Which US State Has the Best Weather Year-Round?          

Which US state has the best weather year-round?

This is the question I have been asking myself as I plan for my next holiday destination.

In an ideal world, the weather would always be pleasant; we would not get caught in the rain, snowed in, or suffer from heat stroke.

While this is not the case, there are several regions in the United States that have next to-perfect weather all year, and even when the environment isn’t great, the weather doesn’t change dramatically.

Some individuals enjoy the transformation of the seasons. Others, though, would want consistent good weather day in and day out.

Some people prefer a cold wind and moderate temperatures, while others want year-round sunshine.

If you’re someone who can’t get enough of nice weather, I’ve got you covered!

In this post, I’ve generated a list of the top USA states with the nicest weather all year.

Let’s get started:

Which US State Has the Best Weather Year-Round? States with Warm Weather Throughout the Year

Which US State Has the Best Weather Year-Round?

Here are the three finest states for year-round warm weather—not just moderate, but also not constantly hot.

I have not included California to avoid duplicating states, though it would be an excellent fit as well, with warmer locations in the Los Angeles metropolitan region like Anaheim or Long Beach.    

South Carolina

Charleston, South Carolina does not get any colder than roughly 56 degrees Fahrenheit in January, which is one of the three coldest months of the year in the United States.

The highest temperature recorded is 89 degrees in July, with sunshine 63% of the year.

Despite the current flooding in South Carolina, which has been described as a one-in-a-thousand-year occurrence, precipitation typically totals a manageable 46 inches every year.

Summers in South Carolina are slightly milder than those in Georgia.

In the summer, average temperatures in the state range from 58 °F to 88 °F.

The coastal region of the state is especially mild, with greater evening temperatures than further inland.

These conditions make South Carolina among the states with best weather year-round.


According to data, the entire state of Georgia, particularly Athens, has weather that most people prefer over Florida, hence its ranking on this list.

When compared to states that did not make the list and have severe seasons, it is somewhat cooler in the hotter months and slightly warmer in the winter months.

Savannah is one of the warmest regions in the state throughout the winter, with temperatures reaching slightly above 60 degrees.

In the winter, Macon, Atlanta, Augustus, and Columbus all reach around 50 degrees.

Most areas receive 45 to 50 inches of rainfall and 60 to 66% of the time.

These conditions make Georgia one of the states with the best weather year round


Arizona may as well be classified as hot weather due to its severe summer temperatures.

However, because of its colder winters, I believe it is a better alternative for individuals seeking warm weather rather than persistently hot weather.

True, the average high temperature in 5-6 months is 90 degrees Fahrenheit, while the rest are between 65- and 90-degrees Fahrenheit.

The desert environment of Arizona makes it one of the sunniest states in the US, making it by far the greatest option for individuals who wish to see bright skies every day.

In the sunniest cities, annual sunlight can reach 3,800-4,000 hours.

These conditions make Arizona one of the states with the best weather year-round.

Which US State Has the Best Weather Year-Round? States with Hot Weather Throughout the Year

Which US State Has the Best Weather Year-Round?

These are the greatest states for you if you like regular hot weather all year, with no months with a serious potential of freezing temperatures or even snow.


Florida has many spots with wonderful winter weather, such as Daytona Beach, Orlando, Gainesville, Vero Beach, and Tampa.

It becomes a bit hotter than 90 degrees in the summer, and it stays generally dry with 45 to 50 inches of rainfall throughout the year.

Key West is the most desirable city in this area.

Key West has no months with average daytime temperatures below than 75 °F, according to meteorological statistics.

This region of the state also has constant sunshine, with 3,400 hours of sunlight per year, which makes it one of the sunniest cities in the United States.

These hot conditions make Florida one of the states with the best hot weather year-round.


Hawaii, believe it or not, has slightly colder average temps than Florida.

However, it does not make it even remotely cold.

It just enjoys more comfortable summer temperatures without ever experiencing the excessive heat and high humidity that is typical of Florida.

For example, daytime temperatures in Honolulu are consistently within a small range of 81-88 Degree Fahrenheit.

Meanwhile, temperatures in Key West range from 76 to 91 degrees Fahrenheit.

Summer nights in Honolulu are colder, with temperatures ranging from 74 to 76 degrees Fahrenheit.

In the meantime, temperatures in Key West are muggy, hovering about 80 degrees Fahrenheit.

It’s one of the primary explanations why, among states with hot weather, Hawaii has a more favorable climate generally.


While various states are blanketed in snow during the winter period, Texas cities such as Brownsville, Corpus Christi, Victoria, and Del Rio remain warm, with summer temperatures reaching the mid-90s.

Galveston and Austin, on the other side, have the coolest weather, with temperatures hovering at 61 degrees Fahrenheit or slightly higher in January and reaching 90 degrees in August.

Apart from Del Rio, most states receive 30 to 40 inches of rain every year.

These conditions make Texas among the best states with hot weather year-round in the USA.

Which US State Has the Best Weather Year-Round? States with All Four Weather Seasons Throughout the Year

Which US State Has the Best Weather Year-Round?

New Hampshire

When you think of New Hampshire, you usually think of beautiful fall foliage.

When you’re seeking seasonal variability, this state is hard to beat.

Manchester, New Hampshire’s largest city, experiences chilly, snowy winters, crisp spring and fall, and mild summers.

Conditions related to the weather are never excessively severe.

Winter temperatures range between 34- and 39-degrees Fahrenheit during the day and 17- and 23-degrees Fahrenheit at night.

Summer temperatures range from 79 to 84 °F on average.

These conditions make New Hampshire one of the states with the best weather year-round.

New York

Although New York City may not be the best area to enjoy all four seasons, Upstate New York has fantastic weather for individuals who like to be outside all year.

It experiences some of the snowiest winters in the United States.

In fact, Syracuse is the country’s snowiest large city.

Aside from the long, snowy winter, this portion of the state has temperate spring and fall temperatures, as well as moderate, but not sweltering, summers.

These conditions make New York one of the states with the best weather year round


As the seasons change, mountains are among the most flexible landforms. And what better state for mountain living than Colorado?

Most of the state has a cold semi-arid climate, which means it has sunny skies most of the time, even when temperatures drop to freezing in the winter.

With the variety of outdoor activities available in the state, you can make the most of each season.

These conditions make Colorado one of the states with the best weather year round


Memphis enjoys pleasant weather in the spring and fall.

Furthermore, the weather does not grow very hot or cold the rest of the year. Summertime highs are in the low 90s, while winter days are typically in the 50s.

Annual rainfall averages 55 inches, with 64 percent of the day being sunny.

These conditions make Tennessee one of the states with the best weather year round

Which US State Has the Best Weather Year-Round? States with Cold Weather Seasons Throughout the Year

Which US State Has the Best Weather Year-Round?

Some individuals prefer cold weather and low temperatures throughout the year.

Luckily, there are some states that experience these conditions throughout the year.


Alaska is definitely the greatest option if you define ideal weather as cold weather.

When it comes to the most continuous wintertime temperatures throughout the year, it has no competition.

If you prefer chilly weather but not extreme cold, Alaska’s warmest cities may be the best option for you.

Sitka, for example, has year-round average high temperatures ranging from 40 to 60 °F.

This suggests that you will experience cool to warm-ish weather during the summer.

North Dakota

North Dakota is the country’s second coldest state.

The state’s coldest cities feature short summers and extremely cold and long winters.

Between November and March, for example, average daytime temperatures in Grand Forks are well below or near the freezing point.

Summer temperatures range from 76 to 80 degrees Fahrenheit, although evenings are cold at 53 to 57 degrees Fahrenheit.


Montana has a semi-arid to sub-humid continental climate.

Winters in Montana can be extremely cold with temperatures often dropping below freezing (32°F or 0°C).

Average snowfall ranges from 60 to 150 inches annually depending on location, with mountain areas receiving the most snow.

The western region has more temperate weather, whilst the eastern region has more dramatic temperature changes.

Montana also has regular weather swings, with a high frequency of thunderstorms and hail storms during the summer months.

Final Thoughts on the Question: Which US State Has the Best Weather Year-Round?

Which US state has the best weather year-round? The answer depends on which weather you prefer.

If you prefer the warm weather, then South Carolina, Georgia and Arizona are the top three states.

For those who love hot conditions, Florida, Hawaii and Texas are the top picks.

If you love to experience all the four distinct seasons of the year, then New York, Colorado, New Hampshire and Tennessee lead the pack.

And finally, for chilly conditions’ lovers, Alaska, North Dakota and Montana are the best for you.

Personally, having experienced all the four seasons of the year, I prefer the warm conditions as the winter and extreme summers often prove to be too hard on me.

But all in all, there are states that can accommodate your unique weather preferences.

So, do not let anything hold you back, book your flight to the state with your preferred weather conditions and experience a holiday like never before.

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