bored when viewing this park!

Summer is the best time to go because they have a dance floor and you can participate in the fun.

On every summer evening since the 1940s, young people have flocked to the park’s concession structure for a jukebox dance.

If you want to observe, get there early because the gates close at 8:30 p.m.

Apart from dancing, there is a broad range of activities available here!

During the summer, you can also practice your putt-putt skills! And why not lie down on the grass and gaze at the stars? This is a sight not to be overlooked!

Visitors enjoy swimming in the calm waters of the Frio River, which runs for 2.9 miles.

For a tour of the river, rent a paddleboat or simply unwind and tube down it.

The Frio River is also suitable for canoeing, kayaking, and fishing. You can still appreciate it this way.

This park is filled with natural grandeur that you must see!

Hike or bike along 11 miles of scenic paths.

Even better, appreciate it while horseback riding!

Families can also take advantage of their instructional programs, which include lessons on park history, geology, and geocaching.

If you want to fully enjoy the park while discovering every inch of it, you can remain overnight or for as long as you want.

They have campsites, cottages, and screened shelters that can be reserved.

All these amenities and abundance of fun activities make this destination among the best Texas state parks for camping.

Best Time to Visit

If you’re an introvert who dislikes crowded areas, you can relax by the deep pools below the dam, past the main camping area, and experience some peace and quiet.

You may even be able to have it all to yourself!

This park is also very popular during Memorial Day, Labor Day, and other important holidays.

Inks Lake State Park

Best Texas State Parks for Camping

This is another family-friendly park that can be experienced both on land and in the water.

It is situated south of Lake Buchanan, one of Texas’ biggest bodies of water.

This area is open all year and welcomes visitors.

The busiest seasons are spring, summer, and autumn.

This park is perfect for a day trip, weekend getaway, or a few days!

This park has nearly 200 campsites and 22 cottages that can be booked and reserved.

These RV campsites also have electricity and water, making it one of the best Texas state parks for camping!

The park shop sells food, snacks, camping materials, and even souvenirs.

Now comes the exciting portion! You can experience 9 miles of beautiful scenery and see nature at its best!

Hike through shady woods and witness wildlife!

Trek or bike your way through the hiking paths.

Don’t skip out on Devil’s Waterhole, where you can swim in the cool water.

Valley Spring Creek has cascades as well.

You can hire a paddleboat, kayak, canoe, and even fishing gear in addition to swimming.

You can also go underwater diving! To learn more about fishing, you can obtain a detailed fishing sheet as well as some tips.

They also provide Ranger Programs such as canoe excursions, wildlife walks, geology hikes, and more!

Dinosaur Valley State Park

Best Texas State Parks for Camping

Are you searching for something different? Or perhaps you’d like to learn more about our incredible prehistoric animals that once inhabited the earth?

You will have the thrill of walking in their footsteps at this park? You and your family will enjoy everything about this area!

This is most likely one of the best Texas state parks for camping.

Dinosaurs left footprints in the mud at the margin of an ancient ocean millions of years ago. Theropods and sauropods.

You can now stroll along their tracks on the Paluxy River’s bed! Please keep in mind that the trails are not always obvious, and they may be closed when it rains.

The kids will appreciate the enormous structures and dinosaur sculptures at this park, so bring your camera.

While hiking through the forest, you can also see bones on the eastern side.

If you intend to hike through the area, make sure to wear comfortable shoes.

You should also bring extra clothing in case you get wet along the route!

Other Fun Activities

Aside from hiking, there are a number of other activities available.

Horseback riding is one of the best pastimes.

If you’re an experienced rider with a horse, you can bring him along for the journey!

Alternatively, the Eagle Eye Ranch Carriage Company offers supervised horseback riding tours.

You can ride your horse or enjoy a horse-drawn wagon ride.

You can still appreciate views of the scenic park regardless of which option you choose. Children can also participate in the equestrian excursion.

If you intend to take the equestrian tour, make reservations in advance to prevent disappointment!

You can cool off by swimming or participating in other aquatic activities such as kayaking, paddle boating and fishing.

Other fun activities include:

  1. Checking out their upcoming events and programs or contacting them to set up a special one or tour just for you
  2. Acquire knowledge in their programs such as fishing, archery, and geocaching
  3. Observe the dinosaur tracks, wildlife, and stargazing!

Best Time to Visit

Do you think a day trip is insufficient? Do you want to make the most of your visit to this park?

Because the park is typically busy between the months of March and November, you can make reservations and stay at their campsites.

If you don’t have an RV or vehicle camper, bring your own tents.

There are bathrooms, showers, water, and even picnic chairs on their campsite.

If you want to explore Dinosaur Valley State Park, the best time to go is in the summer or when the weather starts to warm up.

Winter is the worst season to visit the park because the weather is cold!

That period runs from November to mid-March.

Cedar Hill State Park

Best Texas State Parks for Camping

If you want to appreciate some nature, relax, or explore a little, this park is ideal! You can come for the day or over the weekend.

It is also a very inexpensive choice!

You will, however, need to make arrangements.

Bring your tent, as well as your RV or vehicle camper.

There are also bathrooms on the camping grounds.

This park is also peaceful, making it perfect for those seeking solitude. There are also picnic tables and barbecues.

Pack a lunch and unwind by the lake! Or go for a dip in it!

A gravel swimming area is also available.

Hiking paths can also be enjoyed on foot or by bike.

Discover 1200 acres of property! Please keep in mind that the paths are closed when they are wet.

So, if you want to appreciate the trails, call the park ahead of time.

Bring your fishing gear as well!

Joe Pool Lake, which spans 7,500 acres, is ideal for angling.

Your children will also appreciate fishing in the perch pond.

This park also provides guided hikes where you can learn about history and wildlife, as well as outdoor skills workshops.

This destination among the best Texas state parks for camping.

Palo Duro Canyon State Park

Best Texas State Parks for Camping

Enjoy the rich heritage and rugged grandeur of Texas at this park!

It is the country’s second-largest canyon, located in the center of the Texas Panhandle.

This destination among the best Texas state parks for camping.

Hiking through the canyon allows you to explore and appreciate its beauty.

You can also explore it by bike or horseback (you must carry your own).

Ride your horse through 1500 acres of horseback riding paths. You can also join hikers and bikers on their paths.

This area also offers luxury camping! This is known as camping.

Each of their glamping locations has air conditioning and rustic furnishings. The kitchens are completely equipped as well.

Bikes, coffee machines, and games are also available at the glamping sites.

If you want to unwind, you can do so on the veranda swings.

Their ranger programs also teach you about the park’s past and natural beauty, both of which are fascinating!

A driving trip with one of the park’s rangers is available. Longhorn livestock and birds will be discussed.

If you want to take this trip, you must make an appointment with them.

Best Time to Visit

Summer is the best season to visit this park. If you don’t mind massive crowds, that is.

During this time, they have the Texas Outdoor Musical, which is suitable for families!

This performance is full of dancing, singing, pyrotechnics, and even some Texas humor that will have you rolling on the floor laughing! However, during the summer, it can rain, causing the trails to shut.

Plan your journey accordingly.

If you prefer peace and quiet, spring and fall are the best times to come.

Colorado Bend State Park

Best Texas State Parks for Camping

When you tour this park, you will experience the wilderness at its best! It is two hours’ drive from Austin.

This park is also an inexpensive choice.

Enjoy hiking through this 35-mile-long park and admiring nature’s majesty!

The biking trails are 14 miles lengthy as well.

Spicewood Springs is a great place to cool off after a lengthy hike.

Aside from the river, there are spring-fed waterfalls and swimming holes to appreciate.

You can also trek to Gorman Falls, one of Texas’s most beautiful waterfalls!

The Gorman Falls are not suitable for swimming, but you are still able to enjoy them! In addition, you can paddle and fish in the waterway.

If you want to fish, early spring is the best time to explore this park.

The wild cave excursions are one of the park’s highlights.

The trips must be reserved in advance.

The ranger activities will also be enjoyed by the children! They can join the Junior Rangers program and receive badges.

Pack your canvas and enjoy camping at one of their campgrounds. You are also welcome to bring your RV or camping vehicle.

The best seasons to explore are spring and summer. This is also the busiest time.

Big Bend National Park

Best Texas State Parks for Camping

Big Bend National Park is situated near the Mexican border, separated by a massive bend in the Rio Grande River.

This park among the best Texas state parks for camping.

It is also regarded as one of Texas’s natural wonders. There’s a lot to like about this area.

You will not be weary here because there are numerous activities and things to do.

Whether you want to experience mountains, deserts, or the river, you can do it all!

Hike through breathtaking landscapes. There are a number of paths to choose from.

You can go on a longer hike if you’re a fit and seasoned hiker.

After finishing the hike, you can cool off in the hot springs on the Rio Grande River’s edge.

You could also cool off in the river water!

You can also enjoy a scenic journey through the park, stopping at the Fossil Discovery Exhibit.

You can read about the park’s geology here. There are also some fascinating exhibits, such as a giant alligator Bravoceratops dinosaur and one of the largest flying creatures!

So, why not devote some time learning about the prehistoric animals that once roamed Big Bend National Park?

You can also learn about the Rio Grande River by paddling down it.

Last but not least, this area has camping facilities! Bring your tent and spend the night under the stars.

Pedernales Falls State Park

Best Texas State Parks for Camping

This park is only 30 miles from Austin and is well-known for its river.

The Pedernales Falls are the centerpiece of this location!

The lovely waterway is also ideal for relaxing with your family and cooling off after a long day!

In addition, you can float, kayak, canoe, and fish in the river.

Please keep in mind that this river can be turbulent and can cause sudden floods.

So, be cautious, and if you observe anything strange or unusual, leave immediately.

You can also contact the park to make sure it is safe to visit.

Other than the river, you can enjoy the following activities:

  1. There are hiking and biking paths for both novice and experienced visitors. The Tobacco and Mescal Mountains are two of the routes.
  2. You can also cool off and unwind in the pools along the trail.
  3. You can also saddle up and travel through the trails if you own a horse. You should verify first because they close when it’s wet.

This park is busiest in the spring, summer, and autumn.

The months of May, August, and September are the worst for visiting this area.

As a result, avoid visiting the park during these months.

Guadalupe River State Park

Best Texas State Parks for Camping

This state park is close to Austin and San Antonio, and it also provides tent camping!

Camping and fishing tools can be rented at the park. There are walk-in tent spots with power and water.

Guadalupe River State Park has so many options, and it is simply beautiful to begin with!

Look at these extremely fun activities you can do there:

  1. Swimming at the swimming hole,
  2. Canoeing,
  3. Fishing,
  4. Tubing down the river
  5. Fly fishing if you like fishing!

Don’t forget about the 13 miles of hiking and biking paths. Some of the paths also lead to beautiful views of the river.

Horseback riders are also invited to ride along the trails.

If you have children, they will enjoy the Children’s Discovery Center and the park’s facilities!

Enjoy geocaching with your children as well as bird viewing at the park.

Don’t neglect to make reservations before you go camping.

Riverfront RV Park

Prepare your RV for a night or two at Riverfront RV Park!

Don’t worry if you don’t have an RV! Tent camping is also an option.

This location is lovely and peaceful, with stunning vistas of the Nueces River.

It is the ideal location for those looking to unwind.

You can also observe wildlife here, including beautiful birds and fish!

The big oak trees provide plenty of shade as well.

The Riverfront Park also has Wi-Fi, which allows you to skype your pals and make them jealous!

You will also not be bored because the park provides activities such as paddling, boating, and fishing in the Nueces River.

If you’re considering a trip here, make your reservations ahead of time so that they can hold your spot.

Martin Dies Jr. State Park

Martin Dies Jr. State Park offers both land and water activities.

This destination among the best Texas state parks for camping.

It has trails that run alongside a lake and a bridge that leads to a miniature island.

It’s the ideal spot for an afternoon picnic to enjoy the serenity and undisturbed beauty of nature.

Alternatively, you could attempt something different and canoe along its paddling trails.

Simply hire or bring your own canoe and paddle through an oasis.

This state park is an excellent place to observe the sunrise the next morning.

The view, combined with the ocean below and the surrounding trees, will astonish you.

Caprock Canyons State Park

You may miss out on seeing varied wildlife in their natural habitats when you live in cities.

Caprock Canyons State Park has plenty of buffalo and prairie dogs for you to see and is among the best Texas state parks for camping.

Here, you can travel through one of Texas’ many state parks and see both up close, and that’s just the beginning!

The stunning red rock canyons along its hiking paths will be too beautiful to miss.

With numerous ways to enjoy everything Caprock Canyons has to offer, from scenic driving routes and overlooks to hiking paths of varying lengths, this is the ideal location for camping in Texas.

Village Creek State Park

If you enjoy canoeing or kayaking, Village Creek State Park is the ideal camping location.

Its numerous paddling paths and launch spots allow you to make this state park your playground for as many hours as you want.

The Village Creek Paddling Trail is a 21-mile journey that includes opportunities to fish and camp along the route.

Sea Rim State Park

If you’ve ever wanted to camp on the beach, Sea Rim State Park can make your desires come true.

With camping options within walking distance of the ocean, you can spend the day swimming, sunbathing, paddling, or combing the sand for small trinkets to recall your time on this Texas beach.

If sleeping in a tent isn’t your thing, there are campsites with amenities and a cabin available.

This state park is located in Beaumont, a charming town with many sights to see, as well as history, fun activities, Cajun cuisine, and places to drink and have fun.

Beaumont is the spot to go for a hearty meal and evening entertainment.

Eisenhower State Park

Eisenhower State Park, located near the shores of Lake Texoma, offers several options for your next camping excursion.

Take a day excursion to the lake and try your hand at paddle boarding, kayaking, swimming, or fishing.

There are plenty of water things to keep you busy! Eisenhower State Park has caves to explore, hiking paths, and its own beach if you want to remain close to your campsite.

This destination among the best Texas state parks for camping.

Eisenhower State Park is located in Denison, an adorable town with antique shops and boutiques, wineries, a food truck park, and galleries of art.

If you’re in the mood for a more relaxed day before heading back to your campsite, this is the place to visit.

Final Thoughts on Best Texas State Parks for Camping

As we have seen from the above post, the best Texas state parks for camping offer a variety of fun outdoor adventures to camping lovers.

From hiking trails and fishing to water activities like tubing and camping, there is definitely something for you.

So, do not let boredom get the better of you, head out and check out what the best Texas state parks for camping have to offer.

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